Indochino Cyber Monday 2016 is on! Get up to 70% off!

Monday, November 28, 2016

A quick alert: Black Friday 2016 is over and Cyber Monday 2016 is on! Get up to 70% off using the coupon code CYBMON

Black Friday Spotlight: 5 Indochino Pants for $359

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Indochino's Black Friday Sale 2016 isn't limited to one coupon (BLKFRI), but also re-introduces a much loved coupon from previous sales. You can use 5PANTS to get (surprise!) 5 pants for a proper discount and just $359 in total. 

Check out all the Indochino pants here:
Indochino Pants on sale

Indochino Black Friday 2016 has arrived!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gentlemen, time has arrived for Indochino's Black Friday 2016 Deals. The best deals are always the simple ones, with no minimum purchase amounts or other restrictions. At Indochino, you can get up to 70% off on many items, check out the full selection here. Use the filter in the menu bar to narrow down your search for particular colours or patterns and find the best suit for your needs. 

To get the best deal, either login to your Indochino account to see the discount displayed next to the original price right away or head to the checkout and apply the discount code BLKFRI. As usual, many suits are only available in limited quantities. 

Indochino Black Friday 2016:

Coupon Code: BLKFRI
Discounts up to 70%
Discounted Items:

3 Indochino Deals for you

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Here are three quick deals for you in case you are looking for a new custom suit, blazer or shirt. 

  1. Deal - All Suits for $399
    Coupon: WEEKEND
  2. Deal - Any Blazer $299
    Coupon: FLASH
  3. Deal - 5 Shirts for $300
    Coupon: 5SHIRTS
All deals are either expiring on the weekend or soon after. Come back soon to check for new coupon codes to pop up. 

In other news, Indochino is testing outerwear again, this time exclusively in some brick-and-mortar locations first. Let's see if this is a kind of "beta test" before they will add the outerwear items for online purchase as well. Outerwear used to be part of most Indochino Winter Collections in a previous year but has never managed to make it into the permanent collection so far. 

Indochino Sale: Suits from $329

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Indochino is having a pretty big sale at the moment, you can go here to check out the full selection. There is a number of suits available from just $329, which is an excellent price. The choice is not bad at all, there is a number of very versatile suits on sale right now. No coupon code needed. Enjoy!

Indochino Sale: Suits from $329

Indochino Deal Roundup

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Indochino is having sales on a weekly basis at the moment, so it's hard to keep track of what is available at the moment. Here is a quick rundown of the currently active Indochino promotions including the various coupon codes needed. I've also indicated the duration of the deal, if possible. 
  1. Indochino Fall Faves
    Get selected suits from $399 and save up to $400
    Coupon code: FAVES1
    Link: Indochino Fall Faves
  2. Indochino Pay Day Sale
    Get an additional 10% off on sale items
    Coupon code: 
    Link: Indochino Sale
  3. Indochino Shirt Deal
    Get 5 shirts for $300
    Coupon code: 
    Link: Indochino Shirts
  4. Indochino Pants Deal
    Get 5 pants for $400 and save up to $995
    Coupon code: 5PANTS
    Link: Indochino Pants

Indochino Deal Alert: Get 5 pairs of custom Indochino pants for $400

Saturday, August 27, 2016

This is an Indochino Deal Alert for Indochino Pants. You can get five pants for just USD 400 if you choose all premium pants you can save up to USD 995.

Use the coupon code 5PANTS at checkout valid only for 24h. 

First time buyers only: Indochino suits from $350

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Indochino has always been a choice many young people at the beginning of their careers consider for their first real suit. Over the past few years, the brand has maybe become a little pricey for first-time buyers. There is now a special deal available for first-time customers. You can get one of the Indochino Essential Suits for just $350 by using the coupon code FIRST1. Remember, this is only possible if there are no prior purchases on your account and this is meant a special deal for new customers. It's not yet quite clear if this will be a permanent promotion or if it's a one-off deal. 

Check out the Indochino Essential Suits (and stay away from black as your first suit!)
Indochino Essential Suits (from $350)