Indochino Summer Sale 2016 - The Indigo Step Weave Suit

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Indochino Summer Sale 2016 - Indochino Review Choice

The Indigo Step Weave Suit 
$349 instead of $599

Coupon Code: JULY1

55% wool, 45% linen
290 gsm
Limited quantities

Indochino Summer Sale 2016 - up to 60% off!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cheapest suits from the Indochino Summer Sale 2016

Indochino is certainly no stranger to good sales and 2016 has been a great year for Indochino sales already. Starting now, the Indochino summer sale gives you up to 60% discount on selected items  with prices starting at just $299 for e.g. the Tan Micro Houndstooth Cotton Suit (40% off). As far as I could see, most suits have a discount in the 40-50% range, accessories go up to 60% with a couple of nice ties. As usual, quantities are limited. I'll be highlighting a couple of good choices in a next post.

Shop the Sale:
Coupon Code: JULY1 (use at checkout)

If you are looking for the most affordable deal, go to the menu on the right above the suits and sort them from low to high (see screenshot below).

Indochino Summer Sale 2016
Sort prices from low to high to find the cheapest suit available within the Indochino Summer Sale 2016

More Indochino Reviews coming soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dear readers,

I just wanted to reach out and update you on a couple of things regarding Indochino. First of all, I have reached out to Indochino to see if they would be interested in a review - it has been quite a while since I did one and it would be an excellent time to see whether the quality has improved. The good news: They are interested, so you can look forward to more quality coverage on Indochino coming soon. 

Furthermore, as you may know, the new CEO also has some new ideas (more brick-and-mortar stores, more products, more customization options, etc.) and I am curious to see how that will become reality. Check the video below for some interesting insights!

Indochino News: New Creative Director

Friday, June 17, 2016

Indochino's new creative director getting suited up - via

Indochino is focused on growth more than ever - if that is even possible. And it seems to work! According to news reports from June 2016, Indochino has experienced "year-to-date growth of 67%, adding last month was its biggest sales month ever" ( Indochino did so by running a couple of high profile sales, including a couple of them with discounts up to 50%. So the plan is to get bigger very fast and I guess to focus on repeat customers to increase profits. Apparently also on the agend are major e-commerce improvements later in 2016. Just to remind you, Indochino has received a $30 million investment earlier this year (read more here) to help the brand grow. 

What does it mean for us customers? While Indochino is not the small, cool start-up anymore, they are now a big company with big plans and enough cash to make them come true. A new creative director was hired ( to fill in where co-founder Heikal Gani has left a while ago. If you have noticed, the recent collections have been well - a bit lacklustre, I would say. 

Anyway, while researching I also found a kind of hidden deal on the website - see below and enjoy the coupon while it lasts (not sure if it supposed to be publicly available).
Kinja Promotion - up to 50% off