Indochino Coupon Alert: Blazer and Shirt for $399 (19% discount)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

One of the blazers to be had for $399 incl. a shirt
It's been a while since Indochino has been working with coupon codes, but here it is! You can get a blazer and a shirt (check here) for just $399 instead of around $488 (depending on what items you choose). Not a bad deal and these days a $399 blazer and shirt combo from Indochino is definitely not an everyday occasion.

Coupon code: WAISTUP ($399 instead of $488).

Indochino's new NY Store to open soon

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Indochino's plan to expand their business to brick-and-mortar stores in Canada and the US (and Australia?) is picking up speed with their new location in New York City opening on September 10. 

This is already the 3rd permanent store in addition to the existing locations in Toronto and of course, their home city Vancouver - and more stores are planned for 2014/2015. The opening also coincides with first time Indochino is now, after 7 years, not labelled a start-up anymore in most newspaper articles. The company has clearly been developing swiftly in the last years, moving away from their monthly collections to a more traditional, seasonal model. I personally feel that Indochino has lost some of those traits that made them special along the way, but their success is plain to see and I'm definitely curious to see what they will come up with in the future. 

In the meantime, Indochino's online sale 2014 is continuing with new items being added constantly - definitely worth checking out.

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Indochino Summer Sale - Full selection now available

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Indochino Summer 2014 Sale

Indochino just decided to stock up their Summer Sale page with a number of new items. There are a ton of suits (most of them lighter summer suits) up for sale now, most of them for around 20% off. The sale of course includes shirts and accessories as well. Worth taking a look if the new Fall Collection seems too pricey - or wait until they show up on the Sales page (I'll let you know). 

Favourite Items
Indochino Tonal Olive Linen-Blend Suit - $499 instead of $549
Chambray Oxford Shirt - $89 instead of $99

Indochino Olive Linen

Indochino Chambray Oxford Shirt

Indochino Fall 2014 Collection is online now!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Indochino Fall Collection 2014
I want that tie.

Good news for everyone who's been waiting for new Indochino suits. Their new Fall 2014 Collection just dropped with a number of new suits & shirts. Indochino has learned from the past, when seasonal collections always arrived a little late. This year's early release date makes sure we get our fall garderobe in time for the cooler autumn weather. By the way, on a side note: it seems Indochino entirely stopped having special theme collections (Superhero Collection, Travelling Collection, etc.) and is sticking to a more conservative, seasonal approach now.

Indochino Fall Collection 2014
When did they shoot this? Guy on the left is dressed for winter already. Or is Canada that cold now?

Let's take a look at the Fall Collection. The imagery is pretty good and at first glance there are quite a few interesting pieces. I'll give them a more detailed look over the next few days and will post my favourites. I'm definitely planning on getting at least a blazer and maybe outerwear, if they decide to release any later on.

New Suits (up to $979 by now)
--> Indochino Fall 2014 Collection - Suits
New Shirts (up to $189 already)
--> Indochino Fall 2014 Collection - Shirts
Items on sale (suits from $299)
--> Indochino 2014 Sale (ongoing)

Oh by the way, I just noticed Indochino now offers free returns for their US & Canadian customers. Sounds good. Kind of makes up for the shipping fees below $150 I guess!

What's your take on the Fall 2014 Collection? Got your eyes on a few pieces already?

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