Indochino Summer 2016: New Collection and Sale!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Summer is here! Indochino's largest and (they claim) boldest collection to date focuses on lightweight summer fabric, lots of colours and unexpected patterns. The following text is based on Indochino's press release. 
"For summer, we created a dynamic and diverse collection that reflects the season’s playfulness. From vibrant jewel tones to fun prints and vintage motifs to a broad range of micropatterns and neutral colors, we have fabrics to suit any occasion or taste. We’ve also significantly increased the depth of our blue fabrics, which has become the signature suiting color for sartorial gentlemen everywhere." Tom Kearnan, INDOCHINO’s Director of Fashion. 
The Summer 2016 Collection is a versatile ensemble of suits, shirts and separates, representing the latest colors and patterns in a variety of summer fabrics, including cotton, linen and wool-linen as well as lighter weight wool. An extensive range of patterned silk ties and pocket squares complete the collection.

The inspiration of the Summer 2016 Collection were three themes designed to perfectly reflect the season’s relaxed and colorful spirit:

Island Life 
Inspired by the mid-century style of Cuba, island life enhances the traditional by incorporating bolder, brighter and bigger prints, fun patterns, and softer, washed out colors into a selection of suits and shirts. Island life is a relaxed vision of life - it’s about the ease of dressing whilst looking fashionable.

New Nautical 
The new nautical brings a boldness to the collection with vibrant cotton suits in emerald, burgundy and lake blue shades, and brightly patterned shirts. The lighter-weight fabrics work perfectly as a suit or playfully deconstruct into separates.

World Traveler 
The world traveler is a look for everyone. Summer neutrals, fresh colors and fun micropatterns will thrive in any setting, ensuring that any man can easily transition between his professional and personal life.

As you can see, Indochino is pushing very much for the "bigger and better than ever" message here. In the next few weeks we will see quite a few news regarding new fit options, more fabric selection and many more customisation options. 

Don't forget some of the new suits are already on sale. You can use the coupon code SUMMER16 to get up to 50% off. 

Huge News: Indochino to receive $30 Million investment!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Indochino Dayang Group Investment

So you might have heard about it on the news: Something huge happened at Indochino. We all know they are all about growth and have been quite since the start. They have been taking on a new CEO, Drew Green, a while ago and now the great news have arrived: Chinese Dayang group is investing $30 million. Indochino has received considerable investment (totalling around $17 million) before, but $30 million is clearly a new category.