Indochino Deal Alert: Essential suits for $379 (min. purchase 2)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just a few days ago I wrote about a pretty nice deal on a complete outfit (suit, shirt and tie) for $499 and savings of more than $100. Just this weekend, Indochino released another deal on Essential Suits. You can buy two Essential suits for $379 each. That is a pretty good price and lowers the price level to that a few years ago. Just as with the outfit deal, this one seems to be valid until December 31st, 2015, so it's pretty much a constant deal according to the information available now.

What are those Essential suits?
Well, they are Indochino's "beginner" suits. I call them that, but in fact the only difference to their more premium offerings is the fabric used. While you might find higher thread counts or fancy patterns with their more expensive suits, the Essentials have the basics covered. No worries, the fabric is still absolutely fine and 100% wool. 

Check them out here: Indochino Essential Suits

Deal 1 - Suit, shirt and tie for $499 (save over $100)
Coupon Code: HAVEITALL
Available until December 31st, 2015

Deal 2 - 2 suits for $379 each (save $140)
Available until December 31st, 2015

The question of style and how to achieve it - Part II

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The question of style and how to achieve it
A series of guest posts by Samuel Faith
To read Part I, click here

Never Ever...

There are a million ways to make sartorial mistakes. But there is a pattern with most modern male. We tend to commit the same mistakes over and over again. Recognising and avoiding them will help you a hundred times more than buying the latest “hot” fashion brand. Even if you haven't developed a particular style for yourself yet, simply avoid the followings will help you stand out from the majority... in a positive way
  • Never Ever Wear Skinny Jeans
It's hard to believe the headline alone isn't sufficient! Ever see a lamp pole wrapped in denim? No? Good, then put on a pair of skinny jeans and check yourself in the mirror. Waddayathink? It's not your imagination. You really do look like a “doink”. And that's exactly how most skinny jeans transform the wearer... instantly. If you want to be showing off your legs, or your ass, then hit the gym and go to beach. You can also add bulk to your lower half by adding long underwear, climate permitting of course, or a pair of short in addition to your underwear, under your jeans. This applies to the classic silhouette embodied by the football (soccer in the States) player. Skinny jeans can make your look like you have “chicken” legs at best. At worst you'll look like you're wearing a pair of “mantyhose”. Neither is a flattering.Mono color for the whole body.
Ever tried wearing all brown? Brown pants, brown shoes, brown shirts, brown belt and brown watchstrap. Throw in any other favourite colors in your list. It won't make you look cool and edgy. At any rate, unless you are blessed with genetics of Keanue Reeves, you will look like a complete doofus. An exception might be blue. But it's best to choose different hues of blue and pair them up, rather than wearing same hue from head to toe. Total exception is black. Black looks good on anyone. White? You are passing a grey area since this color isn't for everyone. Proceed with caution.
  • Never Ever Wear Ugg Boots
Yes, those “uggly” boots from Australia that makes you look like a total tool. The name comes from generic term for sheepskin boots in Australia.
Total lack of style? Check.
Chunkiness and sloppiness? Check.
Downright tarnishing your whole otherwise good look? Absolutely.
These boots have no place on your legs. Do you know what is Australian's term for Ugg wearers? It's “Bogan”, and it's the same term they use for “loser”.
  • Never Ever Wear Crocs Shoes
Crocs and Ugg go hand in hand. Crocs come in every color imaginable and still able to maintain the ugly look. Nothing you wear will go along or get more stylish with Crocs, and in fact they will even drive you down to 0 instantly. Only thing that goes along with Crocs? Social ostracism.
Never Ever Wear Too Low Rise Jeans (Pants should rest on your hips, 'nuff said)
The nature of low rise jeans is that they sit below your natural waistline, usually on the hip bones. Ever seen a guy in front of you on a stair or escalator with his jeans dropped so low that half of his boxer-covered butt is smiling at you? That's exactly what you will be doing to other poor fellow pedastarians. Even with normal low rise jeans, showing your butt crack when you bend down or sit isn't sexy. Girls can get away with belly-baring jeans and short tees. But men? Not really...
  • Never Ever Wear Flip Flops
It's summertime! Time to hit the beach and unwind, right? So you throw on a tee shirt, a pair of beach shorts and flip flops. Perfect! At the beach or in your shower are the only places to wear flip-flops. But never ever wear them on a casual stroll, much less anywhere else. First of all, flip flops are sloppy. You can't even walk fast without struggling to keep them on your feet. Second, they don't protect your feet. Third, most men don't have pretty feet. Why would you show something that detracts from, or diminishes your style? Easiest slogan to remember is “First, do no harm”. It applies to medicine as well as life. Shoes are very important. They say a lot about the person wearing them, and they complete your look. Shoes are an opportunity. Take it. Use it to your advantage, and never ever wear flip flops.
  • Never Ever Wear a Shirt That Doesn't Fit
Never ever wear a shirt that's a size (or two) too large. You will look like a balloon, a sloppy teenager or a combination of both. Even if you tuck in your shirt, the waist area will be unsightly. Never ever wear a shirt that is too small for you. You will look like a sausage wrapped in plastic. Even fit, ripple muscled guys, you're trying too hard and you end up looking like a “tool”. A tailored shirt that follows your body contours closely will let you reveal your fit body, subtle. Style whispers. It doesn't scream and you won't look uncomfortable.

  • Never Ever Announce You Are the Smartest Guy in the Room
Unless you’re in a job interview or on a game show, no one wants to hear you spout criticisms or advice. If you’re truly the “smartest guy in the room” people will know without you emphasizing it. Style whispers, it doesn’t scream.
  • Never Ever Wear Blaring Designer Labels
If you get paid by the labels to wear their logos on your back and walk down the street, fine. Otherwise, it's best to keep your clothings understated and simple. Wearing labels on your chest, butt or back makes you look like a walking billboard, not stylish. It also screams “show off”.

  • Never Ever Wear Loud Accessories
Accessories are one good way to personalized your look and show the world that you are a stylish, confident man who knows how to look edgy and polished. But overdone, it immediately transforms you into a Jay-Z wannabe. It is always best to go subtle with acccessories. Basically you are asking to be shot or hung... and we have volunteers ready for you.

  • Never Ever Wear A Jogging Suit, Banana Hammock, or Mesh Underwear
“nuff said”!
  • Never Ever Lose Your Temper in Public
It doesn’t make you the better man. ”Hotheads” are poor sports. They never get the girl, the job, the raise or the compliments, and you will look really stupid. Be of even temperament. Style whispers. It doesn’t scream.
  • Never Ever Wear Socks with Sandals
We cringe and look for a gun whenever a gentleman strolls down the the street on a warm evening wearing socks with sandals. It is the ultimate conflicting pair. Make a decision! (There is nothing “hotter” than a decisive man) If you are feeling a chill to wear socks, why are you donning sandals? If you are feeling warm enough to wear sandals, why on earth are there socks on your feet? Either way, there is not a man in this whole world that can pull off this look and still look sexy. Case closed.
Opt to wear either sandals only (if you are feeling warm) or wear something like boat shoes (if you are feeling cold but don't want to be too dressy). Even gym trainers are better footwear options than socks with sandals.
  • Never Ever Wear Pleats or Kilts
For god’s sake, believe me; no one, short of school girls, gains an advantage with pleated pants. And unless you’re Scottish, and participating in a clan ritual, the kilt is not doing you any favors. You don’t look like a daring individual. You look like a “tool.”
  • Never Ever Wear a Backpack with a Suit
It is very surprising and shocking to us when men wearing amazing looking tailored suits attach a carrying backpack to their back. It's either a tribute to nostalgia of being a student, or downright laziness. But a grown-up bag! Backpacks are not relevant, unless you are going to school, going on a personal trip, or trekking. Get a nice gym bag if you need a bag to put in your gym clothes. If you need a bag to carry your pens, tablet, smart phones, daily planner, etc., then grab a good leather messenger bag. They look great on everyone, and if worn properly they can accentuate your ass. And man, it's all about the ass. even when you are look casual.
  • Never Ever Use Excessive Amount of Hair products
Unless you are going for a particular vampire-look that sparkles under the sun, using too much hair products is a big no-no. Your girlfriend/boyfriend just wants to run their fingers through your hair, without pain. And even if you are really trying to look like that vampire, don't. Only Robert Pattinson can pull off that look.
  • Never Ever Dye Your Hair
Did we mention how difficult it is to make a colored hair look natural? It takes ridiculous amount of time and high maintenance. It's not worth it! You will look like a parrot or a cross-breed between Lady Gaga and parrot. Stay natural... and work your wardrobe base on that. Natural is the best.
  • Never Ever Wear Square Toed Shoes
If you are short, these shoes make you look shorter. If you are tall, these shoes make your feet look odd. Seriously, they were popular back in 1990s but have gone away for good for a reason. They should never be worn on any men's feet. Choose something that is sleek, comfortable for your feet and classic. These will stand the test of time.
  • Never Ever Leave Your Face Ungroomed
Know what women first notice about a guy? Their face. Even if you are wearing a hand-tailored suit from Tom Ford, unsightly facial hair will ruin whatever chances you have with opposite sex. Not all men can pull off that sexy 5'o clock shadow look. If you can, that's great. But you still have to groom your facial hair to look neat and orderly. Sexy bad guy look doesn't come from looking like a terrorist. Ear, back. Or nose hair must be removed. Case closed.
  • Never Ever Mistake Expensive Clothes for Looking Good
Brands and price tags never equal fashion. It comes from choosing clothes that fit you well and match your style. Wearing a Burberry jeans don't make you look sexy. A $200 Gucci t-shirt is not going to make you look like a million buck. It just screams you are trying too hard and look ridiculous.

More soon!

Indochino Deal Alert: Suit, shirt and tie for $499

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Indochino Essential Bundle Deal
Remember you can always go double-breasted if you dare!

Just a quick deal alert, you can currently get a nice combo of suit, shirt and tie for $499 by using the coupon code HAVEITALL at checkout. This deal is for the Essential suits (not the premium ones), shirts up to $99 and ties up to $69. Total saving: $118 which is not too bad at all. Follow the link to see the selection available. The email lists December 31st as deadline for the deal, which would basically make it a permanent one. Let's see if it really is, but in any case this is a great chance if you have been waiting to get a complete outfit at a good price. 

1 suit ($449), 1 shirt ($99) and 1 tie ($69) for $499. Save $118. Coupon code: HAVEITALL

The question of style and how to achieve it - Part I

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A series of guest posts by Samuel Faith

Whenever asked, most fellow members of our male species will answer that they have no interest in style or fashion. They will proudly proclaim that they are confident enough in whatever they are wearing, and they will never bother learning about style because it is such a waste of their time.
If we are close enough to them, or drill them with enough questions, most of them will later reveal that the real reason for them to hold their interest in becoming stylish is simply because they have no clue. Anything about style confuses them; and wherever they turn, they always encounter advices from fashionistas which are more suitable for runways rather than everyday-wear. 

Worst part for most men? They are often advice to depart a significant chunk of paper from their wallet to look good. Some follow those advices. Almost all of them fail utterly because they just don't know what really makes them look good and stylish. All they are doing would be following advices from magazines blindly, or trying to emulate someone's style without realising it might not be for them. They don't feel confident in the new expensive clothes they put on. They don't know that they are wearing two sizes bigger than their body. They think wearing designer labels will instantly change their look into George Clooney. When they fail with all that, they finally resort to claiming they have no interest in style and think that they look good enough. Reality? They feel insecure deep down, and have given up on trying to develop a good style.

We would like to change that. In this series of articles we address clothing and style “mistakes”. There are those among you who are able to pull-off some of the items in the “Never Ever” and “Worst Nightmare” Categories. If this is you, cheers! But reality is not many can do that. We addressed these for those among us in the process of developing a signature style. As mentioned earlier “style” comes from within. It involves dressing, as well as confidence, and other emotions. It can be cultivated. Our goal is to help you cultivate yours. Until then, by avoiding these clothing “don’ts”, and using our tips for immediately improving your style, you can be well dressed, and comfortable in your skin.

Your Worst Nightmare

Clothes are an extension of you. They just don't cover your bare naked body. They tell to the whole world who you are; what you represent; and what qualities you offer. It is true, looks can be deceiving but our brains are programmed to judge as soon as possible. It is coded in our genes. This means we notice appearances first. Humans are such visually driven creatures. Since the stone ages, humans judged others from their appearance to determine potential threat. Tens of thousands of years later, it is already ingrained within our genetic code but now we judge appearance for many different things, not just threat level.

Unfair as it seems, first impression is incredibly important. How often do we really wait to judge someone's character? Even if you wait to make your final “Worst thing you can ever do? Sending a totally wrong message to the brains.

Have you ever been to a party full of 8s and 9s gorgeous girls/guys around but found no one really pays attention? Or worse, getting the wrong kind of attention simply because of your appearance? It might be your ungroomed or overgroomed hair, or your suit – two sizes too small, or you simply look strangely out of place, wearing wrong clothes for the occasion. Really, there are moments that you would feel you could turn back in time and change what you are wearing. We know, because we have had our fair share of awkward moments.

Here is a scenario common to many men but something we will never admit. You are working in an environment full of beautiful women & men, and you find your “game” falling short. You want them to capture your “I am single and looking for a “special friend!” signals (Carefully presented, not to be mistaken with that “look-of-desperation”. People can smell desperation from miles away). Eager to avoid this you prepare. You figure you need to update your wardrobe and spend an entire weekend shopping, renewing your clothing inventory. The next Monday, feeling all excited you put on your new Ralph Lauren suit with that cool purple tie. You march into the office with a satisfying, manly grin that just screams “I am attractive... Now! Look!” but they just don't pay attention. Even worse, you feel the ones that are looking are talking behind your back. Feeling hurt and deflated, then you realize – Incredible Hulk and The Thing from Fantastic Four might fit well in your jacket.
Sounds familiar?

Desperate for a new strategy, after looking in the mirror you decide it must be your hair. Then you run to a hair saloon, dye your hair because you see someone else with a cool dye job, felt you needed to cover some of the grey, or you received a suggestion from a friend. After all, blending in too much just isn't cool. Stand out. Color your hair. That's one cool idea, right? WRONG!

Did you know that hair products can actually change your hair (dye) color? The hair color you chose initially will not stay the same. What about the business meeting in fifteen minutes!? Good luck trying to get your hair color to look “natural”. Hopefully your boss won't think you are taking your love for Lady Gaga too seriously, or worse, he thinks you look just like his Aunt Ruth, with an orange halo! Unless you plan to spend a HUGE amount of time on your hair everyday, avoid hair dye.
Most of us cringe, and avoid the guy who appears downright embarrassing (You don't know where to look when speaking with him). That awkward appearance will obliterate his previous “hot” style points. It will turn turn his previous from “9” rating to a “2” in 4 seconds flat.

He (and you) will remember that most of us still commit similar sartorial crimes. We all put ourselves in embarrassing situations. Just BE CAREFUL; some of these crimes last forever. Think: Family Photo Album (you wearing grandma's sweater, complete with reindeer on it); or worse, your “best” friend posts the photo online. You will need to hire an attorney to get rid of that one.

Fortunately, there are ways to help you steer clear from those embarrassing moments. You can, in fact, easily save yourself from most nightmare scenarios. You can learn to look better. It takes some effort, but this series of articles will make it as easy as possible.

Read more in Part II soon.

Indochino Spring 2015: 100% Linen and more

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Indochino Spring Collection 2015
I'm a bit late to the party, but Indochino did release a new Spring Collection 2015 already a few weeks ago with a couple of very nice items. Why did I miss it? Well, first of all I can only spend around 20% of the time I'd need to on the blog at the moment due to work commitments and second, Indochino's launches have become quite a bit more silent. I don't want to constantly whine about good ol' times, but there used to be much more of a buzz around a new Indochino collection and I do miss that a bit. 

Anyway, that's not to say that there are not some very interesting items - there definitely are. And the new way the lookbook is programmed actually helps you to very quickly shop the look from images. So if you are feeling lazy or you just really like one of the expertly put together looks from Indochino, this is probably the easiest way to do so. By the way, if you know Indochino, you know they experimented a lot with Linen. Linen/Wool blends, special Indochino Linen blends, etc. Seems they are back to the basics for 2015 with 100% Linen fabrics - from $449.

Indochino Spring 2014 Lookbook
Easy shopping with the new lookbook

They also did a couple of changes to the website - more specifically the lookbooks as mentioned above and also the way you shop for your suits. Essentially, they are a/b testing a number of measures to optimise conversions. 

Indochino is A/B testing the checkout process
They also did a couple of changes to the website - more specifically the lookbooks and also the way you shop for your suits. Essentially, they are a/b testing a number of measures to optimise conversions. As that is a topic I'm also concerned with at my workplace at the moment, it kind of seemed apparent to me. So, the suit buying process is something that takes a while, right? Especially when you buy your first Indochino suit. You obviously do all your research, compare some brands, prices, read the reviews, etc. At the end, you made your choice and you go on to customise your suit, take your measurements and only then you buy it - or not, maybe then you reconsider because you're alone and measuring seems a drag.

I assume that Indochino wants to speed these last few steps up. What some people see now is a "buy now" button instead of a "customise now" button. So for some people what you do is FIRST buy the suit, then customise it, then take the measurements. Significantly speeds up the checkout process, more profit up-front, probably higher conversion rates. Investors are happy and everyone's relaxed because now you deal with annoying customers only after they actually sent you the money. So you don't end up investing tons of time and effort into people that might or might not buy. Let's see if this ends up being the default procedure.