[EXPIRED] Indochino Deal Alert: Get 35% off with Gilt City Indochino Deal

Monday, January 30, 2012

Indochino Gilt City Deal 2012 35 off

This is an Indochino deal alert for everyone in the United States. Gilt City just released a pretty sweet Indochino deal. You can get one of their Essential 3-piece suits, 1 shirt and 1 tie for 339$ instead of 527$ - this equals a discount of 35%. You can also buy a more expensive suit and a discount of 379$ is applied to the suit at checkout. E.g. you buy a suit for 399$, 379$ are deducted, you still get a free shirt and free tie and you have to pay 20$ on checkout.

http://www.giltcity.com/national/indochinogc and also on Google Deals

Update: The deal is now gone. 

Make the deal even sweeter:
If you are new with Gilt City and you use my invite link below, you will get 50$ off your first order.
This way, you will actually only pay 289$ for the deal! I think I will get something like that too if you sign up, but I'm in Europe so I don't think I will be able to use it.

Indochino has created a separate landing page for Gilt City customers, but the deal works with any suit, shirt or tie. The whole thing works similar to Groupon deals, you get a voucher with a code that you can use on checkout. Offer has to be redeemed by March 30th, 2012. The deal itself is up until Thursday, 16th of February 2012. Limited to one coupon per customer, US only.

The Deal: