Indochino Review: The Associate 3-piece Tweed Suit

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indochino Tweed Review
The Associate 3-piece Tweed Suit - click for a larger image
(the suit only looks as grey as on the website in very white light - see left bottom pics)

I realize it is a bit late in the year to review a 3-piece tweed suit, but I thought I'd do it anyway, no matter the season. First of all, a similar suit (3-piece Prince of Wales) is available and I think some general points about the fit, the fabric etc. are still interesting.

When you search around the Internet for Indochino reviews, you will obviously find that people have different experiences. For some it works right away, for others after a remake and some suits just don't seem to be right at all. I have some ideas on which steps you should follow to get a good fit - I know that's how I did it and that it worked for me.

Indochino Suit Review
Close up of the fabric
One of the most important things was to measure carefully - it does take more than the 10 minutes claimed on the Indochino website. Just really stick to the videos and remeasure the next day to make sure you didn't make any grave mistakes. Yes, this is a bit lengthy but I really believe the measurements are essential. Don't take any existing measurements from other MTM tailors such as moderntailor... Anyway, mine were pretty much perfect from the last suits already, so I really only tweaked some minor things (a tiny bit more space for my thighs, a little extra length on the trousers - I feel more comfortable with 1 break instead of no break). 

I did ask to have less waist suppression. I feel they are generally overdoing it a bit in that department and as I have rather wide hips (and short legs) it would not be very flattering for me with heavy waist suppression.

Other customization options I went for: fabric back of the vest instead of lining, ticket pocket, 1 pleat for the trousers (big thighs), higher armholes, 2 buttons, 2 vents, notch lapels (I didn't dare going for the peak lapels). 

Furthermore, I don't go for their natural shoulders, because I think they very often look lumpy and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with their normal, padded shoulders. I might just try the natural shoulders for a summer suit though - together with requesting the suit to be only half-lined.

On to the Associate 3-piece suit, it was a bit of an experiment for two reasons:
  1. It is my first 3-piece suit and I was very unsure about the vest measurements. 
  2. It is the most expensive Indochino suit I had ordered yet and I was very curious if the fabric quality would justify the price
Ad 1., after a couple of emails with Angie I submitted my vest measurements (or what I thought was correct) via email as I couldn't lower the value on the system enough. I was concerned a bit how that would turn out and I did feel the vest was too long at first. However, Ioan pointed me to an interesting website were the vests shown were considerably longer compared to how the models look on Indochino's website. I am ok now with how it looks, just looking for an occasion to wear it without being overdressed. Opinions on the length are appreciated!

Indochino Suit Review
Vest length
(shirt is from Modern Tailor)
Ad 2., the fabric of the suits is really great. It's soft to the touch, drapes very well and overall just feels like something of high quality. I have to confess I am not (yet) a specialist on fabric quality, but I can tell you what I think looks and feels nice. I do have a couple of other Indochino suits to compare, so let me say that the rather high price of 499$ is justified (especially with a coupon).

Indochino Suit Review
Yep, forgot the pocket square again
Overall, it was another Indochino purchased that worked out well for me. I'm aware there are many problems for others and I have seen some shocking pictures of suits. Had I had such problems, I think I would have asked for a refund and never bothered to order again. However, the fact is that all of my 5 suits came out really well (the first one was probably the worst one) and if there were any mistakes on them, it was mostly my mistake (too short jacket on one of the suits). Only once did the trousers come out very tight without me changing any of the measurements - luckily a tailor could fix it and Indochino covered the costs.

I am curious to see how Indochino will develop in the next couple of months, after all they have just received a 4$ million investment and that should help to iron out some of the problems!
Indochino Suit Review
Most similar suit: Indochino 3-piece Prince of Wales Suit - 449$


I77dk said...

Looks good on you. Looks like it fits just right. After having order 3 suits from Indochino I think they are beginning to fit as is which is the goal of the site I guess.

Bayonnefrog said...

Thank you. One thing I have noticed about some of the three piece suits that are reviewed on this site the three piece suits that the models where on indochino is that very few opt for the lapel on the vest. Why is that? Just curious. I ask because when I got my MTM suit for my wedding, the guy helping me recommended to always go with a lapel on the vest because it looks dressier if you take your jacket off. I happen to agree.

Ioan Rosca said...

The vest fits perfect! I greatly appreciate the credit for the website.

Why won't you do a peak lapel?

Lorenz said...

thanks Ioan! re peak lapels - I don't really know, I just find myself to go the conservative way all the time and not "risk" a peak lapel... I will eventually order a suit with it.

Lorenz said...

For a wedding I would probably consider it too, but as this is a suit I want to wear for work, I decided against it - I felt it would be too dressy.

Mike said...

I wasn’t sure I would have the stones for this one but looks great. Your customizations are working for you. Got this swatch in my kit a while back and agree fabric is top. Being super picky I would concur that the vest would look better about an inch shorter and hit just below or smack in the middle of your belt. But that’s just an opinion. Also consider wearing it a bit snugger in the back to compliment your silhouette. For your next suit also suggest shaving ½ or ¼ off the sleeve length because I don’t see enough peek but might just be how you are standing in those shots with arms at sides. But even as is looks killer.

Lorenz said...

Thanks Mike! I don't know about the vest, I heard different opinions regarding the length, still not sure what is best. Will wear it a bit snugger, thanks for the hint!

About the sleeve length, I think it's because of the shirt - the sleeves are a bit shorter than on the ones I usual wear :)

Shivaan DeSilva said...

I wish they still had this suit. It's definitely a classic suit with a subtle flare. 

Kyle said...


I know this is an old post but I was wondering how you felt about the cloth back vest or if you had any pictures. I feel like the cloth back would look better than a satin, but it's hard to say and I'm having a lot of trouble finding any pictures online.


Lorenz said...

Hi Kyle, 

I'm going to try to take some pics! In my opinion it looks just much better with the fabric back than with the lining back. 

Kyle said...

 Thanks for the input! I went ahead and ordered the Essential Navy Three Piece earlier today. However, if you still plan on taking some pictures, I wouldn't mind seeing them. I don't think I'll change my mind but it would be nice to see since I can still change the order at this point.


Lorenz said...

I got one of just the vest from behind, didn't have the time to dress up for pics. But it doesn't reveal much, I guess - I really prefer the look with fabric back. 

Kyle said...

 Did you end up posting it anywhere or did you decide it wasn't worth it in the end?

Liam said...

Hey Lorenz,

May I ask what option you chose for the shoulders when inputting your measurements (Square vs. Normal vs. Sloping)?

Lorenz said...

I thought it wasn't worth it. I would need one with lining in the back to compare.

Lorenz said...

I used Normal, but was considering choosing Sloping too. Guess I'm somewhere on the border, but it works fine with Normal for me.

Liam said...

Thanks Lorenz! I think I am on the border between Normal and Sloping as well. But I think Normal looks good on you, so I may go that route. 
Also, are the lapels on this suit (and your Ultimate Gray) normal notched? Not slim?

Liam said...

Sorry! I just re-read your review on the Ultimate Gray and you already mentioned it was normal notched. 

Lorenz said...

Yep, normal and notch!

Joel Dixon said...

Regarding the vest length -- traditionally, the vest served the same purpose as a cummerbund: to cover the waist. Being more a fan of traditional menswear, vs. some of the more "fashion forward" styles, I think a vest should hit about where yours does. At the very least, the vest should be long enough that one cannot see the top of the trouser (and certainly NEVER one's shirt) when one is standing naturally (this includes the back of the vest, which is often overlooked when fitting).

Thanks for your insight on Indochio! I've been giving them serious scrutiny over the past week as I determine whether I want to "take the plunge" and give them a shot. Your evaluations have been most helpful. I think it's time I update my measurements and place my first order!

Lorenz said...

Interesting background on vests, thanks for sharing! Good luck with your first Indochino suit, in case you decide to order.

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