How about some linen suits, Indochino?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indochino Linen Suits April 2010
(wow, those jackets were short!)

Michael Bastian
Linen Suit
I have been surfing GQ's style pages a bit and came across the "The GQ Spring Trend Report". Not surprisingly, both khaki suits and linen suits play an important part this season. I have been noticing for a while that double-breasted blazers seem to be back in fashion and that trend seems to carry over to summer suits as well. I think I am actually a pretty conservative guy, because I can't see myself pulling it off - but perhaps that is also due to my rather conservative working environment. 

In any case, I do appreciate Indochino's light 180s suits from late March, but they have recently removed their last khaki suit and I think it'd be time to add some real spring mood to their collection. At least I know I'd definitely be tempted to order (especially with a tasty 20% off + 2 free shirts coupon!). There might even be a chance for a nice coupon, if Indochino can win this Store Wars competition over on Dappered. Anyway, I think the theoretical chance for a Linen Collection is not even too bad. They had one in April 2010 (see header image) and while the jacket's were quite a bit too short for my taste, some of the linen fabrics seemed really nice. Unfortunately I didn't pull the trigger on one then!

By the way, Indochino seems to be back to a shorter delivery schedule now - it seems like it's 3 weeks for most items. Not quite their 2-week turnaround, but it is a nice development from their 4-6 weeks earlier this year.

While browsing on the Indochino website I also noticed that finally 2 white shirts are back - the Ultimate Utility Shirt (nicely priced at 79$) and the lighter, thinner Blueprint Oxford Shirt (priced at 99$). I used a Groupon voucher to get 2 of the Ultimate Utility Shirts, will report back on the fabric. So, now we just need some solid blue shirts, right?

The Ultimate Utility Shirt - 79$
The Blueprint Oxford Shirt - 99$