New "rich-textured" two-piece suits added

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indochino Blue Tweed Suit - 399$

Indochino has added 3 more suits to their current line-up, after we saw the introduction of 3-piece pinestripe suits last time around, we get some nice patterns and fabrics for today's update. All 3 of them are priced at a relatively low price of 399$, which is quite ok, considering we were already up to prices of 549$ for recent suits. 

My personal favourite of the three suits added today is the Indochino Blue Tweed Suit pictured above. Not only have I come to appreciate the Indochino tweed fabric choices, but this one also adds a nice pattern - not a suit you'd usually buy as your first one, but a suit that can definitely bring some welcome change to a wardrobe of solid colored suits. By the way, I do really like the tie on the model - it's not a slim one, but to be honest I would appreciate a couple of wider ties from Indochino too. I had mentioned it before, but it would really cool if we could customize ties at Indochino á la Dolbeau (width, length, etc). 

The other two suits, the Graphite Windowpane and the Grey Herringbone are interesting additions as well and from what I hear, some nice summer suits are just around the corner!

Indochino Graphite Windowpane Suit - 399$

Indochino Grey Herringbone Suit - 399$