Indochino Deal Alert: 3 shirts for 229$

Friday, June 29, 2012

Indochino Shirt Sale Coupon June 2012

Indochino is having a shirt sale again, this time it's 3 shirts for 229$. This means one shirt actually costs 76$, down from the usual 99$ per shirt. Not a bad sale, but not an excellent one either. Might be a nice chance to snap up some of those chambray shirts though.

Use SHIRTBUNDLE at checkout to apply the discount. 

Introducing the Indochino Superhero Collection 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indochino Superhero Collection 2012
Indochino Superhero Collection - Suits from 429$
The Superhero Collection. I think a lot of Indochino fan are, at least to some degree (including myself), geeks. And the superhero theme clearly caters towards the geek niche. Sure, not everyone who buys Indochino suits is a young geek straight out of college. However, that's not the point. Indochino releases new collections every other month, it's only logical that not every collection gets the approval of each and every customer.

[expired] Indochino Deal Alert: 3 free accessories on orders over 500$

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indochino Father's Day Promo Coupon 2012 3 free accessories
Indochino father's day promo - pic nicked from Indochino's email newsletter
Indochino is having a father's day promo. Until Sunday, June 17th you get 3 accessories for free if you shop for at least 500$. Use the coupon code FATHERSDAY2012 at checkout (accessories need to be placed in shopping card before applying the coupon). 

It is not the best of coupons, but it makes sense if you were thinking about buying a suit and shirt  anyway. Indochino's accessories are rather high priced, so this is not a bad chance to get some of the nice ones. There are a couple of possible combinations, I got the below mentioned items on a recent order and can recommend them. 

Suggested accessories:
  • Knit Ties(39$, Navy and White striped or Navy and Blue striped)
  • Small Silver Tie Clip (39$, this one is actually not too big for their ties)
  • Reversible Brown Belt (79$, length according to your measurements)  

Indochino Review: Modern Navy Linen & Wool Suit

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indochino Linen Suit Review
Indochino Modern Navy Linen & Wool Suit - 379$
Indochino Ultimate Utility Shirt - 79$

Indochino Navy & Gold Striped Silk Knit Tie - 49$
Indochino Monogram Pocket Square - 29$
I finally received my Modern Navy Linen suit last week, just in time for the really hot weather. The fabric is a blend of wool and linen and it's actually really effective. The suit is cool and light, but doesn't wrinkle very much. Used it twice last week and all I needed to do to get rid of the few wrinkles was to hang it in the steamy bathroom. Definitely read for business, even as a linen suit. Fit is really good, but it's worth mentioning I had to get a remake on the jacket. My profile was switched to a digital pattern and that caused some troubles with the measurements (waist was suddenly 4 inches smaller) - all sorted out now, once and for all, I hope.

I decided to basically copy the outfit of the model Indochino uses and ordered the Navy & Gold Striped Knit Tie as well. It's slimmer and thinner than I thought it'd be, but it does fit nicely with the blue suit and a plain white shirt. Remember to keep knit ties rolled and don't hang them like normal ties - the material would stretch. As for the suit, I went for a pretty standard one as I will mainly wear it on the job. 2 vents, 2 buttons, notch lapels - perhaps the only thing special is the ticket pocket. Thinking about getting that Brown Linen suit too now...

P.S. The Modern Navy Linen Suit seen in the picture above was part of a limited collection. It may not be available anymore under the exact name and availability of linen suits may be limited to summer months. 

[sold out] Indochino Deal Alert: Suit, Shirt and Tie for 320$ at Thrillist

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indochino Modern Linen Suits
The Indochino Modern Linen Collection - now for 320$ incl. shirt and tie instead of 379$ just for the suit
Just in time for Father's Day, Indochino and Thrillist teamed up to offer a deal on Indochino suits. You can basically get a suit, a shirt and a tie for 320$, that's 39% off the face value of these items. Covered are only the suits for 379$, you can choose a more expensive one too and pay the difference. 

The deal is quite alright, essentially you get a tie and a shirt for free and the suit a bit cheaper. Could be a nice occasion to get one of those Modern Linen Suits, a nice white shirt and a knit tie. The offer ends on June 19th, 2012 and I believe it's only valid for people in the US. You will have to use the coupon within 1 month.

Update: The deal is now sold out!

Here is a link to the deal on Thrillist:

More on the Indochino Linen Collection 2012: