Indochino Red Carpet Sale: Up to 50% off

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Indochino Red Carpet Event Sale

These days, not week (or even a couple of days, really) passes without another Indochino sale. We had blue suits just a day ago, today we got the Red Carpet Event with suits and shirts up to 50% off and starting at just $400. $400, this seems to be kind of the magic number at the moment and if you think about it, it's a very decent price for a custom suit. The selection is good too. I counted 64 suits and blazers in this massive sale and then stopped counting as there are a couple of more rows of items including vests & shirts. 

Red Carpet Sale:
--> Indochino Red Carpet Sale. Coupon code: HOLLYWOOD. Use at checkout. 

Into The Blue: Up to 50% off

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Indochino Into the Blue Sale

As part of their surprise sales, Indochino is having a 50% sale on a ton of blue suits. As blue suits are basically my favourites, I believe this is a great sale! Prices start at $400 but you get a better value-for-money deal if you spend $419 and get one of the premium suits that are usually $699. There is a dedicated landing page for the suits on offer, so you can easily have a look right here: Into The Blue.

What else do you need? A coupon code: BLUE2016. Ends Midnight of the 24th of February, 2016. 

Indochino Spring 2016 and what inspired their new CEO

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Indochino Spring 2016

Indochino dropped their 2016 spring collection, inspired by the Mediterranean, a while ago and all is set for further growth in 2016. The big goal is to deliver more than one million (!) suits by 2020. Drew Green, new Indochino CEO and his team are the ones to make it happen. Fabric choice will be increased significantly, more brick-and-mortar stores will be built, new markets will be entered. Japan is one of the most interesting ones, according to Drew Green. 

As for the collection, the selection doesn't seem as "curated" as in previous years - sure, there are great fabrics, but I miss the lookbook and some content around the whole collection. The suits are all priced between $699 and $799, so not cheap, but there are regular deals around, so watch this space. 

There is actually one right now, but it's for the Essential Suits. You can get one for $400 instead of $499 by using the coupon code OWNIT at checkout.