Indochino Boxingday Promo

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Indochino is having one of their own promotions until December 28, for 2 free shirts with every suit purchase you can enter the coupon code boxingday. The December Collection is beginning to sell out slowly, there are now 8 suits of the originally 13 suits left. My two favourites, a brown one and two grey ones are all gone...
Let me also quickly remind you of my competition - send in your Indochino review for the chance to win a 125$ Indochino voucher - read more here.

I hope you guys all had a nice Christmas, hopefully your suits still all fit ;) I'm already looking forward to the January collection, I'm curious how quick they will be to roll out new products such as cardigans or shoes (mentioned in their own survey). In the meanwhile, there is still some interesting stuff online if you want to spend your Christmas money... I'm personally thinking about Teacher's Jacket (without the golden Rolex), the Groupon deal makes this  one quite affordable!

New coupon (20% off) and some other minor news

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hi guys,

Thanks to Google Alerts I just heard about a new (or rather, an old but now functional again) coupon - enter woot on checkout for 20% off. Please note that this will unfortunately only works if you have a suit in your shopping bag. I wish those coupon codes would work on blazers as well... Still, I believe those 20% coupons are a much better deal than the groupon/socialliving deals if you intend to make a purchase above 500$. I don't know the expiry date on this one (yet). 

Indochino Alchemist Brown Suit
The Alchemist Brown Suit - 407$ with coupon code woot

upcoming competition
One of the outcomes of the survey I did a while ago was the wish for more reviews by other customers. As it's not so easy to get someone to go through all that hassle for free I thought about a competition. Everyone who sends in his review has the chance to win a 50$ Indochino voucher (I'd buy one of those at the Indochino website and then enter the winner's email address on it). Would it be worth your effort? I think a 50$ voucher is probably not a lot, but it would still get you a tie, cufflinks or a cheaper jacket or pants. Please let me know if that would be worth sending in your review or how I could run the competition in a better way!

Free pocket squares and [expired] Teambuy deal

Monday, December 13, 2010

Indochino Reviews: Indochino Cosmic Crimson Pinstripe Suit
Cosmic Crimson Pinstripe Suit

Indochino is offering a special promotion for their Nouveau Gentleman Collection -you now get a free pocket square (worth 39$) when you order one of the new suits. Prices remained the same and as you can see at the poll on the right side, a vast majority of 69% (29 votes as of Dec. 13) think they are a bit too high - the fabrics look great though. The whole lineup is still available but you won't receive your order before Christmas anymore.

Furthermore, there is still the Teambuy Canada Indochino promotion. Use teambuywinter for 15% off, 2 free shirts and 1 free accessory (thanks @dter from Twitter for the info). Pretty good deal, actually - they don't get much better than that. Careful, it expires on the 14th (not sure about which timezone - probably some Canadian time ;) )

Okay, so that teambuywinter coupon expired - next best is probably mycouponswinter (10% off, 2 free shirts, expires 28/02/11) or MYCOUPONS (20% off, expiry date unknown).

The Indochino Nouveau Gentleman Collection - Review and Guide

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Indochino Nouveau Gentleman Collection

I have to admit that I was pretty excited when Indochino announced the December Collection - especially when they told us it would consist of no less than 13 new suits, 10 new shirts, 7 new linings and a couple of new bow ties. Indochino had started a quite aggressive Groupon campaign during the last weeks (there were 125$ for 50$ deals almost every day) to clear out the old inventory except for the basics and make room for the big, new collection. 

Now, the Nouveau Collection is here! In a nutshell, their collection is focusing on 4 main aspects:
  • Heavy fabrics
    mostly heavy (300mg2) wool/cashmere blend fabrics for the winter. I looked a bit into the wool/cashmere blend topic - it seems it can give the fabric a nice shine to it. Certainly a step-up from the poly blend tweed suits. Only one of the suits contains an artificial fabric, namely The Ambient Brown 3 Piece Suit (wool/lycra blend). As usual, I'd just advice against wearing something artificial, but I'm aware there are other opinions about this too.
  • Pinstripe Suits
    12 out of 13 suits are pinstriped suits, some very subtle ones and really convincing, some really bold ones. In addition, there is one solid charcoal suit. I don't know why there are almost only pinstripe suits available, but perhaps those are the biggest sellers. Personally, I would have wished for some more plaid fabrics and yes, a Harris Tweed suit or jacket.
  • Customization Options
    Contrary to the past collections, the customization is now not about the size and style of the lapels, but just like with the Blueprint Collection, it's all about colored collar felts, different linings and pocket squares. When I tried to customize a suit just now I could not actually choose the color of the collar felt or the style of the lining, so it might be that those choices are set for each suit.
  • High prices - average 498$
    it seems the times of the 349$ suits are gone mostly. The new collection is priced on average at 497$. I have to do some more comparison, but at a first glance this looks like it's Indochino's most expensive collection so far. Of course you can reduce these costs a bit with coupon codes, but it's still not as cheap as we were used to. On the other hand, good fabrics have their price, so I am not complaining. 
An alternative title for the Nouveau Gentlemen Collection could indeed be the "Pinstripe Collection". I'm not the biggest fan of pinstripes, but Indochino focuses on giving you some pretty good overall looks, recommending a fitting shirt and tie right away. Most of the outfits actually do look pretty good.  

As usual, I do have a couple of favorites, I'll show you just three of them.

I do really dig the Ethereal Embers Pinstripe Suit - faint pinstripes, medium grey, that fabric looks very nice on the photos. Only drawback for me is the rose striped lining (that can hopefully be changed to something less "rosy"). The recommended a new red-striped shirt, a brown tie and a funky pocket square with it - looks pretty cool already. If you put that all in your shopping card you end up with 686$, luckily a coupon like couponcabin can reduce that to 510$ (still a lot of money).  The Solar Debris Pinstripe Suit is actually very similar and features a blue theme, instead of the red/rose theme of the Ember Pinstripe.

Etheral Embers Pinstripe Grey Suit
The Ethereal Pinstripe Grey Suit
Indochino Solar Debris Pinstripe Suit
The Solar Debris Pinstripe Suit
The Alchemist Brown Suit is another favourite of the current collection. Again made from a rather heavy (300mg2) wool/cashmere blend fabric, this particular suit features a golden collar felt and golden striped lining. Ok, all that gold might perhaps be a bit too much, but it looks rather brownish on the photos for the lining and the collar felt seems to be yellow. The slight sheen is quite visible on the pictures, I'm curious how that looks in real life. The suit is priced at 509$.

Indochino Alchemist Brown Suit
The Alchemist Brown Suit
Overall, I think we got a very interesting collection. I was hoping for something different - harris tweed, wool ties and things like that. I do like the fabric choices this time, but they also drive up prices quite a bit and I'm not sure how much further Indochino can go up without losing customers to cheaper competitors. I guess it's also a test for them. Furthermore, you might have gotten the invitation to their survey (interestingly with very similar questions as my survey), so you know that they plan on introducing Cardigans and perhaps even shoes (and probably more stuff we don't know about) next year, so they are definitely trying to move forward.

Just a recommendation, as they introduced quite some new shirts again - if you want to get the suggested outfit, use one of the active coupons, that helps to bring the price down quite a bit. You can find some below and some more on the Coupon Page. Check the whole new Nouveau Gentleman Collection here.

mycouponswinter (10% off, 2 free shirts, expires 28/02/11)
couponcabin (13% off, 1 free shirt, expires 30/11/10)
MYCOUPONS (20% off, expiry date unknown)

One word about the Groupon deals: if you spend a lot of money, like above 500, the 20% coupon will give you the same discount as the Groupon coupon. The more you spend, the better the 20% coupon is vs. the Groupon coupon. Similar if you want free shirts, as one is worth 89$.

If you find some time to comment, let me know what you think of the new collection, the prices and whatever comes to your mind!

Indochino Teaser: The Nouveau Gentleman Collection

Friday, December 3, 2010

Indochino Review: Indochino Nouveau Gentleman/></a></td></tr>
<tr><td class=

Just as promised yesterday via Twitter and Facebook, Indochino released the first teaser pictures for the upcoming December Collection, titled "The Nouveau Gentlemen" Collection. According to Indochino, this may be their best collection so yet - reason enough for us to be curious! The first pictures are indeed promising. The colored collar felts, first introduced in the Blueprint Collection are back and so are some interesting linings! The shirts look nice too (especially that gingham shirt), but it remains to be seen if they will be part of the collection. Grey and blue pinstripe suits seem to make for a majority of the suits, however there is also one dark blue suit visible in the teaser pictures (actually looks cool with the green collar felt). The style of the campaign is yet again a bit different - no more (half)naked models, no golden Rolex watches, no gloves - an improvement in my opinion (not that I have anything against beautiful, naked women...).

I assume we can expect the collection to go online at the beginning of the week, stay tuned for more details on the collection, prices, materials, coupon codes and everything else that matters!

The collection is going to be huge! 13 new suits, 10 new shirts, 7 new linings, new bow ties - all limited edition! Wednesday 8th of December is going to be exciting!




Indochino Suit Review: The Walker Navy Tweed Suit

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Walker Navy Tweed Suit
My latest - and probably favorite - purchase from Indochino is the Walker Navy Tweed Suit. It is one of those Indochino suits that you have to purchase right away, or it will be sold out within a week. Actually, it had already sold out right when I wanted to order it and miraculously appeared again the next day. So, that suit is gone now, but there are occasionally tweed suits being introduced, so you might get lucky again for one of the upcoming collections - there is a new one usually every month.

I had long wanted a nice tweed suit, even if my image of tweed was that of Harris Tweed and not of a navy blue one. In any case, the Walker Navy Tweed suit turned out to be by far the nicest fabric I have seen on an Indochino suit so far. A dark blue, rather heavy fabric, quite a bit rougher than usual suit fabrics and on closer examination you can see the structure of it. Overall it does appear to be very high quality. I have chosen the fabric detail picture from the Indochino website to show what I mean.

Navy Walker Tweed fabric close-up

I also chose to have 2 pairs of trousers this time and I chose one with flat front and another one with 1 pleat. I have to say that I seem to be the type of guy that feels (and probably looks) more comfortable in pleated trousers, but that is surely only a matter of personal taste and preference. 

One of the available coupons at that time also gave me 1 free shirt. I chose the Indochino Dealmaker Shirt pictured below. The fit is great, buttons are sewn very carefully - certainly no complaints here!

Detailed Dealmaker Blue Striped Dress Shirt

As for the suit itself, the fit is really spot on. I had changed some measurements again to make the jacket a bit longer and the trousers a bit wider around the thighs. In fact, Indochino now lets you choose "boot cut" trousers for a more relaxed fit - I didn't have that option then. The shoulders are not the natural shoulders, but the default version. I actually like them a lot and don't think the padding is too much, you might have heard of problems with Indochino shoulders, but I can't notice anything bad on my suits. I also went for the higher armholes option, giving me more freedom to move in the suit. Another special feature is the golden buttonhole on the left lapel - a great detail! All in all, I'm really satisfied with this suit - I wear it to work regularly and only got positive comments on it so far.

click to enlarge - careful, 2MB pic

If you are about to order from Indochino from the first time, I'd encourage you to read the Indochino Guide and if you need any advise, please don't hesitate to contact me at If you need coupons, check at the Coupon Page, it's updated regularly and you usually find some nice deals there.

Indochino's 2011 plans: Cardigans and more

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cardigans - soon on Indochino?
(pic depicts random cardigan found on the internet)
Have you been wondering what could be next on Indochino? We've had all kinds of suits, from linen to flannel and tweed, interesting linings, pocket squares and much more. Now it seems that Indochino is thinking even further than suits and outerwear. It seems for 2011 we can expect Indochino's own line of Cardigans and much more.

A recent interview on "tucked. the blog" with Kyle Vucko, Indochino's CEO reveals some interesting plans for the future:

Tucked: What should Indochino’s current customer and prospective client look forward to in the future?
KV: More product launches. We have new product every month. We are currently expanding our current offering, so more suits, more shirts and pants. We want to continue to make our product more appealing, especially to our customers that have been around for awhile. You should look out for new types of products. Cardigans is one that we are working on for the New Year and then a few others. We are trying to move beyond being the go-to place for the men’s suit, and towards being the go-to place for men’s custom clothing. The idea that you can really buy an entire custom wardrobe is the bigger vision, and I think we are beginning to strive towards that goal. (taken from tucked. the blog - interview with Kyle Vucko, November 29, 2010)
I'd really recommend you to read the whole interview on tucked. the blog, it has some great insights concerning Indochino, their profit situation, return rates and much more. The whole blog is actually a must for people interested in fashion, so check it out sometimes!

Tucked LLC Interviews Indochino from Justin Bridges on Vimeo.

Indochino Black Friday Coupon Code

Friday, November 26, 2010

Joe from got another great deal with Indochino and offers a new coupon code, valid until midnight pacific time. This is only a rather short period of time, but the deal's pretty cool. 75$ off any suit or outerwear is something to consider, around 20% discount, depending on what item you go for. Enter at the checkout to get the deal (probably it will only become active a bit later, I was so nice to write Angie - right now it says it's expired). One of my favorite suits lately is probably The Step Above Suit, now 424$ with the coupon code

Update: now also the redflagdeals coupon is back - but only until Sunday night! 20% off and 1 free shirt is the deal this time. Probably an even better one than the coupon.

The Step Above Suit - 424$ instead of 499$

Furthermore, my favourite online shirt makers, Biased Cut, have prepared a Black Friday promo as well! Get 25% off all shirts with coupon code Thanksgiving. The deal is valid on the 26th and 27th of November only. The Everton shirt pictured below is probably the one I will go for, it should be around 71$ dollars down from 94$ after the coupon. 

The Everton - a nice chambray shirt from Biased Cut

The Polyester Collection?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Forgive me the sarcastic title, but you'll see there is some reason for it. Indochino (rather silently via Facebook) released 2 new suit today, part of the November Collection but titled "The Man in the Brown Suit" on Facebook and on the website. What initially looks like two interesting additions, The Sandy Light Brown Suit and The Chocolate Brown Suit, are both wool blends with 50% (!) polyester. Now, I know that some people like a wool blend suit because it wrinkles less, but for a price of around 400$ I believe  Indochino can do better. Also, I'm somehow still a bit confused why the call some of their other November Collection suits "tweed suits", even if they contain polyester.

Sandy Brown Suit (50% Polyester) - 439$
On the bright side, there is also a new Teacher's Jacket. This time without the leather elbow patches, but at least it's 100% wool and it's a brown Herringbone fabric. Looks very nice actually, I also put a detailed photo of the fabric below so you can see the structure of it a bit better. The only funny thing is that the model teacher seems to have no problem affording a golden Rolex Daytona - that's somehow a hard  look to pull off ;) If you bought one of the many Groupon coupons lately, this could be a good opportunity to use it (I wish I had)! You can also use couponsnapshot and that brings the price down from 289$ to 260$ (not much, but it's something).

The Teacher's Jacket (Brown Herringbone, 100% Wool) - 289$

The Teacher's Jacket fabric - click for a higher resolution pic

New Indochino Blazers & a new coupon

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indochino expands the November collection with a couple of new items. There are 2 new blazers, the Blue Tweed Blazer (wool blend, 279$) and the Miniature Grey Houndstooth Blazer (100% wool, 289$). In addition, there are 3 more shirts added to the lineup. I'm not sure it is actually technically correct to call a fabric containing polyester "tweed", can someone clear that up for me? 

Blue Tweed Blazer - feat. a golden Rolex Daytona

Just in time for the new collection we also got a new coupon: MYCOUPONSWINTER (enter coupon at checkout and make sure all the items are already in your shopping basket) gives you 10% off and 2 free shirts (worth 99$ each). So if you got tempted by the recently introduced new shirts or perhaps a tweed suit, this should sweeten the deal for you! The coupon is now fully active and valid until December 1.

Most discount coupons require a full suit to be purchased, however if you just want a blazer, you can use couponsnapshot for 10% off any item.

Indochino November Collection

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Step Above Suit - 499$, 399$ with mycoupons

Finally a new collection! We basically saw the last big collection being introduced back in August (Signature Collection) and since then we only got a couple of suits here and there - unfortunately nothing with the same magnitude as we were used too. To be honest, the November Collection - also referred to as "The Man In The Gray Suit" collection is not a very big collection either. 

However, there has been critizism about too few grey suits and this problem is definitely solved now. We got 3 new suits, the Light Grey Melange Suit (careful, 5% polyester!) , the Light Grey Tweed Suit (also 5% polyester) and The Step Above Suit (this one also has a subtle windowpane pattern and quite some structure to it, judging from the pictures). The latter 2 suits are probably most remarkable for their Tweed fabrics ( worked very nicely on the Navy Blue Walkter Tweed Suit). Another small detail I noticed is the gold watch on the model. Apart from that, there are no obvious new features – prices seem to be on the higher side, The Step Above Suit is almost 499 dollar (399 dollars with coupon code mycoupons.)

Update: As Chad mentioned in the comments below, one new option was introduced: you can now choose between boot cut and straight cut trousers:

Bootcut/Straight Legged Pants

"For people with larger calves or those who do not like the tapered legs of a slim fitting suit. Straight Legged pants offer very little inward taper of the pant legs." (taken from the Indochino website)

The Light Grey Tweed Suit

for 20% discount use the above mentioned mycoupons or couponcabin for 13% discount and 1 free shirt. For more, please check the Coupon Page. Please note that every coupon can only be used for one purchase, so if you have used e.g. couponcabin before, it will not work again for a 2nd purchase.

More details on the Indochino Homepage:

Coming soon: Indochino November Collection

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Upcoming November Collection - some comments on Facebook, nothing on their website yet.

After we did not get that many new suits since September (Signature Collection which was basically some more suits in the same vein as the August Hedonist Collection), Indochino now released the first teaser picture for the upcoming November Collection. A 3-piece grey suit with a subtle windowpane pattern, funky pocket square and peak lapels. I am sure we will know more soon and I will make sure to keep you updated!

I am hoping for some more coupons to surface, but at the moment couponcabin (13% off, 1 free shirt) or mycoupons (20% off, should have expired but still works) will have to do...more at the coupon page. I am also curious if we will see more outerwear items being introduced.

Indochino Gift Cards

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok, so this is not the great news (a new november collection would be), but at least some sign of activity. Indochino introduces gift cards that can either be sent as e-cards or real physical gift cards. Here is hope our girlfriends or wifes, mothers or grandparents read this as well! If you do, please head over to Indochino and donate a generous gift to us! By the way, this is a bit off topic now, but I am in Thailand currently, so if anyone can recommend a good tailor in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or somewhere around Krabi, please let me know. Would be interesting to compare the quality to Indochino!

Coming soon on Indochino Review

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ultimate Grey Suit
Two recent Indochino purchases make my suit wardrobe pretty complete and my bank account pretty empty. I bought the Ultimate Grey Suit, one of those basic suits that everyone should have (and I didn't) and as I had a birthday recently, my girlfriend was so kind to gift me the Navy Walker Tweed Suit (great fabric, unfortunately already sold out, gladly I don't need a remake). I'm really happy with both of the suits, my measurements are really just as I need them now (I still always add half or quarter an inch here and there, mostly for the trousers and the jacket length). Please excuse the 5-o'clock-shadow, but it's Friday after all and I just didn't feel like shaving in the morning ;)

I'll do a proper review on both of them soon, but before that I'll take a little break and go on a 2-week vacation. Probably I won't manage to keep away from the blog completely, so if there is a new collection or something else big happening, you will hear from me. By the way, I have added another page to the blog, basically a collection of photos of people wearing their Indochino suits. Check it out at

Walker Navy Tweed

Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit is back!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hedonist Navy Three Piece suit - 399$ with coupon redflagdeals (and 2 free shirts)

One of the most wanted suits from the Hedonist collection is back on Indochino - the Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit. Relatively pricey at 499$ this suit had sold out quickly and it seems that Indochino now aquired some extra fabric on the market. The price can be reduced significantly with the redflagdeals coupon (I don't know when it will expire, now it still works) and for 399,20$ you then get the suit + 2 free shirts. If you have used that coupon already, head over to the Coupon page and choose an alternative - there are plenty available at the moment. 

There are no special linings or special lapels available for this suit at the moment of writing, but you can still finally choose some extra options like higher armholes or natural shoulders. Be careful with the vest, there is a little hidden option that makes the back of the vest in fabric, instead of the lining. I'd personally always choose that, doesn't it look weird with lining on the back? Anyway, a bit too bold for my work environment (especially with the vest), but hey - I work at an automobile company. Probably just the right thing for a lawyer or a Wall Street guy!

The Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit

Indochino Survey Results - Part II

Monday, October 25, 2010

So, here we go for Part II of the survey results:

What do you like most about Indochino?

Not much of a surprise, the price is what most (42%) people like most about Indochino, 30% named the fit, 11% the style. 

What do you like least about Indochino?

54% criticizes the limited selection, the measurements process, the fit or the price, the quality don't seem to be a problem for only 30% of all participants. 

What do you expect from Indochino in the future?

A majority of 71% wants more suits suitable for business/work, 43% want more outerwear. Those seem to be the most important wishes, of course many others want more shirts, more accessories, more plaid fabrics, skinny tie bars, customizable collar felts, etc. There are some great ideas in this, I'm curious if the Indochino guys checked the results. 

Open Questions

I took the chance to ask you what you want to see on the blog. Most than 64% said they'd want more reviews of other customers - I'll try to do that, but obviously the incentive for someone to write a review for the blog is not very high, as I cannot offer any money for it. Still, if you recently ordered a suit and you'd like to write a review including some photos, please feel free to share it with me and I will give it a dedicated space on the blog. I have also gathered a couple of photos from StyleForum and will post them here on a separate page. 

Many of you also mentioned that you want more of my reviews (62%). I have good news for you, as I have a new Ultimate Grey Suit (best fit so far) and soon a Walker Navy Tweed Suit that I will review in a bit. 47% also mentioned that they'd like reviews of other MTM companies. This is obviously not a priority, but I will throw in the odd article about other companies too (received a Modern Tailor shirt today, a Dolbeau custom tie a while ago). 

Last but not least, many said they want to read about new coupons - the box on the right part of the blog is constantly updated with the newest coupons (I got email notifications set up for new coupons via google, twitter, etc.). In addition, I will write a new post if there is an especially interesting coupon. I also want to thank the many readers who send me emails with coupons! The more info I get, the more people will benefit :)

The fully survey results for download:

Indochino Survey Results - Part I

Thursday, October 21, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Indochino survey - and a special thanks to those, who took the time to write a comment to the open questions! As I did the survey on a free account of Survey Monkey, it was limited to 100 responses. While this is probably not technically a representative sample, it does show some very interesting trends and provides a number of valuable insights. 10 questions can of course never cover everything, there would've been many more questions to ask. Furthermore, the basic account of Survey Monkey only allows you to analyze the data in a very simple way.

Let's take a look at the results then. I'll tell you the most interesting insights, and I'll name the participants Indochinos, unless any of you has a better term ;)

If you want the full survey results, I uploaded them as a PDF right here:

Would you recommend Indochino?

Let's start with the good news first. At the company I work for, we regularly ask our customers for feedback on our retailers and our index question is something like "would you recommend retailer xxx to your friends". This is a pretty good indicator on the satisfaction level with a certain product/service. I asked that same question in the survey and the result is quite impressive for Indochino - 94% of all participants would recommend Indochino to their friends. I believe this is quite an achievement and does give an idea about how happy Indochinos generally are with their product.

Alterations and Returns

If you sell a suit for an average for 300$ (I assume that is a realistic average, as there is usually a coupon code with around 10% discount + free items around), ship it for 80$ (according to FedEx shipping papers), pay wages, marketing, raw material and all remaining costs, you probably are left with a pretty small margin already. If you consider the perfect fit promise with the 75$ tailor credit and the possibility of a remake, you will probably diminish the profit margin even further - depending on how many people make use of the perfect fit policy. According to the interview with Kyle Vucko, their return rate is far below the 20% industry standard. This is not surprising, because they do everything so you don't actually return your product - they try to make it fit for you. What would be more interesting is how many people needed either the tailor credit or a remake on one of their Indochino suits.

As you can see in the graph below, a majority of about 76% needed either alterations or a complete remake on any of their Indochino suits. Of course, this can also mean that the alterations happened on the first suits and the ones ordered afterwards didn't need any adjustments, but another question I asked revealed that 57% off all participants had only ordered from Indochino once or twice. 

That's it for now, more soon as I get some time to write more. Also upcoming soon are 2 more reviews - Ultimate Grey and Walker Navy Tweed!

Red Flag Deal is back!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The awesome Indochino Red Flag Deal is back! Enter Redflagdeals for 20% off and 2 free shirts! I couldn't find anything about its expiry date yet, but will update this thread with the info of course. This is really a good season for Indochino deals, the 100$ coupon for suits is also still valid until October 22. For more coupons please check the permanent box on the right side of this blog. 

The link to the Red Flag Deals announcement/discussion: gives you 100$ off suits above 349$

Friday, October 15, 2010

100$ off Indochino with Indochino coupon

Wasn't sure if I should even start a post about it, but it is indeed an excellent deal and I guess it's worth sending you all an update on it. recently had a couple of articles on Indochino, this time they are back with a really good coupon code. You can enter at checkout to receive 100$ off any Indochino suit above 349$. If you for example buy the Navy Walker Suit, you'd buy 299$ instead of 399$ you effectively get 25% off. Quite a nice deal - unfortunately, it's not valid for long, the coupon expires 22/10/2010 - probably just before they introduce their October Collection.

299$ instead of 399$
One more thing, I know people have been wondering if the style of new collections affects the outcome of the suit. In other words, if you ordered a suit 4 months ago and you order again now with the same measurements, will the suit be the same or will it be different? According to Angie, the style of their suits didn't change, only the models. A suit ordered with the same measurements will therefore always look the same. Actually, they always look a little bit different in my personal opinion, because they don't just employ one tailor and everyone seems to do it a tad different.

Furthermore, the Survey is about to reach 100 participants at which point I will analyze the results, so you can expect something about that soon. Probably in addition to a new Indochino Collection next week or the week after!

Are you man enough to measure up?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are you MAN enough to get measured? Exclusive giveaway tomorrow. Make sure you are on Indochino's mailing list --from Indochino's Facebook account

I'm not quite sure what it is Indochino wants you to measure up, but I guess we will find out tomorrow. Perhaps they want to issue special coupon codes, 1% per inch...

The last "real" collection was the Hendonist Gentlement Collection, extended with a few items recently by the Signatur Collection. Usually, we get the new collections around the 20th, but perhaps Indochino's design mastermind Heikal Ghani had an early inspiration this month? Judging from the survey so far (75 participants), most people would like to see some more suits specifically for work (and less fashion forward). As we are really moving towards colder seasons now, some nice tweed sports jackets would be nice - perhaps even suitable as "outerwear"? I'd also like some more different patterns aside from pinstripes. Furthermore, I'd like my boss to give me a wage increase or pay for one Indochino suit a month (now that would be a nice fringe benefit). Probably none of those wishes will come true, but Indochino surely knows how to keep the excitement up every month and I'm curious to see what we will get tomorrow!

By now we know what it is all about - a Twitter campaign. If you  follow Indochino on Twitter & tweet a certain slogan, you will get a free measuring tape from Indochino. Why do they do it? The campaign is limited to the US and Canada, thus minimal postage cost are involved (material costs are very low anyway for a tape measure) and there is a chance that the participants generate a buzz on Twitter (Indochino might - but will not imho - become a trending topic, multiplier effect through people making the message visible to their followers, etc). Hoping for the new collection next week then ;)

Get 15% off your next Indochino purchase

Monday, October 4, 2010

I discovered a new coupon code this morning (or actually, it's an old coupon code, but now working again). 
PICKLE (expires 11/30/2011) gives you 15% off any Indochino purchase. I tested the coupon, it also works for just shirts or pants, outerwear and suits. 

Personally, I actually prefer those coupons with high discounts to the ones that give you free shirts or ties. The reason is that I look to spend less, not necessarily to get more. 

Of course, if you still have to stock up on shirts you might want to use dailyedealsfall (8% off, 2 free shirts, 1 free tie). 

I also want to bring your attention to the Indochino Survey I am currently conducting. It literally only takes 1-2 minutes of your time and the more participation we have, the more we can read from the results. I will put a nice analysis of the survey on the blog towards the end of October and I believe it will be interesting for everyone to see.

The Indochino Signature Collection

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We don’t often pay proper tribute to the men of the 1960s—those dapper gentlemen who
enjoyed whiskey, casual entertainment, and the finer things in life. And yet we should, especially
when it comes to their style. An extension of the Hedonist Collection and a callback to the
hard-working, male-dominated ‘60s, the Signature Collection introduces new customization
features, including four new linings and gold color buttonhole. The result? A sartorial homage
that combines smart, classic tailoring with modern elegance. 
(taken from the Indochino Signature Collection Lookbook)

Today, Indochino added a couple of new items, basically in the same vein as the Hedonist Collection. There are a number of new pinstripe suits and even a tweed suit - but not your classic Harris Tweed, it's navy blue suit (100% cotton). Another instant favorite of mine is The London Grey 3-piece suit.

The Navy Walker Suit
London Grey 3 Piece Suit
I got a couple of questions regarding new Indochino Outerwear and me feeling was right - there are three new pieces introduced with today's Collection, inlcuding The Luxe Coat and The Black Double-Breasted Overcoat. I was personally hoping for a cool tweed jacket (Harris Tweed!), but perhaps with the next round! Some of the coats look pretty cool and I'm actually in the need for one to wear above a suit.

The Luxe Coat

Something I completely didn't notice when scanning through the new items and originally wrote this - there are more customizations (actually, the whole process of "designing" your suit was overhauled). Thanks to Frank Stallone for letting me know in the comments section of this article. If you click on "Advanced" a new screen pops up and you cannot only choose the familiar customizations, there are now also options to choose natural shoulders with less padding and higher armholes for more movement in the arms. I have to say that those additions are well thought of and really add something that many users have been requesting for some time. For the new suits there are some more linings (funky and now easier to choose - bigger pictures) and extras such as more lapel choices or golden threads on the buttonholes. 

Dolbeau Custom Ties

Thursday, September 23, 2010

from the Dolbeau Lookbook

Ok, so for once this isn't about Indochino but about another online custom company - more specifically Dolbeau, maker of custom neckties and bow-ties. A few weeks ago I was chatting with a fellow Indochino aficionado (Chad) about ties. Him being a rather short guy and me being rather tall, we both have our occasional problems with ties. If I want to have a bolder, bigger knot they often come out too short while Chad sometimes ends up with ties too long for his size. I did some research on custom made ties then, but did not really find anything. Today, I stumbled across an article on Valet Mag, introducing Dolbeau Custom Ties.

I'll quote from Valet Mag here to describe in a nutshell what Dolbeau is all about:
When David Caplan and David Gross started Dolbeau, a just-launched line of neckwear, it was based on three simple principles: Local manufacturing, high-quality handmade goods and easy online customization. The result is an easy-to-use website that allows you to choose from a wide range of ties (both traditional and bow ties) and tailor them to your taste. The two-tone ties—ideal for sporting a little sprezzatura—can be ordered in three widths, with your choice of tips (standard, flat or dagger) and in lengths ranging from 54 to 66 inches. The bow ties are reversible and also come in three styles with your choice of buttons (might we suggest the leather?). The debut label is hard at work on some ties cut from rich suiting wools due out later this fall and recently finished the work on a collaboration with local Montreal shop Rooney, which has just hit the store's shelves. (Valet Mag Online, September 21 2010)
Valetmag also adds a coupon: Enter the code VALETMAG for 20% off your purchase (valid through Oct. 21).  I was in contact with David from Dolbeau about a tie purchase and they completely changed their international delivery prices now - from 40$ per item down to 0$ - fantastic! I ordered the Stratford tie and I'm very curious to see how it fits with my recently ordered Indochino Ultimate Grey Suit!

More about Dolbeau here:

New Brown Suit and new Ties

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hedonist Brown 3-Piece Suit
Indochino had a smaller update today, introducing the Hedonist Brown 3-Piece Suit (click pic above) and some new ties. It's true this is just a small update, but I really do like some of the new ties and have actually been thinking about a brown suit. I'm not into 3-piece suits very much, simply because it would look out of place at my workplace, but the look is pretty sleek. 

Indochino Blueprint Windowpane Suit Review

Friday, September 10, 2010

A while ago I ordered my second Indochino suit - I always promised a review, but never really found the time to take pictures and write a bit about it. The suit I bought was part of a monthly collection and no longer available, but the review and the pictures are still helpful I guess! This link should take you to the new arrivals on Indochino, there is a new collection introduced pretty much every month.

I didn't need another suit in a solid color, so the Blueprint collection came just right. I managed to get one of the last Windowpane Blueprint suits (I have written about that collection earlier, but the images are gone now), chose one of the new linings (pretty funky, but not entirely fit for business use) and took 1 inch off the jacket length. I did this, because my girlfriend kept telling me my other suit jackets are too long and look "old style". Little does she know about the rules of suit style, but it does seem that shorter jackets are quite in fashion now. Anyway, I got this one jacket a bit shorter, but I won't do it again. It looks cool from the front (in my opinion), but it doesn't quite cover my bottom and while mine isn't fat (yet), I don't feel very comfortable knowing that. Be that as it may, enough of the words and on to some photos.

Indochino Windowpane Suit
Blueprint lining
more posing
Blueprint lining details
and a last one
The suit itself feels great. A bit stiffer around the lapels compared to my first Indochino suit, but that might just be due to the updated construction used (I didn't cut my suit open for inspection, but they are supposed to have canvas in the lapels now). Buttons are sewn very solidly again, no lose threads anywhere, the Indochino master tailor this time really earns his name. 

The whole jacket fit perfectly fine right from the start, for some reason the pants turned out really tight though. My tailor managed to widen them by about an inch and they fit better now - as long as I don't gain any weight, that is. If you ask yourself why I didn't get the jacket remade an inch longer - the reason is simple, the Windowpane fabric was sold out then. I'm looking forward to the next collections - I got my measurements figured out now hopefully (will add an inch to crotch and obviously 1-1.5 to jacket length for the next one though).