Are you man enough to measure up?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are you MAN enough to get measured? Exclusive giveaway tomorrow. Make sure you are on Indochino's mailing list --from Indochino's Facebook account

I'm not quite sure what it is Indochino wants you to measure up, but I guess we will find out tomorrow. Perhaps they want to issue special coupon codes, 1% per inch...

The last "real" collection was the Hendonist Gentlement Collection, extended with a few items recently by the Signatur Collection. Usually, we get the new collections around the 20th, but perhaps Indochino's design mastermind Heikal Ghani had an early inspiration this month? Judging from the survey so far (75 participants), most people would like to see some more suits specifically for work (and less fashion forward). As we are really moving towards colder seasons now, some nice tweed sports jackets would be nice - perhaps even suitable as "outerwear"? I'd also like some more different patterns aside from pinstripes. Furthermore, I'd like my boss to give me a wage increase or pay for one Indochino suit a month (now that would be a nice fringe benefit). Probably none of those wishes will come true, but Indochino surely knows how to keep the excitement up every month and I'm curious to see what we will get tomorrow!

By now we know what it is all about - a Twitter campaign. If you  follow Indochino on Twitter & tweet a certain slogan, you will get a free measuring tape from Indochino. Why do they do it? The campaign is limited to the US and Canada, thus minimal postage cost are involved (material costs are very low anyway for a tape measure) and there is a chance that the participants generate a buzz on Twitter (Indochino might - but will not imho - become a trending topic, multiplier effect through people making the message visible to their followers, etc). Hoping for the new collection next week then ;)