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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ultimate Grey Suit
Two recent Indochino purchases make my suit wardrobe pretty complete and my bank account pretty empty. I bought the Ultimate Grey Suit, one of those basic suits that everyone should have (and I didn't) and as I had a birthday recently, my girlfriend was so kind to gift me the Navy Walker Tweed Suit (great fabric, unfortunately already sold out, gladly I don't need a remake). I'm really happy with both of the suits, my measurements are really just as I need them now (I still always add half or quarter an inch here and there, mostly for the trousers and the jacket length). Please excuse the 5-o'clock-shadow, but it's Friday after all and I just didn't feel like shaving in the morning ;)

I'll do a proper review on both of them soon, but before that I'll take a little break and go on a 2-week vacation. Probably I won't manage to keep away from the blog completely, so if there is a new collection or something else big happening, you will hear from me. By the way, I have added another page to the blog, basically a collection of photos of people wearing their Indochino suits. Check it out at

Walker Navy Tweed