Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit is back!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Hedonist Navy Three Piece suit - 399$ with coupon redflagdeals (and 2 free shirts)

One of the most wanted suits from the Hedonist collection is back on Indochino - the Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit. Relatively pricey at 499$ this suit had sold out quickly and it seems that Indochino now aquired some extra fabric on the market. The price can be reduced significantly with the redflagdeals coupon (I don't know when it will expire, now it still works) and for 399,20$ you then get the suit + 2 free shirts. If you have used that coupon already, head over to the Coupon page and choose an alternative - there are plenty available at the moment. 

There are no special linings or special lapels available for this suit at the moment of writing, but you can still finally choose some extra options like higher armholes or natural shoulders. Be careful with the vest, there is a little hidden option that makes the back of the vest in fabric, instead of the lining. I'd personally always choose that, doesn't it look weird with lining on the back? Anyway, a bit too bold for my work environment (especially with the vest), but hey - I work at an automobile company. Probably just the right thing for a lawyer or a Wall Street guy!

The Hedonist Navy Three Piece Suit