Indochino Review: Modern Navy Linen & Wool Suit

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indochino Linen Suit Review
Indochino Modern Navy Linen & Wool Suit - 379$
Indochino Ultimate Utility Shirt - 79$

Indochino Navy & Gold Striped Silk Knit Tie - 49$
Indochino Monogram Pocket Square - 29$
I finally received my Modern Navy Linen suit last week, just in time for the really hot weather. The fabric is a blend of wool and linen and it's actually really effective. The suit is cool and light, but doesn't wrinkle very much. Used it twice last week and all I needed to do to get rid of the few wrinkles was to hang it in the steamy bathroom. Definitely read for business, even as a linen suit. Fit is really good, but it's worth mentioning I had to get a remake on the jacket. My profile was switched to a digital pattern and that caused some troubles with the measurements (waist was suddenly 4 inches smaller) - all sorted out now, once and for all, I hope.

I decided to basically copy the outfit of the model Indochino uses and ordered the Navy & Gold Striped Knit Tie as well. It's slimmer and thinner than I thought it'd be, but it does fit nicely with the blue suit and a plain white shirt. Remember to keep knit ties rolled and don't hang them like normal ties - the material would stretch. As for the suit, I went for a pretty standard one as I will mainly wear it on the job. 2 vents, 2 buttons, notch lapels - perhaps the only thing special is the ticket pocket. Thinking about getting that Brown Linen suit too now...

P.S. The Modern Navy Linen Suit seen in the picture above was part of a limited collection. It may not be available anymore under the exact name and availability of linen suits may be limited to summer months.