Indochino Review - The Essential Charcoal Suit

Friday, November 22, 2013

I had planned on publishing this Indochino Essential Charcoal Suit Review much earlier, but postponed publishing it a couple of times. I thought it may be more interesting to do the review as a video for once, so that's just what I did, with a little help from a friend. It's interesting doing this as compared to a couple of photos. You can control your posture on a photo much better and only on video your realise that your suit doesn't look good in all position. Overall, I'm very happy with the suit. Fabric quality and construction is better than ever and there is no doubt that Indochino has matured greatly as a company. Of course, Charcoal is also a tremendously versatile colour and opens up a lot of possible combinations.

Also check out Soxiety and Mantorii (now owned by InStitchu) who were so kind to provide socks and shoes for the review.

Indochino White Oxford Shirt $79
Indochino Blue Spot Navy Tie $49
Indochino Slim Tie Bar $39
Socks by Soxiety
Black Oxford Cap Toe Shoes by Mantorii $299