Indochino Admiral Navy Blazer

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indochino Admiral Navy Blazer
The Admiral Navy Blazer - 299$

Another item has been added to Indochino's February lineup today - the Admiral Navy Blazer (299$). That blazer is also featured on the main page of Indochino in the model group shot and wasn't originally available for purchase. Described in the newsletter as "inherently versatile, functional & the backbone of every serious wardrobe" the double-breasted blazer is surely quite an eyecatcher, especially with the golden buttons.

It only makes sense to introduce all the products that can be seen on that model group shot, I guess. 2 items are still missing - there is the blue suit on the very right and of course, the cardigan (see below - somehow not a flattering pic though) on the model on the very left. I assume Indochino decided not to introduce all new products as once, but keep up the momentum and have something new every few days.

Indochino February Collection
Cardigan on the very left - to be introduced very soon?

Indochino February Collection: The Custom Suit Shop

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Indochino February Collection - The Custom Suit Shop

The custom suit shop - the look you want, the fit you need and the quality you deserve. A "fitting" slogan for Indochino's February Collection, released today. What is the look that Indochino thinks we want?

First of all, it is a rather small lineup, currently consisting of 9 new items - more precisely, 5 new suits, 1 new outerwear item and 3 new shirts, you can check it all out right here. It is not a huge new collection, so I think it's quite possible that some additional items are released over the next days and weeks. Especially as some items pictured above are not yet available on the website (double-breasted blazer, blue suit on the right - guy doesn't look to comfy in it though, cardigan on the guy on the left,...).

The trend for more expensive and higher quality fabrics that started with the Nouveau Collection in December 2010 continues with the February collection (no poly blends!). I have to say that I was a bit sceptical about the higher prices at first, but the reviews have all been very positive about the new fabrics. If you are really on a budget, you can still go for the more basic Indochino suits that are part of their constant collection. I have several of those and while the fabric is nothing to write home about, they are among my favourite suits. 

The Decision Maker Suit for example (pictured below) is also described as a tweed suit (100% wool) in the description and if the fabric is anything like the Navy Walker Tweed Suit they had in an earlier collection (review here), then it's definitely worth thinking about it. By the way, this one has slanted pockets (as shown on the pic) by default, so don't forget to change that in the advanced options if you don't like it!

The Decision Maker Suit also the most affordable suit of the new ones, with 399$ before the use of any coupons. Should be a great alternative to the basic Navy Blue suit - certainly a worthy upgrade for only 50$ more. Oh yes and apropos coupons - Indochino's Groupon frenzy doesn't show any signs of slowing down and I'll do my best to inform you about active deals in the coupon section.

The Decision Maker Suit - 399$

But let's come to my two personal favourites. Two really exciting suits, in my opinion. There is the Associate 3-piece Tweed Suit. Yes, I said tweed - ok, still not Harris Tweed but the detailed fabric shots do look great, it's some kind of Glen Plaid I assume! Not sure if I dare ordering it with the peak lapels, but I will have troubles not shelling out some money for this one... By the way, no fancy linings or coloured collar felts this time around! 

The Associate 3-piece Tweed Suit - $449

The other piece that stands out for me is The Diplomat Suit. This plaid tweed fabric suit is my second favourite item, a cool plaid, looks pretty high quality. Finally something different from pinstripe and solid colours!

The Diplomat Suit - 499$

As mentioned before, there is also a new outerwear item, The Perfectionist Coat (349$) and some new shirts. Let's not forget about the pinstripe addition (The Chairman 3-piece suit) either - just because it's not a favorite of mine doesn't mean it's not interesting for you. I could imagine more items beeing added (we didn't get any new ties, cufflinks, etc. yet).

Various new shirts with white collar - 99$ a piece

The Chairman 3-piece Suit - 499$

Overall, I think we got some new suits that are really nice (I've mentioned my favourites) but the February Collection is surely no game-changer. No cardigans, no shoes - no special customization features. But the year just started, so there is still plenty of time!

A quick competition: 
What are your thoughts on the new competition? Is there something among the new arrivals that you like or especially dislike?

Share your thoughts and if this article reaches at least 10 comments (meaningful ones!) by Friday 18th, I will give away my spare Indochino Groupon coupon worth 150$ to one of the commenters. If you for example go for the Decision Maker Suit, this corresponds to a discount of over 35% and you'll get the suit for 249$. Or you can just use it for shirts and ties, whatever you like. Good luck!

Update: jaredS won the competition, coupon code is on the way to you! Thank you everyone for participating - another competition will come soon!

The wait is over: Indochino February Collection coming next week!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Collection due February 15

The wait is over (well, almost)! Indochino will release a new collection on Tuesday, February 15 (I had written Thursday earlier, sorry for the mistake), their first in 2011. Indochino promises to take things to a new level on their Twitter feed - and I can't help being reminded of Apple's clever marketing ("this changes everything. again."). 

So what will we get, judging from the teaser picture?
  1. A rather bold pinstripe suit with peak lapels. Model wears a lavender shirt with white contrasting collar - that one's for you bankers out there ;)
  2. A blue plaid suit. Plaid! I personally love that one. Peak lapels again, but obviously that can easily be changed if you don't like it. Again the shirt features a white, contrasting collar. 
  3. A grey 3 piece suit. It does seem as if the fabric had some more structure than for example the basic ultimate grey suit. I don't dare saying it is tweed, but in any case this one will end up in my wardrobe (unless it contains polyester). 
  4. A double-breasted blue blazer with gold brass buttons and peak lapels. Following the example of his friends, the models wears a shirt with contrasting collar. 
It is obviously all up to your personal preferences and needs - but out of those 4 suits I already see 2 that I'd love to own (the plaid and the grey one), so I'm really curious what else we will get. I have a feeling cardigans will not yet be part of it, but it will be interesting to see if the shirts with the contrasting collars will be carried over to the collection. Or perhaps we are in for some real surprises? What are your expectations? In any case, speculations are soon over and will find out on Thursday 17th. You can be sure to find all the details right on Indochino Reviews! 

I'll probably also have some kind of a competition again. I got a spare 150$ coupon and I'll give it to one of you lucky readers when the new collection is revealed next week. 

A guide to Indochino's advanced options and customizations - Pt. I

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updated: July 2016

Indochino is constantly updating and improving their "more options" menu so I thought it would be worth it to take the time and describe a bit more in detail what the advanced options are. I'll link this article to the Indochino Guide, so basically all the important information for first-time users is easily accessible. Just as the Guide, this article will be updated regularly.

The link to advanced options, labelled "MORE CUSTOMIZATIONS" can be found during the first step of the suit configuration process, in the top right corner (see screenshot below). 

Indochino suit customization options

By default, only the belt loops and the pen pocket are chosen. Other options such as pick stitching, waist pockets etc. are available to choose from. Indochino has recently reduced the available options by deleting the following choices from this menu. 

  • Slanted Pockets
  • No Pocket Flaps
They are not gone, they just come in a later step during the configuration. 

Please remember that sometimes less is more, there is quite a lot to choose from, but especially if it's your first (or one of your first) suit, I'd recommend to stick to the basics. A couple of the options offered are discussed rather controversially within the Indochino community. Some like the pick stitching, but many others say it looks like done by a machine and doesn't look good.

Indochino suit customization options
Old option menu

Indochino suit customization options
New option menu
Below please find all the advanced options including the description taken from the Indochino website:


Pick Stitching
A visible stitching that follows the edge of your lapels and other key features of your jacket. A visible sign of custom clothing.

Indochino Review opinion
I have it on one of my Indochino suits and think it looks ok. Still, I probably wouldn't choose it again. 

Slanted Pockets
An additional option to traditional suit pockets, slanted pockets are common on Italian designer suits.

Indochino Review opinion: 
Only works on fashion forward suits - don't go for this if you are getting your first basic Charcoal or Navy suit

Waist Pocket
Also known as a ‘Ticket Pocket’. Traditionally used for opera tickets, it is the ideal size for an iPhone or iPod.

Indochino Review opinion: 
I actually think that's a pretty cool option, especially for you guys with MP3 Players or smartphones.

No Pocket Flaps
For a sleeker, more fashion forward suit, opt to remove the pocket flaps

Indochino Review opinion: 
I usually get careful if I read "fashion forward", because my suits are for work and not for play. Might be an interesting option - opinions are welcome!

Pen Pocket
Need we say more, you may also consider putting you iPad stylus here.

Functional Sleeve Buttonholes
Having working button holes on your suit sleeves is the quintessential symbol of a custom made suit. Unbutton the first button to display this feature stylishly in public.

Indochino Review opinion:
Description says it all and I consider this a must-have too. Careful, you can't have it on your first suit, because it would make altering the sleeve length much more difficult. Use it on your next suits once you are sure your measurements are correct. 

Functional Boutonniere
Make the standard button hole on your left suit lapel functional, a true sign of custom suiting and a great place to insert a small flower on special occasions.

Indochino Review opinion:
This is a pretty standard feature. There has been some discussion on the shape of that button hole - it used to look like a real button hole (which the style experts say is wrong) and it seems it is now simply a neutral slit.

Contrasting Color Felt (new as of July 2012)

Add a subtle touch of panache by having a contrasting color felt. While being functional to hold your collar's form, the touch of colour can make other's take notice.

Indochino Review opinion:
Now a standard option on all suits, this originally comes from Etro I believe. The question is, who really pops up the collar to reveal the felt? But it somehow is a tempting extra. The color will be matched to the chosen lining.

Contrasting Buttonholes (new as of July 2012)
Add a pop of color to the last cuff buttonhole and boutonniere that will coordinate with your selected jacket lining color.

Indochino Review opinion:
Go for it. A pretty cool feature, personalizing your suit in a fun way that stands out and yet looks classy. Be careful when choosing the lining, the contrasting color will be chosen according to the the lining.

Pants Details:

Suspender Buttons
Replace belt loops with European style suspender buttons for a unique look, or have both options for a pair a pants ready for all occasions.

Indochino Review opinion:
This is a pretty standard feature. There has been some discussion on the shape of that button hole - it used to look like a real button hole (which the style experts say is wrong) and it seems it is now simply a neutral slit.

Belt Loops
A sleek look for those that would rather not sport suspenders.

Indochino Review opinion:
Only go without the belt loops if you are very slim and you are sure you like the look without the loops.   I tried it on one of my suits, but I personally prefer the look with belt loops and belt.

Side Tabs
An adjustable tab located in the pant's inner-waist band; one can adjust them to have a range of waist size.

Indochino Review opinion:
Quality on those has improved recently, but if you know your waist size there is no real reason for getting those.

1.5" Pant Cuffs

  • With 1.5" Pant Cuffs, the bottom of each pant leg is folded onto itself and then sewn and pressed into place. Pant Cuffs are good for taller gentlemen as they help break the body up into sections.

Indochino Review opinion:
I like them, especially on heavier fabrics like tweed - they help the trousers drape nicer. As said in the Indochino description, it looks better if you are tall or have long legs. Not necessarily recommended for shorter guys!

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Indochino Review Competition - The Winner!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank you everyone for participating, I think we got some real quality reviews, very insightful and interesting to read! My girlfriend chose the lucky winner yesterday and I'm happy to announce that the 125$ Indochino Coupon goes to:

Andrew Long
- the happy winner -

Here are all the reviews again, I'm looking forward to hosting a competition of some kind again soon and hope you enjoy/enjoyed reading the different experiences.

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