Indochino Admiral Navy Blazer

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indochino Admiral Navy Blazer
The Admiral Navy Blazer - 299$

Another item has been added to Indochino's February lineup today - the Admiral Navy Blazer (299$). That blazer is also featured on the main page of Indochino in the model group shot and wasn't originally available for purchase. Described in the newsletter as "inherently versatile, functional & the backbone of every serious wardrobe" the double-breasted blazer is surely quite an eyecatcher, especially with the golden buttons.

It only makes sense to introduce all the products that can be seen on that model group shot, I guess. 2 items are still missing - there is the blue suit on the very right and of course, the cardigan (see below - somehow not a flattering pic though) on the model on the very left. I assume Indochino decided not to introduce all new products as once, but keep up the momentum and have something new every few days.

Indochino February Collection
Cardigan on the very left - to be introduced very soon?