Indochino Sale - More Suits for $249 - $299

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Indochino surely disgruntled a number of customers by continuously raising prices throughout the last years - additionally, discounts got less and less too. Not that I blame Indochino for running their business in a profitable way, it's just that the time when you could get a custom Indochino for a real bargain seemed to be over and the focus shifted to establishing Indochino as a brand that sells suits for $650 instead of $300. 

Well, we got quite lucky with this End of Season Sale. Indochino brought back a few suits originally introduced in 2011 and priced them very competitively at just $249 or $299 for some summer suits. That's definitely the best value for money you can get at an online MTM tailor at the moment - don't forget Indochino is using premium components for their collar felts, shoulder pads, buttons etc. and these are used on all suits no matter the price. 

Let's take a look at these cheaper suits as long as they are available. Some of them are almost novelty suits, not exactly wearable for all occasions, but there are also a couple of summer suits that will look great too in 2014. 

Indochino Burgundy Linen Suit
Summer Burgundy Linen Suit 
On sale for $299 instead of $429
Indochino End Of Season Sale 2013
The Ultimate Gray Seersucker Suit
On sale for $299 instead of $429
Indochino End Of Season Sale 2013
The Ultimate Blue Seersucker Suit
On sale for $299 instead of $429
Indochino End Of Season Sale 2013
The High-Roller Suit
On sale for $249 instead of $449
Indochino End Of Season Sale 2013
La Vie Á Monaco Suit
On sale for $249 instead of $449
Indochino Double-Oh-Seven Suit
The Double-Oh-Seven Suit
On Sale for $249 instead of $499

Would you wear it? The Tastemaker Suit - $249

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Indochino Tastemaker Suit
The cheapest Indochino suit of the year - The Tastemaker Suit - $249 (on sale)
Check it out here.

The cheapest, most affordable Indochino suit in a very long time, a blast from the past, let me present you The Tastemaker Suit. Originally introduced at some point in 2011, this suit now makes it comeback as the cheapest Indochino suit of the year. 

This suit "epitomises authority and style" according the the product description and the fabric is classified as a "silk-mix". At the given price point, I'd say it's a polyester/silk mix. Indochino has not stocked any suits containing more than maybe 2% polyester for a while, but they are clearly trying to get some first time customers hooked by offering a very low entry price here. 

What do you think? Is the Tastemaker worth your hard earned money - the first step into the Indochino universe maybe?

Check out more items from the sale right here: Indochino End of Season Sale (up to 30% off)

Indochino End of Season Sale - Suits from $249 and up to 30% off

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Indochino End of Season Sale
- Indochino End of Season Sale -
- Selected items up to 30% off-
- Suits available from just $249 -

Indochino is having a pretty big sale with items reduced to up to 30% - the cheapest suit at the moment is available for $249 if you are looking for a real bargain - the Slate Wrinke-Resistant Suit (meaning it contains some polyester) is next up for $339. Expect both of them to be gone quickly.

Just $249 - The Tastemaker Suit
Just $339 - The Slate Wrinkle-Resistant Suit

What do you think? Anything there for you?

Introducing InStitchu - Advertising partner December/January

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gentlemen, let me introduce InStitchu, our premium advertising partner for December and January. InStitchu is an Australian online MTM tailor, founded by Robin McGowan and James Wakefield. InStitchu is currently expanding rapidly and has just recently received significant funding.  In a clever move, they have also acquired custom shoemaker Mantorii.

Much like Indochino, Black Lapel etc. InStitchu offers a dynamic website interface where you can choose your own style of suit, customize it with great touches, and have it specially made to fit your size. All suits are made in Shanghai and from what I can tell (I just received my suit and blazer for review), the quality is excellent. All suits are fully canvassed and available from just $299 - quite a bit below Indochino's current price point.

Based in Sydney, InStitchu also runs a showroom for customers to stop by and get measured. They are currently expanding their business and just recently opened an office in the UK. Of course, InStitchu ships worldwide. 

Don’t Miss…

In the upcoming InStitchu review, we will take a closer look at their ordering system, final product, and how successful the end result is - of course also compared to competitors. We'll also get together with Robin and James and talk a bit more about their business and their plans for the future. 

As a special bonus for readers, InStitchu is now offering a 10% discount. Just use the coupon code indochinoreview at checkout.

Gents and Indochino Review Christmas Giveaway

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gents Caps

A while ago I got contacted Khara from Gents Caps for Modern Gentlemen. Khara asked me if I'd be interested in covering them on my blog and offering 2 free giveaways for readers. Gents is a cool new company selling all kinds of headwear and also a couple of accessories. Gents has been featured in a number of high profile magazines and there are quite a few well-known guys around wearing their products. 

The giveaways: 2 caps (value under $50) from Gents through the widget displayed below.  You need to be living in the US to participate (sorry guys) and for your chance to win, simply follow Gents on their Facebook and Twitter account (and my Facebook account). 

Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free shirt with every premium suit purchase

Indochino is giving customers an early Christmas present by handing out free shirts (also premium shirts, value up to $169) for every purchase of an Indochino premium suit. Use the coupon code SHIRTFREE at checkout to get the deal.

Indochino Review Christmas Tree Deco

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Indochino Review presents: The free christmas tree deco

Happy Holidays everyone and celebrate in style this year by decorating your tree with our special suited Christmas Gentleman ;)

The Three Piece Suit - The Past and Today

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Indochino Tweed 3-piece Suit

Updated: July 2016

3 piece suits are an interesting topic and for some reason one that I never fully paid attention to. Most of my Indochino suits so far have been 2 piece suits and the main reasons I stayed away from 3-piece suits are simple: they are a bit more expensive and I didn't really know what to do with that vest. Generally, I prefer understatement when it comes to business clothing. I want to stand out with an impeccable fit and good fabrics, but not necessarily by overdressing. Not saying that three piece suits in general are too much, but at least in my work environment people only wore them for very special occasions. As a result, my only three-piece suit is a nice tweed suit from one of Indochino's 2011 collections. The suit itself is not available anymore, but there are a number of great alternatives.

Men's 3 piece suits - a short history

The evolution of the three piece suit also marks the evolution of the concept of suits itself. Men have been wearing suits for a long time, in different varieties and designs and fabrics. It was once regarded as the dress of the royals and the lords. Over time, suits became a customary garment for men during special occasions, events and festivities and simply as everyday business wear. Suits have undergone numerous transformations since then - the fit has changed throughout the centuries and across countries. The general status today is interesting too - there are some people that will just believe a suit is a uniform for the mindless and for others every real man should be wearing suits. 

Fashion plate from Sartorial Arts Journal, 1891,
Gladys Marcus Library, FIT. Taken from
The Tailor's Art
The three piece suit itself has been around for many centuries, but obviously it did not remain the same. The differences between 3 piece suits about two hundred years ago and now are the types of materials and fabrics being used, stitching patterns and the length and cut of the fabric. Usually, the jacket or what is also known as the blazer or coat of three piece suits used to be long and almost to the level of the knee and at times down onto the level of the calves.

Gradually, the length of jackets got trimmed and the modern day version became popular wherein the jacket covers the torso and ends at the lower waistline. Most models on Indochino's website actually wear an even shorter jacket, but it does not look good from every angle and it's definitely not the best choice for every type of body shape.

A men’s 3 piece suit comes in the following pieces: There is a jacket, trouser and a waistcoat or vest. The vest and especially the length is a matter often discussed in online style & fashion forums. The general consensus is to keep the bottom button undone (just like with a suit). As for the length, the vest should just cover your belt when standing upright. Furthermore, the vest should not be too loose around the torso, there is a strap that you can use to further adjust the fit if necessary. As for accessories, one specific item often used with three piece suits is a pocket watch.

The original three piece suit was for lords, royals and special occasions but the modern 3 piece suits of course don't have these limitations. Depending on your personality and work environment 3 piece suits can be great for dressing up and down, layering and can be used for a variety of occasions. Just as with any other suit, the versatility is also determined by the fabric and colour used for your 3 piece suit.

Indochino Essential Charcoal 3-piece suit - $519
The fabrics can be anything from polyester (stay away from those), to a blend of silk and cotton. Woolen suits are also not uncommon, particularly in cold weathers. Tweeds, cashmere and other natural fabrics are very popular and Indochino usually has a great selection available, depending on the season.

Gray, charcoal and navy 3 piece suits along with variants of these hues can be worn to any place and for any purpose. Black 3 piece suits are best for specific occasions and evenings and as with black suits general, a rather controversial topic - read more about black suits here.

How to wear a three piece suit

Wearing a three piece suit is not an easy task. Unlike in the old days, three piece suits for men are not mandatory business attire anymore. We used to see high power attorneys and CEOs donning 3-piece suits as their go-to outfit. But now, two piece suits are a lot more common attire for both business and when you want to dress up.

But that doesn't mean you should just ignore your inner voice telling you to start wearing one. Only thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are thinking about putting on a three piece suit and stroll into your corporate office, you really should hold off on that thought. Unless, of course, if you are the CEO of your company, or some hotshot lawyer.

Now if you still feel like wearing a three piece suit, there are a few things you will need to consider before putting on one.

A three piece suit itself draws a lot of attention. It announces itself loud and clear. So you really should pair that with a relatively subdued combo of shirt and tie. If you are still new to this look, forget about accenting your outfit with a unique tie or pocket square. Stick to the basics and minimalistic looks until you get the hang of it.

If you are going to dress up for a fun night out in town, then you should consider wearing a different color vest from our jacket and trousers. Remember Justin Timberlake in Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2006? It is not difficult to pull off this look. For starters, you can pair ash grey (or any other shades of grey) vest with black suits, or vice versa.

If you don't feel like dressing up all the way, you can ditch the jacket and just wear your vest with trouser over a shirt. Heck, you can even just wear the vest with simple plain v-neck tee and jeans for a casual yet structured look. 

How to customise a men's three piece suit

Indochino offers a number of customisation options for 3-piece suits. As for what you choose depends very much on what you feel comfortable with and what you need the suit for. I personally go for 2 vents and notch lapels, 2 buttons and a ticket pocket for my "standard" suit.

On the vests, there are quite a few things to consider as well. First of all, very often vests are lined in the back, so you have the suit fabric in the front and whatever lining you chose on your back. I personally don't really like that style, so I chose to go with a fabric back.

You can also customize the number of buttons on your west. 5 or 7 buttons are a general standard, but you can also go for a double-breasted look. The collar can then be further customised with a lapel or you can choose a rounded version instead of the usual v-shape. 

Indochino Three Piece Suits - a selection

Indochino suits generally fall in 3 categories:
  • Essential Suits: these are always available and available as three piece suits as well. A good point to start if you don't have that many suits yet. Men's 3 piece suits are available from $519. Shop here.
  • Premium Suits: most of these will be available all-year-round as well, with a few new additions every once in a while. Premium suits are also premium priced and fabric quality is superior to the Essential Suits. 3-piece suits from $749.
    Shop here.
  • Seasonal Collections: Indochino introduces new suits at least for every season each year. Most of these seasonal collections are limited, so if you are looking for a nice e.g. summer men's three piece suit, make sure you get yours in time. Priced around $600.
    Shop here.

Indochino Newsflash

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Did everyone get an early Christmas present from the Black Friday sale? There were certainly a number of tempting items. If you are still looking for some deals, there are occasionally still products on sale and it makes sense to check this page every once in a while. Furthermore, Indochino is again giving away a cashmere scarf worth $109 with each purchase of a trench coat ($399). Use the code COATSCARF at checkout to get the deal.

Apart from that I thought it would also be interesting to look at Indochino's lineup. They keep introducing bits and pieces every once in a while, so there are always some new suits or shirts showing up. This page (New Arrivals) provides a good overview and there are a couple of nice and heaver fabrics for winter (including twill, tweed and cashmere) that look very nice. 

Indochino Gray Twill
Indochino Gray Twill Suit - $529
In other news, I have received my suit from Dragon Inside and will post a review here soon - first impression is definitely positive. Very nice materials and craftsmanship, fit is great too! Anyone else got a suit from them? Curious to hear about everyone's experience.

Save more than 50% - Indochino Black Friday 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday has been Indochino's biggest sale for years with significant savings to be made. This year has been interesting so far - it started out with the introduction of higher prices, but over the last months there have been a couple of good deals showing up every now and then. 

Black Friday this year is certainly interesting. The 20% off all orders over $600 is one thing, but you can actually combine it with the 50% sale on selected items. So overall, if you are quick enough to snatch some of the nice discounted items and you reach $600, you will save another 20%. Pretty good, in my opinion!

Click here to check the Indochino product selection and let the hunt for discounted items begin!

The sale is on from November 26th until December 2nd, 2013. Use the coupon code BLKFRI at checkout.

Indochino Review - The Essential Charcoal Suit

Friday, November 22, 2013

I had planned on publishing this Indochino Essential Charcoal Suit Review much earlier, but postponed publishing it a couple of times. I thought it may be more interesting to do the review as a video for once, so that's just what I did, with a little help from a friend. It's interesting doing this as compared to a couple of photos. You can control your posture on a photo much better and only on video your realise that your suit doesn't look good in all position. Overall, I'm very happy with the suit. Fabric quality and construction is better than ever and there is no doubt that Indochino has matured greatly as a company. Of course, Charcoal is also a tremendously versatile colour and opens up a lot of possible combinations.

Also check out Soxiety and Mantorii (now owned by InStitchu) who were so kind to provide socks and shoes for the review.

Indochino White Oxford Shirt $79
Indochino Blue Spot Navy Tie $49
Indochino Slim Tie Bar $39
Socks by Soxiety
Black Oxford Cap Toe Shoes by Mantorii $299

Free gift set or free premium shirt with every premium suit purchase

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Indochino is running a promo again, this time you can get a free gift set (including ties, cufflinks etc.) worth $139 or a free premium shirt (up to $169 value) with every purchase of an Indochino Premium Suit. Premium suits start at $649.

FREESET (gift set up to $139 value)
FREESHIRT (gives you a free shirt up to $169 value)

Indochino Tuxedo Promotion - Tuxedo from $399

Friday, November 8, 2013

Indochino is suddenly having quite a few tempting promos again. We just had a very big sale and now Indochino is back with a nice coupon for Tuxedos. Originally priced at $449, you can now get all tuxedos for $399 with the coupon code TUX399. You can also get a full outfit incl. shirt, tie and cufflinks for $499 with the coupon code TUX499.

Check here for a in-depth review of the Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo:

Tuxedo Promo: Tuxedo for $399 instead of $449 with coupon code TUX399

Tuxedo Bundle: Tuxedo, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo cufflink set and bow tie or tie for only $499 with coupon code TUX499

The Indochino Holiday Collection: A focus on velvet

Saturday, October 26, 2013

With the big sale just over, Indochino is not losing any time and follows up with a new collection and a new traveling tailor stop in Vancouver right away. The Holiday Collection focuses on heavier suits and blazers, many of them made of velvet. Velvet suits have been regularly featured on Indochino for the last few years, but were usually introduced later in the year. Having them available already now should make sure you receive them in time for Christmas, if you plan on suiting up for the occasion. 

Holiday Collection Lookbook:

Holiday Collection Products:

Traveling Tailor Vancouver:

Get your Indochino suit now for just $349 - lowest price of the year

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indochino lowered their prices again and now discounts reach up to 30% for suits and 50% for accessories. Selected Indochino suits are now availabe for just $349, blazers for $244 that is almost the price we had two years ago. Telling from experience, this is probably a unique occasion to get a suit at the lowest price possible. Most other promos will include freebies and less discount overall. Sale ends October 21!

Ink Flannel Suit now just $349!

Herringbone Blazer now just $244!

Indochino Deal Alert: Get more than 20% off on

Monday, October 14, 2013

Indochino Daily Hookup 20% off
Get 20% off with The Daily Hookup - click image to get to the deal
Gentlemen, another decent deal. Not only do we have a very nice sale going on (article here, sale here), we also got a nice deal from The Daily Hookup

I first stumbled across The Daily Hookup last year when they ran an Indochino deal (suit, shirt and tie for $320). We all know these kind of Indochino deals don't exist anymore, but today you can still get an Essential Suit, a shirt, a tie and a pocket square for $499 - that's a total value of $636 and savings of more than 20%. Click here to get the deal.

Overall, a good deal if you are interested in a whole outfit - the premium compared to only buying an Essential Suit for $449 is minimal. As usual, if you want to buy a more expensive suit, the difference has to be paid at checkout. If you are just looking to get something for the lowest price possible, I would recommend checking out the sale with suits available from $399

Indochino & The Daily Hookup Deal

Essential Suit, Shirt, Tie and Pocket Square for $499
Do me a big favour. If you are interested in this deal, sign up through my referral link below. I will get $11 store credit for every new sign-up who purchases a deal. As I have done before, I won't use this store credit for myself. If enough credit accumulates, I will buy the Indochino deal myself and will give away the coupon code on this blog. Thank you!

Use this link:

Check the general sale (suits 20% off, accessories up to 50% off):
Indochino Sale October 2013

Indochino Sale Alert: Get your Winter outfit for 10% - 50% less!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Indochino Sale 50% off

I feel a little change in strategy coming up, didn't personally expect any bigger deals until Black Friday 2013 later in November. However, I am happy to see I was wrong! After we had a couple of lukewarm deals, Indochino announced a proper Sale today and significantly discounted a number of absolutely great suits, blazers and accessories. Usually, we see discounts on suits that are out of season, but this time the sale is actually on the latest collection and the suits will be perfect for late winter.

You can see the full selection right here at their Sales Page.
As you can see, the discounted items are roughly grouped into 3 categories.

Indochino October Sales Category 1 - 2-piece Suits and Blazers - 20% off
Get a number of great Tweed and Flannel Suits (see images) for just $399 instead of $499. The cheapest blazer now goes for just $279.

Indochino October Sale

Indochino October Sales Category 2 - Accessories up to 50% off
Indochino had introduced a number of completely new items with their last collection and many of these are now heavily discounted. Cashmere lined leather gloves are now $58 instead of $89 (almost 35% off) and their flat caps have been reduced by 50% to just $35. 

Indochino Sale October 2013
Many accessories now reduced up to 50%

Indochino October Sales Category 3 - 3-piece suits up to 20% off
Most of the suits are also available in 3-piece versions and are discounted more than $100. You can now get them from as low as $455. 

Overall, a great sale, unexpectedly and with a really good selection. $399 for a those flannel and tweed suits is a really decent price. What's your opinion, already got some things in your shopping basket?

Indochino October Sale - 10-50% off selected items!
Get your discounted Winter outfit here.

Indochino Essential Charcoal & The Collar Gap

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Indochino Collar Gap
An Indochino Collar Gap - not a very bad one, but noticeable
Suit: Indochino Essential Charcoal

Indochino Collar Gaps - an annoying issue

Collar gaps are a very annoying thing - they happen on a lot of online MTM suits and they are usually not an easy fix - and it can be hard to determine why exactly a collar gap happens. What exactly is a collar gap? The way I use the term here (and that's the generally accepted definition), it is a gap caused between the shirt collar and the suit collar - especially in the back. The suit collar should hug the shirt collar and the suit should drape naturally. Sometimes a collar gap is created when you lift your arms - that's hard to avoid, but there should not be a gap when you just stand naturally.

I had been lucky for a long time with my Indochino suits and escaped the issue. But Indochino collar gaps are an issue for many readers and the topic has been raised in a number of comments. Often, you wont notice it right away. Actually I was really convinced my latest suit - the Indochino Essential Charcoal -fits really fine, until I had a little video clip made and was incredibly annoyed when watching it - my Indochino suit had a collar gap. 

Indochino Collar Gaps - what do do

Indochino collar gaps - and more generally, collar gaps on any suit, take a good tailor to fix or even require a remake. A lot of things come into play. Your posture, the way you hold your shoulders being the most important ones. You have to mention these factors on order, but often we don't have a clear idea of our body characteristics. Also, if your body changes e.g. because you start working out it can lead to the same issue. I'm a pretty slim guy, but I've been working out lately and I think that's the reason why I suddenly ran into the issue. I'm determined to go to a tailor within the next few days and hopefully get a better idea of why it happened and how it can be fixed - expect an update and some hopefully helpful insights soon. 

In the meanwhile, I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has had to deal with collar gaps before - did you find an easy fix? How did you change your measurements? 

Deal Alert: Indochino Suit, Shirt and Tie for $499

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Indochino Coupon
Deals make us happy!

Update 2: the coupon code was apparently part of a series sent to selected customers and valid for one use only. If you have received one and you are not intending to use it, please share it in the comments for others to use. Thanks!

Update 1: the coupon code seems to have been disabled at the moment! I'm trying to find out more.

Hey everyone  I know many of you have not been very happy with the limited availability of deals lately - and indeed, there is not a lot of activity going on. I'm searching the web daily to see if there is a no coupon released and I found a little gem for you. You can get one of the Essential suits for $449, a $79 shirt and a $39 tie for $499 instead of $567. You can thus save $68 on your purchase - not a lot, but better 12% than nothing. Remember, there is probably also a Black Friday Deal coming up, but only in late November. 

To get the $499 deal, enter the coupon code 499BUNDLE_408593 499BUNDLE_112210 at checkout - all the items need to be in the shopping basket for it to work. The deal is supposedly valid until October 9th. 

A possible way to use the deal would be to get:
  • Essential Blue Oxford Shirt for $79
  • Solid Purple tie for $39

--> check Indochino's line-up and find the best deal for yourself: Indochino Suits

Deal Alert: Happy Hour Earl Gray Suit $100 off

Friday, September 20, 2013

Indochino Earl Gray

Indochino had their Facebook users vote for today's Friday Happy Hour Deal and as it turns out, the Earl Gray Flannel Suit won. Originally priced at $499, this suit will now be available for $399 for a few days only. I had originally included this suit as one of my favourites from the Dandy Collection and it seems many people seem to enjoy it. Anyone going to get one?

Use the coupon code 100OFFEARLGRAYHH at checkout to get $100 off the Earl Gray Flannel Suit. Offer valid until Sunday 22nd.

Ready for the colder seasons? Indochino Outerwear - An Overview

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Looking out of the window, many of you will see the colder seasons approaching - maybe slowly, but surely. Time to look into some outerwear options. Indochino offers a number of interesting items and just recently updated their selection with a couple of overcoats. All of these outerwear pieces are not meant for real cold winters like in Canada, but will be good for the more chilly autumn days and lighter winters. Raincoats and Trench coats provide the least insulation, the Duffle Coats are actually made of pretty heavy fabrics. Let's take a closer look at the available items.


Indochino Gray Raincoat
Same style as the trench-coats, but with a different coating to not only make them water resistant, but waterproof. The raincoat comes with a detachable interlining to provide additional insulation for the colder months.

There is currently only one colour available and it's a light gray. Made from 100% cotton. Indochino priced the raincoat at $399.

The Earl Gray Raincoat:

Trench coat

Indochino Tan Trench Coat
Available in tan and charcoal gray, the trench coat is identical to the raincoat in terms of style. The only thing different here: the trench coats are only water resistant, not water proof. Made from 100% cotton.

Price stays the same at $399.

The Tan Trench Coat:


Indochino Peacoat
Made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, these jacket-length peacoats area classic piece of garment unlikely to go out of style.

These also come with the detachable interlining and should overall be quite a bit warmer than the trench coats and raincoats. Priced at $399

The Navy Peacoat:


Indochino Overcoat
Made from a rather heavy wool/cashmere blend (630gms), these overcoats come both in a single breasted and in a double breasted version. They are cut significantly longer than e.g. the pea coats. Just like the other outerwear items, they come with a detachable quilted cotton interlining. Priced at $399 as well.

The Overcoats:
Single Breasted
Double Breasted

Duffle Coat

Indochino Duffle Coat
These duffle coats are available in navy and black. The same wool/cashmere blend is used for the overcoats mentioned above (90% wool, 10% cashmere). The cut is a big shorter compared to the overcoats, but longer than the pea coats. Comes with the detachable interlining, priced at $399.

The Duffle Coats:

See anything you like? Which one would you go for?

Kickstarter Fashion & Accessories: Collar stays, shoes and wallets

Friday, September 13, 2013

I've been writing an article on interesting Kickstarter projects already a while ago and want to follow up now with a few more interesting ideas. Keep in mind that if you support a project on Kickstarter, you are not dealing with very experienced companies in most cases and delays often happen. 

Cleverfit - the adjustable collar stay

Sherif Zaki is an engineer from Houston with an interesting project. He has developed adjustable collar stays for dress shirts. If you have a ton of plastic collar stays around for all your different dress shirts, this is a good universal solution for all of them. Or if you only have Indochino shirts, go get the Indochino metal collar stays.

If you pledge +$30 you'll get a nice set of these, add $7 for international delivery. Projected delivery is in November 2013. 

In Search of A Sole - The Love Jules Leather Shoe Co.

A cool, small Canadian company doing custom shoes wants to introduce coloured rubber soles. These guys are pretty cool, they offer customised boat shoes, boots and loafers for men and women - you can e.g. select different leathers to be used and some of the designs look really nice. 

They want to produce their rubber soles in-house in different colours. They are already far past the 100% funding, but there are still 25 days left to support them. $200 CAD or more gets you a nice pair of made-to-order loafers around December 2013. 

Subrr - Beautifully natural minimal wallets

Interesting, because the idea is different. These guys use cork instead of leather for their wallets, which is not only a more ecological alternative to leather, but apparently cork is also water resistant and more durable than leather. Who knew? 

$12 already gets you a cork back for your iPhone, but there are many more categories worth checking out. The project still needs to reach another $6000 within 15 days to become reality. Estimated delivery is November 2013. 

Indochino End of Season Sale - The Last Item

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Ultimate Premium Orange & White Stripe Shirt
Now $119 instead of $159
100% Egyptian cotton imported from Italy’s renowned Cotonificio Albini mill
Who is going to get one?

Deal Alert: Get a free scarf on orders above $499

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's about time Indochino had another deal, even if just a rather small one. Not everyone knows, but Indochino has some really nice Mongolian Cashmere Scarfs for $109. I got one a year ago or so and was using it all winter. 

They are using these scarfs for a short promo now. If you purchase goods worth $499 and then add a cashmere scarf to your shopping bag (thus making the shopping bag display at least $608) you can use the coupon code FREESCARF to get $109 discounted. 

Reaching the $499 is not that hard - for example this new Earl Gray Prince of Wales Suit from the Modern Dandy Collection is priced at $499. The deal is only valid until EST 11:59pm, September 7 2013. 

Buy a suit for $499 and get a scarf worth $109 for free!

The Indochino Modern Dandy Collection - Selected Items

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indochino Modern Dandy
I saw what you did there with the socks, Indochino!

I want to take the chance and highlight a couple of items from the recently introduced Indochino Modern Dandy Collection. I've left the (closed) poll on the right side of the blog, as you can see it's a somewhat controversial collection. I'm a bit surprised about the result, I actually consider it a very good collection with a number of interesting items, new customisation options and some completely new additions rounding off the selection. You can read my initial review of the collection published a few weeks ago here.

One of the suits I really like is the Earl Gray Flannel Suit. With 275gms it is a rather heavy fabric, ideal for the more chilly fall days. It may be a quite conservative choice, there are definitely suits with a more daring pattern out there, but I like how subtle, elegant and versatile this suit looks like. The only thing I don't like? The collar gap on the model.

Indochino also introduced a number of entirely new items, 3 of them pictured below. Flat caps are not for everyone, but they have been very much back in the news for 1-2 years now. Stylish leather gloves are a must for the colder days and why not try suspenders for a change - just don't forget to select suspender loops from the customisation options when ordering pants.

Indochino Modern Dandy Accessories
From left to right:
Black and White Herringbone Dandy Flat Cap - $69
Black Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves - $89
Navy Suspenders - $69
Brown Tweed Wool Tie - $49

Introducing Soxiety: Italian-made Socks

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soxiety is a cool, small brand I first heard about a couple of weeks ago. Indochino was just opening one of their successful Traveling Tailor pop-up stores in New York and Soxiety socks were given out as a gift to 500 customers. The socks I saw in the photos looked great, so I decided to reach out and learn more about the young brand. Soxiety agreed to send me some samples for a review, so here we go.

Soxiety stocks a variety of socks in all sizes, colours and styles. There is really an option for every need. You can just buy socks by the pair (from $12), but there are also different sock packs (6 socks, $60) or you can choose from or you can also go for a subscription based model and receive 3 pairs 4 times a year. They have the usual versatile business colours such as black, navy or charcoal, but you can also choose more vibrant colours such as red or green or go for a patterned version.

Materials are great, many socks are made from 100% mercerised cotton lisle, others contain some polyamide and elastane in addition to the cotton. The ones I have certainly feel nice to the touch and I'm curious to see how they will hold up.

A while ago I learned from an Italian friend that Italians tend to laugh about many European businessmen and their short socks. Italian guys prefer them knee length and you can get exactly that at Soxiety if you want to - of course you are not limited to that selection.

I am currently using mine with my Mantorii (sadly, they have closed down a while ago) Brown Suede Desert Boots and think they look great. I am also planning to use the purple pair with my Indochino Essential Charcoal that I am going to review soon.