The Indochino Modern Dandy Collection - A first look

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Indochino Modern Dandy Collection Review 2013
The Indochino Modern Dandy Collection - Suits from $499 - $699
The Modern Dandy Collection - Indochino's Fall 2013 Collection - was released yesterday containing a number of great pieces and some unexpected new options. The new collection follows the general  elegant and more mature theme set by the reboot of the Essential Collection not too long ago and again impresses with great photography.

The collection consists of a number of new suits in fall fabrics such as tweed or and flannel with a number of the models showcasing the new suits in a double-breasted version with wider peak lapels (available as a special option for the new collection). Prices start at $499 and go up to as much as $699 for the premium fabrics and 3-piece suits.

Outerwear items such as trench coats and peacoats are available again from $399

Exclusively for all blazers you can now also select suede elbow patches in various colours and choose from different button options such as tortoise shell (doesn't sound too animal friendly, does it?) or woven leather.

Indochino didn't stop there and also added a couple of casual shirts to their lineup. You can choose from different options, there is a simple white shirt, but also a gingham, some plaid options and a couple of chambray shirts. Softer collars and cuff interlinings are unique to these more casual shirts. Prices start at $79.

The outerwear section received an update as well with several new trench coats and peacoats added. The new pieces available are similar to the past years in style with some of the coats treated to repel rain. Somehow the peacoats look a little bulky to me, but I'm a big fan of the trench coats - they look timeless and stylish. Available from $399.

Also available are a number of new accessories to complement the outfit, including some completely new items such as flatcaps, suspenders or gloves. Below is an overview and go here for the full selection.
  • Herringbone Dandy Flatcaps $6
  • Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves $89
  • Wool Scarfs $119
  • Suspenders $69
  • Wool Ties and Bow Ties $49
Overall, the Modern Dandy Collection is definitely one of the strongest collections so far this year. Indochino released the collection early enough to receive the garments in time for the first colder days of September (yes, autumn does come early in some regions). There are some great fabrics and patterns available, with a number of interesting new accessories. I'll take a closer look at some selected items over the next few weeks. 

Go here to see the full line-up including some nicely written editorials.

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