Matthew Aperry Suit Review by rnjbond

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Info: This info was originally published in the form of a couple of comments by user rnjbond on this article. I have decided to publish it as a small review, thanks rnjbond! I noticed the Matthew Aperry website is basically a cheap copy of, so be a bit careful with them. Feel free to share your Matthew Aperry experience in the comments!

Matthew Aperry:

Matthew Aperry Pros: 
  • Everything can be customized. All my requests were honoured, down to working cuffs with the last thread matching the lining.
  • Is fully canvassed and has hand-stitching inside and outside. I took it to my tailor to get his opinion and when I asked about that, he pointed both of these details out.
  • $200 price point, which is absurd, considering both the above points.
  • Arrived in three weeks and though the website isn't great, the people there are great to deal with.
  • Fabric feels fine. Not super soft, but seemed worth it for the $200 price point.
Sounds great, right? Well...

Matthew Aperry Cons:
  • The fit was just off. Perhaps if I had properly taken measurements using their system with my tailor, it would have fit better. Too small around the waist (which can always be fixed) and my tailor said the armholes were too tight and it wasn't worth fixing
  • The bigger one, the reason I'm returning it and not asking for a remake, has to do with the actual construction. My tailor pointed at the bottom of the jacket, where it curves, and said it's not great, and pointed to a few more details. He recommended that I return it.

All said, Matthew Aperry is a legit company and they did deliver on their promise. But it seems like Matthew Aperry is still learning (and I intend to explain all this to them in hopes of helping them out). If you can get your measurements done better, perhaps it will be nicer. And flaws aside, it's $200 for a fully-customized and fully-canvassed suit. But I think it's too early to go with Matthew Aperry [...].