The Indochino Essential Navy Suit - Indochino's most versatile suit

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A while ago I did a survey to determine the most versatile Indochino Essential Suits. We have enough votes now to announce the winners. As you can see from the chart below, the Essential Navy (--> Review) is the clear winner, convincing more than 37% of all voters. Not surprisingly, the Essential Charcoal is not far behind with around 23%, followed by the Essential Gray (--> Review) and the Essential Blue (it's a rather new addition, nice colour!). 

Electing the Navy Suit as the most versatile does not really come as a surprise - it is generally considered the most essential suit. One of the most controversial suits considered essential and versatile by many men, but frowned upon by style experts is the Black Suit (--> Discussion). I did not count one single vote for it in my poll.
"If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make it a single-breasted navy wool suit (Menshealth)".
"There is no crisis of sartorial indecision so confounding that it cannot be solved by simply going with the blue suit (Esquire)."