Introducing Soxiety: Italian-made Socks

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soxiety is a cool, small brand I first heard about a couple of weeks ago. Indochino was just opening one of their successful Traveling Tailor pop-up stores in New York and Soxiety socks were given out as a gift to 500 customers. The socks I saw in the photos looked great, so I decided to reach out and learn more about the young brand. Soxiety agreed to send me some samples for a review, so here we go.

Soxiety stocks a variety of socks in all sizes, colours and styles. There is really an option for every need. You can just buy socks by the pair (from $12), but there are also different sock packs (6 socks, $60) or you can choose from or you can also go for a subscription based model and receive 3 pairs 4 times a year. They have the usual versatile business colours such as black, navy or charcoal, but you can also choose more vibrant colours such as red or green or go for a patterned version.

Materials are great, many socks are made from 100% mercerised cotton lisle, others contain some polyamide and elastane in addition to the cotton. The ones I have certainly feel nice to the touch and I'm curious to see how they will hold up.

A while ago I learned from an Italian friend that Italians tend to laugh about many European businessmen and their short socks. Italian guys prefer them knee length and you can get exactly that at Soxiety if you want to - of course you are not limited to that selection.

I am currently using mine with my Mantorii (sadly, they have closed down a while ago) Brown Suede Desert Boots and think they look great. I am also planning to use the purple pair with my Indochino Essential Charcoal that I am going to review soon.