[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: Get 30% off all orders over 700$

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I love sending out coupon alerts. The last few months have been pretty tough for those who were used to regular deals on Indochino suits and I know that many decided against a purchase then. Well, seems sometimes waiting pays off (even if they missed out on some great collections). Indochino announced details for their Black Friday deal today and it's a really cool one.

Using the coupon BF2011 you can get 30% off on all orders over 700$, the coupon is valid until Monday, November 28th. This is a pretty cool discount, I have calculated some examples below to see what you can get for it. 

[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: 20 chances to get 20% off

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a quick alert, Indochino is celebrating 20.000 Facebook fans and the first 20 orders get 20% off, using the coupon 20000fans. Hope some of you can make use of it! If it doesn't work anymore, please let us know in the comments! Thanks :)

Update: it's gone!

Indochino's Vancouver pop-up store - a big success

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Suits on display at the Indochino Pop-up Store in Vancouver
photo by Mike Underell (via Twitter)
As you may know, Indochino had it's first ever pop-up store in their hometown of Vancouver during the last days. The event seems to have been a big success, 760 people registered on Facebook alone and I am sure many hundreds more reserved via the website or just dropped by to check it out. 

Most reports on Twitter and Facebook were very positive and it certainly shows that is important for customers to see and feel the materials and fabrics before you purchase. I am sure many custom tailors perceive Indochino as an even bigger threat now. Furthermore, the measurements were taken by professionals (even the two co-founders, Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani were there) so the suits should turn out great by any means and you have a great profile for future purchases.

Here is hope the event was successful enough for Indochino to roll out more across the US and Canada (and hopefully Europe?) in 2012. 

Quotes from the event: 
"[...]Friendly professional tailors, quick service, awesome styles. Great event :)". source: Twitter
"Had a great time today getting my Dad suited up @indochino! You guys have an awesome team! #SuitUpYVR". source: Twitter
You can find some more photos and customer's opinions on Indochino's Facebook page and on Twitter by searching for #SuitUpYVR.

[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: Shirts for 49$ instead of 99$

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Indochino Shirt Sale - get each shirt for 49$ - valid until November 22nd, 2011
Indochino is having a shirt sale again, this time it's shirts for 49$ instead of 99$ (that is almost 50% discount) with a suit purchase. At 49$, their shirts are a an excellent deal - even Wooly Llama (comment section) would agree. There is a vast selection of shirts available at the moment, there should be something for everyone. Be advised that the deal only works if you are buying a suit as well. There are also a couple of personalized coupon codes being sent out - 25% off 600$ - but I am not sure if they can be used for other accounts as well (in case someone doesn't want to use his). 

Shirts for 49$ instead of 99$:
SHIRTS49 (valid until November 22nd, 2011)

[EXPIRED] Special chance!
A user who has received a 25% code (for a purchase of min. 600$) decided to share it with you guys, as he is not going to use it. We are not sure if it works, might be that his coupon code is tied to his account, but I guess it is worth a try. If it works, it will probably only work once, so the first to use it will get the 25% off. The code is 25off600_826130. Good luck and let us know in the comments if it worked!

Call for pictures/infos:
Today is the first day of the Indochino pop-up store in Vancouver. If anyone is going there, I'd love to see some pics and stories for an article on the blog!

Steve Nash suit/new packaging
Just received my new Steve Nash suit - the Gray Glen Plaid. First suit with the new packaging, it's really big - see some pics below - review as soon as I find the time. 

[EXPIRED] Indochino Deal Alert: Vincero Suit, 2 free shirts, 2 free ties for 649$

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did you miss out on the 20% off deal on the weekend? Here is another one for you:

Urbandaddy.com has a special deal on the Vincero suits - if you remember, the Vincero Collection was the most expensive collection Indochino ever had, using Italian Reda fabrics, German collar felts, etc. - check my article on the collection for inspiration and some details on the Vincero suits.
The Vincero Light Gray 3-piece suit - now 649$ instead of 799$, including 2 ties and 2 shirts for free!
The most expensive of these suits, the Vincero Light Gray 3-piece suit, normally sells for 799$ - the deal on Urbandaddy goes for any Vincero suit and costs 649$ and includes 2 free shirts and 2 free ties in addition. If you go for the most expensive suit, you will save 150$ on the suit, 2  times 99$ on the shirts and around 49$ each for the ties. This deal is probably as good as it gets, if you can spare 649$. Apart from that, I hope we will see a couple of those 20% off deals in the future!

Urbandaddy Indochino Vincero Deal

Ready for the winter: New Shadow Plaid Suits from Indochino

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indochino's new Shadow Plaid Suits - 399$ - 479$

After we didn't get anything new last week (no wonder after the big Nash Collection), Indochino introduced a number of new shadow plaid suits (and one pinstripe suit) today. Additionally, a number of new retro-inspired shirts and ties (also, for the first time, knit ties!) were made available.

The suits are 100% merino wool, according to the description with a flannel-like surface, perfect for the winter. I have to be honest, I have long considered suits like that one brown shadow plaid suit to be "old men's" suits, but they are classic styles with a modern cut that can look good if you can pull it off.
Most of these new suits are, however, clearly not for beginners. In combination with the new shirts and ties, the looks are rather daring and you certainly have to be self-confident to feel comfortable in these looks.

My favorite is probably the Indigo Glen Plaid Winter Suit - the pattern on this one is rather subtle, on a closer look the fabric almost looks like a nailhead fabric actually. The fabric is medium weight, giving you some extra warmth during cold winter days. This one is a good alternative to solid colored dark blue suits and can be easily combined with a number of shirts and ties.

Indochino's new Indigo Glen Plaid Winter Suit - 399§
The shirts - see some of the patterns below - are quite loud too. Indochino is right when they claim  your wardrobe should not only consist of solids, stripes and checks, so those shirts could be an interesting addition. Personally, I don't think I could pull off this look though. For the moment, I stick to what I know works. In a way, the same is true for the new ties. The knit ties are cool, by the way, work with jeans too for a more casual look. Pity they are not shown on any of the models. I remember a while ago Indochino had a Style Guide, I am hoping for it to return - it was a nice guide to look for inspiration.
New retro-inspired patterned shirts - 99$
Finally knit ties from Indochino - 49$

Indochino Portfolio Plaid Suit - Review to come soon!
Last but not least, I got a chance to wear my Indochino Portfolio Plaid Suit this weekend. I had to get the jacket remade, but I am very happy with the fit now. I will try to get a review up soon, together with a review of their Navy Peacoat! Also, I created a page on Google+, add me to one of your circles if you want and stay updated on all things Indochino. 

[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: get 20% off suits and blazers only this weekend

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good news, 2 short-term coupons just surfaced, both giving you a 20% discount on blazers and suits. Promos have been quite rare on Indochino recently and 20% off are quite a substantial discount. The Steve Nash suits now sell for only 399$ instead of 499$ if you use the coupon. The Ultimate Gray (check here for a review) becomes even more affordable at just above 303$ instead of 379$. Blazers go for as low as 240$. 

The coupons:
  1. use the coupon SUITSPROMO on checkout to get 20% off your suit purchase
  2. use the coupon BLAZERSPROMO to get 20% off all blazers
P.S.: if you want to stay updated on the latest coupons, you can now also follow me on Google+