[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: Shirts for 49$ instead of 99$

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Indochino Shirt Sale - get each shirt for 49$ - valid until November 22nd, 2011
Indochino is having a shirt sale again, this time it's shirts for 49$ instead of 99$ (that is almost 50% discount) with a suit purchase. At 49$, their shirts are a an excellent deal - even Wooly Llama (comment section) would agree. There is a vast selection of shirts available at the moment, there should be something for everyone. Be advised that the deal only works if you are buying a suit as well. There are also a couple of personalized coupon codes being sent out - 25% off 600$ - but I am not sure if they can be used for other accounts as well (in case someone doesn't want to use his). 

Shirts for 49$ instead of 99$:
SHIRTS49 (valid until November 22nd, 2011)

[EXPIRED] Special chance!
A user who has received a 25% code (for a purchase of min. 600$) decided to share it with you guys, as he is not going to use it. We are not sure if it works, might be that his coupon code is tied to his account, but I guess it is worth a try. If it works, it will probably only work once, so the first to use it will get the 25% off. The code is 25off600_826130. Good luck and let us know in the comments if it worked!

Call for pictures/infos:
Today is the first day of the Indochino pop-up store in Vancouver. If anyone is going there, I'd love to see some pics and stories for an article on the blog!

Steve Nash suit/new packaging
Just received my new Steve Nash suit - the Gray Glen Plaid. First suit with the new packaging, it's really big - see some pics below - review as soon as I find the time. 


R. Mowat said...

Wearing my indochino suit (Black Day at the Office) today. Even though black seems more like evening (or funeral) attire than for office wear, I love the suit so I wear it! 

How many indochino suits do you have now?

SB-Peaklapel said...

The end of the year seems to be discount time for Indochino.  I think this was the case last year as well.

They must have a lot of surplus stock.

Lorenz said...

Black is still a classic! I own around 8 of their suits now, plus a blazer and quite a few shirts.

Lorenz said...

So it seems! Well, good for us :)

Omar Chavez Jr. said...

I was able to use the 25% off coupon. I got the Tan Shadow Plaid, 2 shirts and a tie for under $500. I saved $161! Thanks to the member who provided the code!

Brendan Tindall said...

Glad it worked out for you!  Definitely a good deal it's unfortunate I didn't receive it last month or even earlier this month.

Lorenz said...

Glad that worked, very cool!

Lorenz said...

Thanks again Brendan! I wasn't sure if you wanted to be mentioned by name, but I will of course do that if you want :) Thank you!

SB-Peaklapel said...

Indo lowered the price of their viscera suits as well. Top price for a viscera suits is now $699.

SB-Peaklapel said...

Edit: vincero.

phil said...

Hi Lorenz 

Just like to ask did you get a suit bag with the Steve Nash suit that you just received

Lorenz said...

Hi Phil, no I didn't. I think they stopped that a while ago!

Bummed_Out said...

- This coupon can no longer be used.

Lorenz said...

Yes, it could only be used once. Will upload the post as soon as I can.

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