Another big step forward for Indochino - The Indochino Pop-Up Store Vancouver

Friday, October 21, 2011

Exciting times for Indochino and their customers. Yesterday, Indochino announced the first ever Indochino pop-up store, to be opened from November 16-19 in their hometown Vancouver, Canada. This marks a big step for Indochino, so far their whole business has been online. While many of the more traditional brick-and-mortar stores are moving their businesses online, Indochino is a pure online business attempting to grasp a foothold in the offline world. 

As a special incentive, Indochino is also offering a free dress shirt and 2 free accessories & free style advice for those who attend the fitting event. I see this move as a logical next step, after introducing digital cutting in a message recently. I am sure this is only a first try to test the market, if this works out (and more than 80 people have already registered for the event via Facebook), I am sure that more major cities in Canada and the U.S. will follow. Who knows, perhaps a real, permanent retail store is in the plans too. 

The benefit for the customer (aside from the freebies) is clear - you can be sure Indochino trained the tailors present to take the measurements exactly as needed, so your suit should turn out great by all means.

For more information on the event check and read about it on Facebook. I wish I could go myself, but Vancouver is just a bit too far away. However, I hope I will be able to cover the event on the blog, would be cool if someone here could share some impressions! You can always reach me at or via Twitter or let me know in a comment if you are planning to attend!