Great news in a message from the Indochino founders

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Indochino today released a new video (see above and Facebook) - a message from the founders, Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani. They covered three topics:
  • Digital Cutting
  • Ready-To-Wear Packing
  • Traveling Collection Insights (bigger/longer boxes, less wrinkles)

Digital Cutting aka. "consistency, consistency, consistency"

I had been very outspoken about this in the past and I had seen it as THE one point where Indochino needed to improve - I am talking about consistency. Previously, there was this margin of error that could make suits come out slightly different, even if you didn't change any of your measurements. I am very happy to learn that this risk has now been eliminated. Indochino is using state of the art technology to digitally map your patterns and cut them with lasers. They are using Gerber machines and I have heard they are the best you can get for this job.

What this means for customers: Once you get the fit right - follow the guide - you can now be sure your suits will fit exactly the same way. Yes, you might need some alterations on your first suit, or perhaps even a remake - but patience pays off for the next orders. I really believe this is a huge step forward

The Traveling Collection
I had been writing about it before (and I also ordered the Navy Traveler Suit) and I think the Traveling Collection is pretty cool - lots of pockets (don't use them for heavy stuff), one even especially for touchscreens, zippers, earphone ports, teflon-coated fabrics...pretty innovative! There has been quite a lot of cool stuff coming from Indochino lately anyway, I enjoy the new outerwear (write-up here) too - they have upgraded their fabrics compared to last year, so this time the outerwear should be suitable for colder climates too.

Traveling Collection features