[EXPIRED] Indochino Coupon Alert: Autumn Shirt Promotion (23% discount)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Indochino just launched a special promotion on their shirts - use the coupon code OCTOBERSHIRTS at checkout to get 3 shirts for 229$ (normal price 297$ at 99$ per shirt, resulting in around 23% discount overall). I do own quite a few of their shirts and never had any problems, they hold up well, I wear them regularly and bring them to the dry cleaners every week.

There are currently around 40 different shirts available, so choice shouldn't be the problem. I would recommend against the wrinkle-free shirts - I got 2 of them recently and I just read up on the chemical process (formaldehyde) used afterwards. So, if you can, go for the normal cotton shirts and accept they will get a bit wrinkled.

It doesn't really say about the duration of the promotion, but judging from the coupon's name, I would say it's valid until the end of October ;)