Fresh ideas: Indochino's new Traveling Collection

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Key features of Indochino's Travelling Collection
Nicely timed with the presentation of the iPhone 4S, Indochino released their new collection, named the "Traveling Collection" yesterday. A set of 3 suits and 1 blazer, reasonably priced at 349$ - 499$ showcase some fresh ideas that I want to highlight below:

  1. 9 functional zip pockets
    more than enough space to store all your travel essentials - just don't put too many (heavy) items in your suit pockets. They are placed all over the suit, one is especially for touch screen devices, the material is touch sensitive. 
  2. Headphone port 
    many guys have already used the boutonniere slit for their earphones, Indochino had already picked up the idea once (sorry, images broken) but now it actually looks like a headphone port. I like really like that. You take a traditional feature of a suit and transform it for today's use. 
  3. Cuff zippers
    traditionally, the signs of a custom suit are working sleeve buttons, here the idea has been updated a bit by introducing a zipper. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the thinking that went into this little feature.
  4. Under arm eyelets
    you may know that from polo shirts, here it's on a suit - little vents to release steam.
  5. Teflon coated Merino wool fabrics
    a feature that indeed could come in handy. I am one of those people who cannot eat Tagliatelle without spilling some Pesto on my suit, so this Teflon coating might just make removing the stain much easier. I am not sure how it effects the feeling of the fabric, but it should also help reducing wrinkling, according to Indochino.
The 9 functional zip pockets - click for a bigger picture and check more on
There are also a couple of colors to choose from that will affect the looks on your suit - for example the collar felt, the zippers, headphone port will all be made in the color you choose. The suits themselves are kept rather basic - navy blue, charcoal and gray plaid fabrics. I really like how Indochino introduced some cool new features for this Collection - sure, 9 pockets might be overkill, but it is a good idea. Gimmicks like the headphone port, the zipper on the jacket sleeves or the arm eyelets are just really innovative in my opinion. What do you think? Great features or not worth it for you?

By the way, Heikal Ghani, Indochino's co-founder and is now active on Twitter, if you are interested in Indochino updates and insights. He also tweeted about the upcoming Outerwear Collection (I have been waiting for it!) for next week, October 11.