Indochino Blueprint Collection

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Indochino Blueprint Collection is the latest  addition to the Indochino suits and shirts lineup. In contrary to the past collections that focused  mainly on business and classic outfits, the Blueprint items are more fashion forward and daring.

A great inspiration clearly and admittedly was Etro (lining, coloured collar felts) and Paul Smith. As a little goodie, fitting pocket squares are included with each suit. One a couple of suits the Etro idea is nicely and convincingly implemented. A personal favourite of mine is the "Blueprint Windowpane" suit, featuring an orange collar felt and paisley lining together with brown buttonholes.

The coloured collar felts
One of the new linings
Some other suits are less to my taste, especially those containing polyester and very bright blue and flashy lining...but to each their own.

In the updated Stylebook I believe they also "nicked" an idea from Dennis Cahlo (or rather, as "Foster" informed me, from The Satorialist), who not so long ago suggested to use the functional boutonnière for earphones and the ticket pocket for mp3 players. Gotta learn from the best, right?

Stylebook suggestions
Dennis Cahlo's suggestion
Overall, the new collection adds a couple of great new styles and and exciting suits. I guess only time will tell if the improvements in shoulder style and suit construction were indeed implemented, as promised in the interview a while ago.