the plans for this blog

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear readers,

I've been thinking a bit about both short-term plans and the medium-term future of my blog.
My main aim is to provide quality, not quantity. As my blog occupies a rather small niche, (Indochino) I cannot post something relevant every second day. However, I have established 4 topics so far that prove to be of interest for many people every day. They are currently highlighted with pics on the right  side of the screen and I will keep them there to be easily accessible.

I will update this guide regulary and twitter the updates. I'll also be adding some graphic indicator on the pic so you can see right away if there is anything new. Judging from the Exit Links on my blog, many of you are interested in coupons, so I'll make sure to stay informed on if there are any working ones.

Kyle Vucko Interview
Not much I could update on this one, but I think it is a good addition to the Guide and a very interesting read, not only for the first time visitors. You can always send me new questions, as soon as I have enough or  there is a need to address a specific issue, I can get in contact with Indochino again and see if I get an answer.

Navy Blue Suit Review
Honestly not quite the best review you can find on the net, but a recent & decent one and I believe also a helpful one. Stay tuned for more personal reviews, I'll be ordering again in a couple of weeks.

Indochino suit construction
One other topic that I believe to be very interesting is the special on suit construction. I am currently waiting to hear back from Indochino on some questions and will then further update the article.

In addition to these established topics I want to keep those of you who are regular readers happy. I will continue to collect Indochino info, news, reviews etc. on the web and make it available on the blog. If some of you have a quick review - and even if it's only 2 sentences, I'd like to feature them in a special section on my blog, under User Reviews. This will be similar to the Testimonials on the Indochino website, but also include the less flattering reviews.

Links, reviews and special features about fashion items once a week.
I do not like blogs that basically throw links at their readers every day, but fail to provide quality by doing so. However, as I have a daily routine of scanning blogs such as Gear Patrol, Uncrate, Valet Mag and many more, I think a weekly info may very well be interesting and I want to share those discoveries with you in a weekly Wednesday feature.

One more thing, I'm waiting for my Biased Cut  shirt to arrive and will review it on the blog of course!

Well, that's it for now - I hope these plans will make you come back and enjoy my blog! I'm open for all suggestions and don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries you might have.

Have a great week,