A case for Indochino coupons by Michael Rivero

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Note: if you came here via Google search, please note that this post is from 2010. However, we are in a similar situation now in 2011, so this post might still be of interest to you. If you are looking for Indochino coupons, please check here.

Many of you might have noticed that most, if not all, coupons for Indochino do not work anymore. One of the reasons is the high order intake Indochino is experiencing at the moment. Thus, they currently do not feel the need to issue anymore coupons to stimulate their business. Many people have based their Indochino purchases on the availability of coupons and Michael Rivero has written up a great piece on why  he believes coupons are actually very usueful and much needed. Read on for the full story!

A case for Indochino coupons
Michael Rivero

I recently placed an order for a blazer and some other items (which I'm incredibly excited for) and wanted to share a concern I have and a possible suggestion.
I have had the three piece charcoal suit along with a french cuffed white shirt, cuff links, and a pink tie in my shopping cart since the day after I ordered my blazer. I was waiting to check out, however, because I wanted to make sure any corrected measurements from my blazer were submitted to my profile before ordering a full suit, to cut down on any avoidable alterations. I found the coupon code SAVINGS, which gave one free shirt and two free accessories with every suit purchase and thought it was a fantastic strategy on Indochino's part.

Unfortunately, I see now that this code has been deactivated. I've been following IndochinoReview and there it was discussed that due to Indochino's surge of success, coupon codes aren't really necessary and have been deactivated. And while I agree to an extent, I think they address a certain type of customer that you may not acquire otherwise.

I'm currently a law student, about to graduate this May and begin studying for the bar and applying to law firms, and am now in the position of needing to upgrade my wardrobe as I enter the professional world. The problem is that I must do so with a limited budget. I don't own cuff links and up until this point, I bought all of my clothes off the rack. So every shirt in my closet is button cuffed and too long, too short, too small in the neck, or has some other issue. So along with a suit, I would need a french cuffed shirt and also cuff links for the shirt. This necessary element of the purchase increases the barrier for entry for anyone who, like me, does not already own any of the necessary pieces of a sophisticated wardrobe.

The great part about the coupon code was that I knew that for my first suit, I would be able to get not just the suit itself, but a shirt that would show the perfect amount of cuff with my suit, cuff links to keep it in place, and a silk tie that completed the ensemble and made me look like a professional, not a college student.

Even if universally offering the code is not feasible, I think there is at least something to be said for offering it as a one-time discount to a customer for their first suit, that way they know that they will always have a pair of cuff links and an elegant silk tie to match with their suit or shirt and then have no qualms purchasing more french cuffed shirts, blazers, overcoats, or additional suits without feeling the added pressure of needing to purchase these other accessories in order to consummate the transaction.

Either way, I still plan on purchasing my suit. It's just that I have friends and classmates in similar positions who are looking for their first truly professional suit for job interviews or for trial that may not see the value in having to purchase everything up front. I may certainly win them over when they see me wearing the pieces,

As an aside, LexisNexis, the legal research tool provided to law students, is partnered with Brooks Brothers to give law students a 15% discount on all clothes, including suits, ties, and shirts. Even after the discount, an Indochino suit is still the better price (and value), and I appreciate it.