Indochino reboots Ultimate Tech Collection and focuses on Nanotech fabrics

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Indochino Ultimate Tech Review

Emails were sent out today with alternating headlines (to test opening rates and conversion rates for different subjects) to introduce an update on the 2013 Ultimate Tech Collection. Originally launched in January 2013 for $629, the Ultimate Tech Collection then contained 3 main selling points:
  • Nanotech fabrics
  • Smart Pockets
  • Storm Flap

The Nanotech Collection now and then - details

The Storm Flap ("a stylish way to protect your neck in winter") proved to be a very controversial item and soon after the Ultimate Tech suits were made available without and at a slightly lower price of $599. The reboot now also comes without the smart pockets (they allowed you to operate a smartphone from inside the jacket) and focuses instead mainly on the nanotech fabrics. These are a blend of "natural and technologically advanced fabrics, [...] repels liquids and stains, and resists odors and wrinkles without compromising on breathability or comfort (from the press release)". I tested it on my suit below and indeed the water does not soak in the fabric. There are also considerably less wrinkles. 

Indochino Ultimate Tech Review

Indochino Ultimate Tech Nanotech ReviewIn contrary to other smart fabrics, my experience with the nanotech coating has been positive so far. I had ordered one of these nanotech suits back when they were initially launched and wrote a review that you can read here

New suits introduced

Today's release also brings a number of new suits (all priced at $599) and as you can see in the screenshot below, there are definitely some interesting fabrics available. Overall, the reboot is in line with the overhaul of the Essential Collection a while ago - staying away from gadgetry and focusing on style with a twist. Of course $599 is a lot of money, but if you travel a lot, you may just consider adding one of these suits to your rotation. 

Check the full review of the Nanotech Indigo suit here:
Check the coverage of the Ultimate Tech Collection from January:

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Coming Soon: Indochino Essential Suit Review, iTailor iShoe Review, Dragon Inside Review

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Indochino Review Dragon Inside Review

I have a couple of cool things planned for the next few months and I'm excited to share a little preview.

Indochino after the price increase -  Indochino Essential Charcoal Review

I have ordered one of the basic suits from Indochino this time, the Essential Charcoal. I need a real versatile classic and while I have a Navy Blue Indochino and the Essential Gray, I don't yet have a dark gray one. Time to fill the gap and let's see how the new price point of $449 holds up in the review. I will also have a tailor examine the insides of the jackets to see how the new half-canvas construction looks like.

This review will also include items from an upcoming British menswear website. 

Custom shoes for just €99 - iTailor iShoe Review

I believe online custom shoes will be a growing niche within the next few years. Mantorii started and did well, but stopped at the end of June. There are already a couple of companies preparing to start and I stumbled across the iShoe by iTailor a while ago. Their custom shoes can be configured using an online configuration. You can customise basically anything on your shoe, including the leather, style, sole, etc. The price is kept extremely low at €99 including shipping. I assume the leather won't be very good quality at that price point and the overall appeal of the whole thing is a bit cheap, but we will see. I have ordered a shoe and will review it as soon as it is delivered. Any experiences with iShoe/iTailor out there?

Let's see how good they really are - Dragon Inside Review

Dragon Inside was mentioned as an alternative to Indochino in a number of comments. Dragon Inside sells fully-canvassed custom suits from $399, an interesting price point compared to Indochino's new entry price level of $449. I'll be receiving some fabric samples soon and will order a suit for review. There are a couple of other competitors I might give a try, I'm open for suggestions.

Indochino's fiercest competitor - Black Lapel Review

Not quite set in stone yet, but I'll most likely be able to do a follow-up to my initial review from 2012 soon. A lot of things have changed at Black Lapel since and I know the brand is among the fiercest Indochino competitors at the moment - with a good reason.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Indochino Suit Reviews - The Index (2010 - 2013)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some of you may know the beginnings, this blog started in early 2010 as a rather crappy attempt to provide a one-stop-solution for all Indochino questions. The blog certainly grew and improved well and there have been dozens of suits being reviewed so far and yes, it can be hard to find the exact one that you may be looking for. 

I have thus created the Indochino Suit Review index, listing all reviews published on this blog since 2010. Still work in progress and not all of them are yet sorted correctly, but the most important ones should be there. 

You can check it out here:

P.S. I suck at design and programming. Anyone wants to make the Index look awesome? I have a bit of money to spend for this. Drop me an email at lorenz (at) if you are interested.

3 Must-Have Indochino Suits & Cheaper Alternatives

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Indochino's reboot of their Essential Line a few days ago got my thinking about the 3 quintessential suits every man should own. I think at the beginning, it's all about having something you feel comfortable in and to have something versatile that can be combined with other items easily. Patterns can be a bit tricky at first and I think by now everyone know to stay away from solid black suits. 

1. Navy Blue Suit

Without a doubt, the Navy Blue Suit is probably the single most important suit for any man. The colour is formal and elegant enough for all business settings and the jacket alone can be paired well for a more casual outfit, for example with a pair of chinos.

Indochino Navy Blue Suit Review
The Indochino Navy Blue Suit - now $449

Reviews of Navy Blue Suits:

While already from 2011, this Indochino suit review covers a variation of the Navy Blue suit, featuring extras such as a headphone port or additional zipped pockets.

The Navy Blue Suit I have from Black Lapel is definitely one of my favourite suits. Well tailored and great construction make this an serious alternative worth considering.

A good alternative for the summer, a Navy Blue Linen suit like the one reviewed from Indochino below can help you to stay cool in the heat. Try to look for a wool/linen blend as pure linen suits will wrinkle very easily (which is also part of their appeal).

2. Midnight Blue Tuxedo

The day will come when you need to go to a formal evening event and I think it's best to have a well fitting tux ready in the wardrobe. The idea of renting one just never really convinced me, sure it's a good last minute solution, but you would have to be very lucky to actually look good in your rented tuxedo. 

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Review
Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo - $449

Review of the Midnight Blue Tuxedo:

The perfect suit for a formal evening event, taking some inspiration from James Bond movies. Make sure you learn how to tie a bow tie before, it's a bit tricky - at least it was for me.

Essential Gray Suit

The Essential Gray Suit is one of my personal favourites, a great and versatile suit for any occasion. Solid suits are great, because they can be combined with a lot of more daring shirts (if you want to) or just with a simple solid shirt. The look below, with the white Oxford shirt and the Navy dotted tie is just perfect in my opinion.

Indochino Essential Gray Suit Review
Indochino Essential Gray Suit - $449

Indochino Alternatives:
It may be worth checking out some of the competitors if you are looking for a more entry level pricing. Upunique, Suitly, Dragon Inside are just some of the names that have been mentioned frequently in comments lately.

Their websites are all far from being as professional as Indochino and some of the suit pictures look questionable (look at this one, shoulders far too wide), the basic suits Suitly offers even contain 10% seems some of them just repeat mistakes Indochino did years ago. Upunique hasn't updated anything on their Facebook page since March - this is always a possible sign for a company in trouble in my personal experience. Dragon Inside seems to be the most promising so far,

If you have any experience with competitors, please don't hesitate to share in the comment section. I'll be reviewing Dragon Inside myself in a few weeks and I'm curious to see how Indochino's fresh competitors compare.

Also make sure to check for an Indochino coupon at my dedicated deal page: Indochino Coupons

Indochino suits now featuring half-canvas construction

Indochino half-canvasses suit

Indochino just confirmed a very important fact via Twitter, their suits now all feature true half-canvas construction. Previously, Indochino had been using their own method, including both fusing and canvassing. Suit construction is an important factor influencing the drape and durability of suits with the highest quality suits being fully canvassed and the cheapest suits being fused (can lead to bubbling, feels stiff). Half-canvassing is a more cost effective solution providing excellent value for money. These news are especially interesting in the light of the recent 18% price increase of Indochino's Essential Suits.

Update: I just talked to Jeffery Diduch, bespoke tailor and blogger and he confirmed Indochino's suits have been upgraded considerably and are now proper half-canvas.

Read more about the different methods of suit construction in this article on my blog. I will also have my next Indochino jacket cut open and inspected for reference. What do you think about the news - surprised? I figured it was just a matter of time, but good to see it happen so quickly. 

Indochino reboots Essential Collection (and increases prices)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indochino Essential Suits

Indochino has certainly evolved as a brand over the last couple of years and keeps coming up with new collections every other month. This time, Indochino has decided to overhaul their popular Essential Collection, giving their basic suits a well deserved time in the spotlight with new imagery and some nice editorials.

The Essential Suits focus very much on timeless style and don't bother much with fashion trends - and that's exactly what makes them so versatile. You simply cannot go wrong with a 2-button Essential Charcoal suit or the ubiquitous Essential Navy Suit, the Essential Line simply offers those suits every man should own.

So far, so good. 

It's a mixed affair with Indochino for many. While the days of 30% deals, Groupon coupons and free shirts sadly seem to be gone for good, increased product quality and a good selection still make prices from $449 (an increase of $70 compared to just a week ago) for a custom suit rather reasonable. Often forgotten, Indochino had introduced a number of significant quality improvements in late 2012 - Bemberg linings, BWF collar felts, Helsa shoulderpads - read more about it here: Thomas Mason fabrics and the impressive development of Indochino.

Indochino's social media channels today are full of disgruntled customers demanding more information on the price hike and want to know what makes the suits different from those just a week ago.

For me, it mainly shows that Indochino is now past the time when only growth mattered and profit was a dream for the future. Investors want to see money and I guess everyone now believes the brand and its customers are ready for it. They are pushing this strategy with full force and hope to get through the initial outcry as quickly and with as little damage as possible. 

I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say. What's your opinion on the price point and the quality you get for your money? I have to be very honest here, I expected a slightly bigger reboot. From my perspective, it would have made sense to keep a couple of product quality upgrades to communicate together with the new imagery - it may have softened the effect of the price increase. That said, I personally still think the price point is good enough - there are a a couple of alternatives if you want cheaper.

Indochino Essential Suits / The Lineup: Indochino Essential Suits