Indochino suits now featuring half-canvas construction

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Indochino half-canvasses suit

Indochino just confirmed a very important fact via Twitter, their suits now all feature true half-canvas construction. Previously, Indochino had been using their own method, including both fusing and canvassing. Suit construction is an important factor influencing the drape and durability of suits with the highest quality suits being fully canvassed and the cheapest suits being fused (can lead to bubbling, feels stiff). Half-canvassing is a more cost effective solution providing excellent value for money. These news are especially interesting in the light of the recent 18% price increase of Indochino's Essential Suits.

Update: I just talked to Jeffery Diduch, bespoke tailor and blogger and he confirmed Indochino's suits have been upgraded considerably and are now proper half-canvas.

Read more about the different methods of suit construction in this article on my blog. I will also have my next Indochino jacket cut open and inspected for reference. What do you think about the news - surprised? I figured it was just a matter of time, but good to see it happen so quickly.