Indochino's new summer suits 2012 - Seersucker

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Indochino Seersucker Suit and Blazer

Indochino introduced a couple of new suits and blazers today, the focus is on seersucker, a light striped summer fabric with history. The word seersucker originates from the old Persian words "shir o shekar", which translates into "milk and sugar", describing the feel (smooth and rough) of the fabric. The fabric is naturally wrinkly, due to the specific weaving process.

Indochino Twitter Contest - Win a free suit

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lifehacker is currently running a story on online MTM tailors and readers get a chance to vote for their personal favorites. Interestingly enough, Indochino is currently only on place 2, right behind Black Lapel (who just created a big buzz by outfitting Jeremy Lin). 

Needless to say, Indochino wants to come out as the winner and just now they have started a Twitter campaign. If you retweet a message (and cast your vote) you can win an Indochino suit. Black Lapel has also activated their followers via Facebook and Twitter, so let's see who comes out first at the end!

Indochino Twitter Competition:

Indochino Coupon Alert: get 20% off on shirts and accessories

Friday, May 11, 2012

Good news, there is an Indochino coupon available again. If you buy 2 shirts and 2 accessories, you get 20% off. Offer already expires on Sunday, May 13th.

Buy 2 shirts and 2 accessories and get 20% off
2AND2 (expires Sunday, May 13th)

Introducing Indi Custom Jeans

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indi Custom Jeans Review
INDi Custom Jeans - from 175$
Update: It seems Indi Custom has disappeared. I actually liked the concept, but I think the prices were maybe too high and clearly, not enough customers could be convinced to buy a custom jeans.

We got plenty of companies to supply us with MTM suits and shirts, but what about more casual custom clothes? Jeans comes to mind and as it turns out, there is already a successful company named Indi Custom doing just that. Indi Custom makes jeans for both men and women with prices starting at 170$ a pair.

Indochino introduces cutaway collars on all shirts

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cutaway collar from Indochino

Many of us have been waiting for it: the cutaway collar. Indochino only offered the wide-spread collars for a while, but they weren't really all that wide spread. Today, the cutaway collar has been added to the list of customization options for shirt. According to Esquire, cutaway collars are ideal for "tall, wiry or [...] triangular faces". Please also note that because you'll have more room for a bigger tie knot, you might want to go for a bigger Windsor instead of a small four-in-hand. You can check for advice on which collar goes with which face shape and tie knot on Indochino: right when you select the collar style, you can also select to "view gallery". 

In addition to the new collar styles, a number of grey shirts have been added to the lineup. I'm not a big fan of them, as far as shirts are concerned, I am sticking to blue and white when it comes to solid colored shirts. Might just be me.