Indochino introduces cutaway collars on all shirts

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cutaway collar from Indochino

Many of us have been waiting for it: the cutaway collar. Indochino only offered the wide-spread collars for a while, but they weren't really all that wide spread. Today, the cutaway collar has been added to the list of customization options for shirt. According to Esquire, cutaway collars are ideal for "tall, wiry or [...] triangular faces". Please also note that because you'll have more room for a bigger tie knot, you might want to go for a bigger Windsor instead of a small four-in-hand. You can check for advice on which collar goes with which face shape and tie knot on Indochino: right when you select the collar style, you can also select to "view gallery". 

In addition to the new collar styles, a number of grey shirts have been added to the lineup. I'm not a big fan of them, as far as shirts are concerned, I am sticking to blue and white when it comes to solid colored shirts. Might just be me.