Indochino Adventurer Blue Trenchcoat Review

Friday, April 27, 2012

Indochino Adventurer Blue Trenchcoat
Indochino Adventurer Blue Trenchcoat - 279$
When Indochino introduced their Spring Collection in March 2012, I knew there were a couple of things that had to become part of my wardrobe. I had had an eye on knit ties and chambray shirts for a couple of years already, but somehow never pulled the trigger on any of those. I saw my big chance now and ordered 2 of the chambray shirts, a golden/blue knit tie, a belt and a trenchcoat. Especially the trenchcoat was quite a bit of a risk, I knew the measurements for the suits, but wasn't sure if the outerwear measurements would work.

As for customizations, there is not that much to choose from. I got one of the last diamond linings, the rest is standard. The trenchcoats come with attached hoods, but they can easily be removed - I will keep it in my wardrobe for very rainy days.

Indochino Blue TrenchcoatThe coat turned out very nice. Fit is excellent, it's big enough to be worn over a suit jacket without looking bulky.

The shorter length is definitively a bit more on the fashionable side, but if you prefer you can also go for the longer version - Indochino offers both, the shorter ones are called "Adventurer" (279$), the longer ones "Excursionist" (299$). Of course that is not exactly cheap, but it really depends if you compare it to H&M or rather Burberry.

Build quality is good, except for the buttons - one came off already. It's an easy and cheap fix, but it's annoying and I keep having problems with loose buttons on my Indochino suits and shirts. This actually seems to be a common problem as found out in the Indochino Wear & Tear Check a while ago (survey is still open!).

By the way, sorry for the iPhone in all the pics, took the photos myself during a business trip in a hotel room.