Indochino's Spring Collection - Chambray shirts and more

Monday, March 26, 2012

Indochino Spring Collection 2012
It has been a while since Indochino's last really grand new collection. You know, those collections that get their own mini-sites on and include a variety of suits, shirts and accessories, presented with some advice on how to wear and combine the items. The last big collection was probably the Steve Nash Collection in October 2011, so I guess now it is finally time for the next big thing: the 2012 spring collection.

It's of course a matter of personal preferences, but overall, I think this is an exciting new collection.

We didn't get any linen suits yet, Indochino is saving that for April, but we did get a number of pretty nice items. Cotton and silk suits (60% cotton, 40% silk, 230g/m) and fitting vests, chambray shirts (79$ a piece), blazers (100% merino wool) and reversible belts (1 in two shades of brown, the other one black and olive, 79$) and last but not least, several nice trench coats in different colors and lengths.
5 new chambray shirts - 79$ a piece - 100% cotton
I assume I am not the only one reading GQ and Esquire, Valetmag or The Style Blogger. If you sometimes checked these magazines or websites during the last year, you came across the great chambray revival. Now Indochino picked up the trend too. In addition, I always had a weakness for silk knit ties, but never really wore any. Now, if you see the pics below, I think that is a great combination. The blue trenchcoat (the shorter version), the striped chambray shirt and that yellow/blue knit tie looks very cool.
Adventurer Blue Trenchcoat, Striped Chambray Shirt, Gold/Blue Knit Tie
All in all, a very convincing collection. Parts of it (knit ties and chambray shirts) on the more casual side, but very classy and cool looking in my opinion. The suits are, at least for me, not especially outstanding, but nice additions. Especially the blue one below on the right looks great.

Spring suits (mix of cotton and silk) - 379$
Trenchcoats in two lenghts - 279$/299$ - 100% Cotton
What's your take on the Spring Collection? Were you hoping for Linen Suits and double-breasted suits too?