Indochino introduces flannel suits

Monday, March 26, 2012

Indochino Flannel Suits - 399$
Photo shows the Gray Flannel Chalkstripe Suit
First shown at the Indochino Calgary Traveling Tailor event, Indochino released 4 new flannel and 3 regular suits on the website today. Everyone is of course already set for spring and light suits, but I guess it's ok for a Canadian company to issue flannel suits in March - and probably there are some Australian customers as well and it's autumn down under. 

Anyway, on to the suits. There is one solid charcoal flannel suit, the others are all different kinds of pinstripe or chalkstripe flannel suits. They also threw one gray glen plaid suit into the mix. The new suits are all priced at 399$, unfortunately there are no coupons around at the moment, but as usual, I will inform you if I hear of any.