Indochino January Clearance Sale: Up to 70% Off

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Indochino Clearance Sale January 2016

We know how it is with those sales. Up to 70% off - sounds great, doesn't it? But it's the little "up to" that really makes the experienced shopper wary. The situation is not really different in the case of Indochino. Everyone in marketing learned through A/B testing or simply experience that a headline with "70% off" works better than "30% off". 

Problem is, there needs to be at least one item that you can discount by that much without lowering your profit margins too much. So, when Indochino sent out a newsletter announcing the new sale a few days ago I decided to take a closer look for you guys - so you what you can get before you have to look through the whole inventory on

The result: Not too bad. 

What's really 70% off?

The items that are really discounted by 70% during the current Indochino clearance/sale are items like ties, bow ties, cufflinks and tie clips. There are a few knit ties that look fine, but fit best with a lightweight summer suit. The tie clips are kind of novelty tie clips with a moustache or a mountain as a motive. Not saying these are necessarily bad, just not a safe choice. Not much of a financial risk at $12 of course. 

Check the 70% off items out here

What's 50% off?

I'd have asked "What's 60% off" but there isn't anything, so 50% is the next best discount you can get. This is also the segment with some of the most interesting items and the one product that Indochino is still most famous for: Suits. And really cool ones too. I saw a nice Gray Glen Plaid Suit (100% Merino Wool, 275g medium weight fabric) for $375 instead of $749. This is one of their premium suits, comes with obviously nice fabric and a number of high quality components such as Helsa shoulder pads, BWF collar felts, etc. I researched a bit, these are actually really considered good quality. 

Check the 50% off items here.

What's 30-40% off?

Again, suits and blazers mostly. I don't know why none of the blazers made it into the 50% off category, but they are all 30% off. Good selection too. 

Check the 30-40% off items here.

Ends Tonight: 16 Indochino Suits for $416

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well, well, well. Another week, another Indochino deal in my mailbox. 16 suits for $419 (they'd usually cost $699 - $799) - that doesn't sound too bad, does it? Quite a few suits are eligible for the deal, all of them visible if you check the New Arrivals section on Indochino (you can check it here). 

My favourite is probably the Deep Navy Blue Twill Suit pictured below. Super 130s, deep blue, 100% wool.

What do you need for the deal?

Indochino 2016: Sales & More Stores

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indochino Plans and Sales 2016

Hello dear readers,

it's been a while, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and got back to work alright. So, 2016 it is. What can we expect from Indochino in the new year? As already mentioned in previously, Indochino got a new CEO and his sight is set on growth: More brick-and-mortar stores, possibly a RTW Collection and much more that we don't know about yet. There were already rumours about more casual Indochino wear a couple of years ago, if I remember right cardigans were on top of the agenda then and it seems to be a choice that makes sense, together with socks, t-shirts and maybe even shoes? 

What do you think, would you buy your RTW items from Indochino?

One other thing we can tell for sure already: Indochino is not slowing down when it comes to sales. At this point I'd even say: Don't buy from Indochino unless there is a sale, so check back regularly for updates. As with most deals, please be aware of two main points:
  1. Available items are limited - stock is not unlimited
  2. The sales are not constant - the coupon codes have limited validity
January Clearance:

The January Clearance offers up to 50% off on suits, shirts and accessories. It's worth taking a look at the Sales Page to see if there is anything you'd like. There are still a few of the heavier fabrics such as flannel or twill, so if you still need a winter suit or if you are planning ahead for next winter, you might be in for a bargain. Luckily, there are not just the novelty suits on sale, it's all wearable stuff! 

Coupon Code: HELLO2016

Essential Suits for $399 and Premium Suits for $499:

Also not a bad sale. It's been available before and it's an excellent opportunity to grab a nice Essential or Premium suit.

Coupon Code: BASICS