Upcoming Indochino Revolution

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Indochino is revolutionizing the way men suit up", at least that is the slogan of the new campaing, launched today via the usual newsletter teaser. What do we know about that upcoming revolution? We know that Indochino is backed up by some financially strong investors, who gathered with Indochino's management not too long ago for a board meeting. We do not know too much about the outcome of this meeting, but we know that soon afterwards Indochino started searching for a new employee. Part of the job discription was the rollout of an extensive Facebook campaign. As you all know, Indochino is present both on Twitter and Facebook, but they don't quite use these channels to their full potential yet. Basically, they are limited to broadcasting news, but hardly engage in communication with customers - it is safe to assume that this is about to change.

Another change we can already observe now is the overhaul of the logo (gold instead of black, also reflected on the packaging). Furthermore, it is a first for Indochino to use females in their ads - a casting to find the female part was conducted recently, see the picture below (taken from Heikal Gani's Facebook wall, visible to everyone, so I assume he doesn't mind if this gets reposted here). The website, or more specifically, the measurement pages, were also overhauled lately as covered in an earlier post.

searching for Indochino's female model

the winner, suffering from fabric shortage
What else do we know? Basically nothing to write home about. The buzz on Twitter is that Indochino is on to something big - if that is a whole new collection or an inproved construction method, sustainable and green suits, we will find out soon and you will read about it here in detail.

Update: the buzz on Twitter suggests the new collection will be called "The Hedonist Gentleman Collection."

Indochino Ideas: Business Punks lining and custom ties?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear readers,

Two cool ideas regarding Indochino that I  want to mention quickly:
  1. New linings in cooperation with Business Punks
    One of their guys (Yurdi Akpolat) mentioned this idea on the Indochino Facebook site and I believe this is worth supporting. They already seem to have cooperations with a couple of tailors and I definitely think it adds a nice touch - cool business idea too, I have to say. Check their linings at http://businesspunks.com/#en/home.

  2. Custom Ties
    Chad, a fellow Indochino fanatic, emailed me recently about a problem. For him, ties are usually a bit too long and he asked if I knew of any custom tie makers on the internet. I kind of have a similar problem, for me ties tend to be a bit too short (especially if i go for a big knot that uses up a lot of material). Chad had the idea of presenting the idea of custom made ties to Indochino. I think it's a great idea - possible customization options could not only include length, but also width, material and much more.
I really support both ideas, would love to have my custom length tie and funky lining from Business Punks. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions on these topics, it would not be the first time, that the Indochino internet community has quite some decision making power. 

A quick internet research showed that Kyle Vucko, Indochino CEO, already revealed his love for Business Punks linings! Nice!
"The CEO of the world’s largest online retailer of custom suits, just wrote that he loves the Businesspunks linings!" Source: Twitter
Update: just surfed around Facebook and found out about the new Indochino packaging - we are golden ;)

As Indochino decided not to release a new collection in August (or at least most likely not), so I decided to take a break as well and help the Greece economy by booking a holiday in Crete. If there is anything big, I'll update the blog, else I'll be back September 8.

New Red Flag Deal for Indochino: 20% off, 1 free shirt!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's coupon time again, this time Red Flag Deals has one for us! Enter redflagdeals for 20% off and 1 free shirt - coupon valid until August 21. Check the link below for more! I'm so tempted again...and there is a plethora of coupons to choose from.

It's not quite as good as the spring deal though, I remember we had 25% off, 1 free shirt, 1 free accessory then. But you can't always get what you want... Personally, I still prefer this deal:

dailyedealsfall (8% off, 2 free shirts, 1 free tie!)


New comment function

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear readers,

I have just switched to a new comment function (DISQUS) that allows you to post anonymously or with your Twitter Username, Google Account and many other accounts. The old comments have been restored and are still visible.

You can post anonymously, but you need to enter an email address. This email address is however not visible to me or anyone reading the blog. 


New Indochino Fall 2010 coupons available!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A new coupon is in town, this time not only giving you 15% off, but also a free shirt and a free accessory! Enter WOOT to get this deal.

But that's not all, there is another coupon giving you 11% off, also a free shirt + free accessory. Enter couponsnapshotfall to get this deal (in case the one above expires earlier).

And yet another one: dailyedealsfall for 8% off, 2 free shirts, 1 free tie!

And one more: primermagazine for 10% off, 1 free shirt (and free shipping ;))

The Indochino Unibomber Jacket

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Indochino released a new piece of outerwear, the Unabomber Unibomber Jacket.
Below the description from Indochino:
Two timeless jackets come together as the ultimate piece of outerwear in our new Unibomber Jacket. Don't let the name fool you. The only statement this jacket is making is one of serious style. Two uniform items - the trench coat and the bomber jacket - work together for this casual but put together look. In a durable cotton and easy to wear classic black, the flap pocket details mimic a trench while the cropped shape and contrast zipper are all aviator. Wear with jeans on the weekend or with basic trousers and a dress shirt at happy hour.
As it says, don't let the name fool you, it has nothing to do with the crimes of Ted Kaczynski, (do they actually really refer to that?). Two timeless jackets come together and create some kind of Frankenstein jacket with an ugly name that just seems weird (and short) for my taste. Am I too conservative?

Indochino Website updates

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today, while checking some coupons for their validity, I realized that Indochino has updated some of their webpages. More specifically, the customization pages are overhauled and now look like the two screenshots below (advanced view and below basic view). While nothing significant was changed, I think the update increased usability and looks very slick (the drawings actually reflect the changes you make, some changes to the Measurement input). I noticed that you can now choose the Blueprint Linings for ALL suits, which is quite cool. There is still no option for "natural shoulders" (see the interview about that) though. Another very interesting option: you can now choose slim fit or traditional fit for the shirts.

A couple of users have reported that you can no longer save changes to your measurements. If that occurs to you, write the Indochino support with your new measurements in case you want to order. 

The updated Measurements

the updated basic view
... and the updated advanced view
Everything else pretty much remains the same, they changed the input field for the coupon codes a bit and you now get a notification, if a coupon has expired (previously just nothing happened). 

What's perhaps more interesting, I heard that Indochino had a board meeting a while ago and I'm curious to see the outcomes. As usual, they are not very transparent about their plans (and why would the be, you might argue) and prefer to surprise their audience - so let's see what they will come up with, I'm really looking forward to mid-August for the new Collection.

Update 06/08/2010: I found an Indochino job offer on the internet that reveals some of the future plans. One focus seems to be on increased interaction with customers via Facebook (and I guess Twitter too, they just recently started replying to people via Twitter). Up until now, they did have Twitter/Facebook pages, but used it as one-way communication only. Read more (and apply) here.

Also, I just ordered a couple of shirts from a local company. They started 12 years ago by hiring an Indian tailor to measure people in a hotel, then get the shirts produced in Thailand. They only ask for 39€ or around 50$, you can choose from all the usual options, perfect fit promise, etc. Let's see how that compares to Indochino, the first disadvantage is that they have delivery times of around 8 weeks compared to 2 weeks or shorter for Indochino.