Upcoming Indochino Revolution

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Indochino is revolutionizing the way men suit up", at least that is the slogan of the new campaing, launched today via the usual newsletter teaser. What do we know about that upcoming revolution? We know that Indochino is backed up by some financially strong investors, who gathered with Indochino's management not too long ago for a board meeting. We do not know too much about the outcome of this meeting, but we know that soon afterwards Indochino started searching for a new employee. Part of the job discription was the rollout of an extensive Facebook campaign. As you all know, Indochino is present both on Twitter and Facebook, but they don't quite use these channels to their full potential yet. Basically, they are limited to broadcasting news, but hardly engage in communication with customers - it is safe to assume that this is about to change.

Another change we can already observe now is the overhaul of the logo (gold instead of black, also reflected on the packaging). Furthermore, it is a first for Indochino to use females in their ads - a casting to find the female part was conducted recently, see the picture below (taken from Heikal Gani's Facebook wall, visible to everyone, so I assume he doesn't mind if this gets reposted here). The website, or more specifically, the measurement pages, were also overhauled lately as covered in an earlier post.

searching for Indochino's female model

the winner, suffering from fabric shortage
What else do we know? Basically nothing to write home about. The buzz on Twitter is that Indochino is on to something big - if that is a whole new collection or an inproved construction method, sustainable and green suits, we will find out soon and you will read about it here in detail.

Update: the buzz on Twitter suggests the new collection will be called "The Hedonist Gentleman Collection."