Indochino Ideas: Business Punks lining and custom ties?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear readers,

Two cool ideas regarding Indochino that I  want to mention quickly:
  1. New linings in cooperation with Business Punks
    One of their guys (Yurdi Akpolat) mentioned this idea on the Indochino Facebook site and I believe this is worth supporting. They already seem to have cooperations with a couple of tailors and I definitely think it adds a nice touch - cool business idea too, I have to say. Check their linings at

  2. Custom Ties
    Chad, a fellow Indochino fanatic, emailed me recently about a problem. For him, ties are usually a bit too long and he asked if I knew of any custom tie makers on the internet. I kind of have a similar problem, for me ties tend to be a bit too short (especially if i go for a big knot that uses up a lot of material). Chad had the idea of presenting the idea of custom made ties to Indochino. I think it's a great idea - possible customization options could not only include length, but also width, material and much more.
I really support both ideas, would love to have my custom length tie and funky lining from Business Punks. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions on these topics, it would not be the first time, that the Indochino internet community has quite some decision making power. 

A quick internet research showed that Kyle Vucko, Indochino CEO, already revealed his love for Business Punks linings! Nice!
"The CEO of the world’s largest online retailer of custom suits, just wrote that he loves the Businesspunks linings!" Source: Twitter
Update: just surfed around Facebook and found out about the new Indochino packaging - we are golden ;)

As Indochino decided not to release a new collection in August (or at least most likely not), so I decided to take a break as well and help the Greece economy by booking a holiday in Crete. If there is anything big, I'll update the blog, else I'll be back September 8.