Indochino Website updates

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today, while checking some coupons for their validity, I realized that Indochino has updated some of their webpages. More specifically, the customization pages are overhauled and now look like the two screenshots below (advanced view and below basic view). While nothing significant was changed, I think the update increased usability and looks very slick (the drawings actually reflect the changes you make, some changes to the Measurement input). I noticed that you can now choose the Blueprint Linings for ALL suits, which is quite cool. There is still no option for "natural shoulders" (see the interview about that) though. Another very interesting option: you can now choose slim fit or traditional fit for the shirts.

A couple of users have reported that you can no longer save changes to your measurements. If that occurs to you, write the Indochino support with your new measurements in case you want to order. 

The updated Measurements

the updated basic view
... and the updated advanced view
Everything else pretty much remains the same, they changed the input field for the coupon codes a bit and you now get a notification, if a coupon has expired (previously just nothing happened). 

What's perhaps more interesting, I heard that Indochino had a board meeting a while ago and I'm curious to see the outcomes. As usual, they are not very transparent about their plans (and why would the be, you might argue) and prefer to surprise their audience - so let's see what they will come up with, I'm really looking forward to mid-August for the new Collection.

Update 06/08/2010: I found an Indochino job offer on the internet that reveals some of the future plans. One focus seems to be on increased interaction with customers via Facebook (and I guess Twitter too, they just recently started replying to people via Twitter). Up until now, they did have Twitter/Facebook pages, but used it as one-way communication only. Read more (and apply) here.

Also, I just ordered a couple of shirts from a local company. They started 12 years ago by hiring an Indian tailor to measure people in a hotel, then get the shirts produced in Thailand. They only ask for 39€ or around 50$, you can choose from all the usual options, perfect fit promise, etc. Let's see how that compares to Indochino, the first disadvantage is that they have delivery times of around 8 weeks compared to 2 weeks or shorter for Indochino.