Indochino's new summer blazers and shirts

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Indochino's Light Summer Collection introduces new half-lined blazers, shirts and vests for the summer

Proper marketing goes a long way and Indochino is no exception. Their weekly collections are definitely a way to keep customers interested in the products and keep them checking back to the website. Sometimes those new collections are major and contain something special and new, sometimes it is basically a way to restock on more basic items or rehash a previous collection or idea.

Today, there are no new suits , the new collection focuses on (comparably) informal items, such as new blazers, shirts and vests. It's also for the first time I see the Indochino models wearing jeans. The blazers are not all entirely new - a variation of the standard (and very versatile) Blue Navy Blazer is back, there are also the Khaki Cotton Blazer and the Khaki Cotton Pants (2 month ago they were available as the Khaki Cotton Suit).

Some of the combinations shown in the promo shots look pretty cool - I like the khaki pants with the navy blue blazer and boat shoes for example - grey blazer combined with jeans looks convincing too. Never really tried using my vests with jeans and a t-shirt yet...

One of the new vests
Furthermore, there is the Summer Socialite Pink Cotton Blazer and Perfect Match Gray Cotton Blazer (also available as suit). Those with "Cotton" in the name are all made of Indochino's house fabric called CoolCotton (introduced a while ago during the Cotton Collection) - a blend of cotton and a bit of spandex. The Blazers are also described as half-lined (more here) - an option that, much to my demise, wasn't available a while ago when they introduced the Linen Suits in April. Half-lined suits are nicer in hot climates, because there is basically no lining in the back of the suit. 

The Perfect Match Gray Cotton Blazer

Prices are kept competitive - blazers go for 249$, shirts and vests for the usual 99$ (which I think is too high). There are also quite some new shirts in various patterns and bold colours and two vests. As for the shirts, it all comes down to personal preferences - as usual. I kind of like the two Tattersall shirts (a specific checked pattern originating from the market's blankets at an English horse market - reading product descriptions is educating!).

The Indochino Tattersall shirts - 99$ each

Indochino suiting up the stars

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Demba Ba - West Ham United being suited by Indochino

As you might have heard or read, Indochino is co-sponsoring the Steve Nash foundation and the Showdown in Chinatown event - more about it here. Indochino CEO Kyle Vucko himself is twittering live from the event right at this moment, watch the Indochino Twitter channel for updates and more pics. There is also a photo album on Indochino's Facebook page. 

I will update this article with photos and info as the event progresses. By the way, I wonder if they all got a chance to try their suits before? I'd think so!

Brendon Jennings receiving his Indochino suits
Tony Parker makes sure all buttons are buttoned ;)

Tony Parker being suited up
Indochino CEO Kyle Vucko, Steve Nash and Indochino Co-founder and Creative Director Heikal Gani
I know why I like the Bianco Suit so much... looks great here on Claudio Reyna
So those seem to be the Moda ties - but they are wider than on the website, right?

Indochino Moda Ties

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Indochino plaid ties

New plaid ties were added today by Indochino, each of them 52$. They are all 100% silk, 2,5" wide and feature different colors ranging from pink, over blue and brown to grey. I have seen plaid ties being more and more in fashion lately and I actually think they look quite decent. 

Parlo Italiano? The Indochino Moda Collection

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indochino's avant-garde gray collection
Indochino surprisingly already released their new collection today, consisting of 4 suits - surprisingly, not because it is Tuesday, but because it is rather early in the month. The new collection focuses on various shades of gray (and patterns, I might add) in combination with colored collar felts and some different linings. Again I have to refer a bit to last years Blueprint collection, the first time when they introduced the Etro-inspired collar felts and more daring linings. The June collection is perhaps not revolutionary, but a really solid collection with some stand-out suits. As usual, that is of course a very subjective point of view. 

As you can tell from the Vespa in the picture above (it is a Vespa, right?) and the names of the suits (Azzurro, Bianco, Giallo, etc.) Italy is the theme of this collection. It is also remarkable that all the models feature plaid ties, which might be an indication for things to come next Tuesday. But back to the collection, there are some suits I'm very fond of.

The Marino Plaid Suit - 449$
My favourite is the Bianco Pinstripe Suit pictured below. Just like the other suits it is made of a medium-weight 100% wool fabric, not specifically made for summer (linen suits are still available!), but probably a suit you can wear all year round. While I am not a big fan of (shades of) pink on men (and I'm aware I'm perhaps already in the minority here), the suit itself is just really cool. Nice gray color and subtle pinstripes - I'd buy it, hadn't I planned a holiday for next month and need the money...

Bianco Pinstripe Suit - 449$
By the way, the prices are quite ok, I'd say. 449$ is surely not the cheapest thing they offer, but it doesn't seem overpriced. I have to admit, they really did a good job making us believe in the value of their offerings - I remember when the suits still cost like 300$ and we had coupons in addition...good times. At least they are back on Groupon with an accessory deals, which is not too bad for the price. 

The Giallo 3-piece Plaid Suit - 499$
The other suits pictured below and above are not too bad either. I probably would change the lining to something less flashy in some cases, but that really depends on what you need the suits for. At the end, it always depends what suits you already have. I personally could need that Bianco suit, but I have some darker gray suits already. The Azzurro suit is really tempting too. Quite amazing that they can come up with a collection every month and usually there is something I really want to have - even if my girlfriend tells me I have more suits than I could ever need. 

The Azzurro Plaid Suit - 449$
What are your thoughts? Happy with the collection? I'm really wondering what they have up their sleeves. Their must be something bigger coming up soon. They have been really slow on introducing new accessories and outerwear - not to speak of they long rumored cardigans or shoes. 

Indochino to help Steve Nash Foundation with special suit

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Showdown in Chinatown Suit - 450$
Important Update: to read about the new Indochino Steve Nash Collection released on October 25, 2011, go here

Staying true to their weekly release cycle, Indochino today released a (kind of) new suit with a new lining (mystery solved - it is indeed lining). Limited to 50 pieces, the Showdown in Chinatown Suit is made specifically for the Steve Nash Foundation's Showdown in Chinatown - this special event gathers soccer and basketball athletes to raise money for underserved children around the world. Indochino is a co-sponsor and also donates all profits from the suit to support the Steve Nash Foundation. 

The suit itself is basically the Ultimate Grey Suit (100% wool) with a special lining and a red collar felt. The price is a bit higher than usual, but as mentioned above, the profits go to the foundation. 

More about the Steve Nash Foundation here. 

Indochino back on Groupon with an accessory deal

Monday, June 6, 2011

Today on Groupon: The Indochino Business-Suit Accessory Set for 49$ (U.S. only)

Indochino is back on Groupon! This time not with a 50$ for 150$ worth Indochino items voucher, but with a newly created accessory set including cufflinks, a tie bar, black tie, white pocket square and a measuring tape. Not a bad set for 49$ (worth 149$) especially if you don't have any of these items yet. I have written about their accessories before and concluded that they are a bit too expensive - this is a good chance now to snap them at a good price.

The cufflinks and the tie bar included are also the nicest ones they offer (not too fancy or golden, I like that). The deals are from various cities, but as they are online deals, everyone from the US can get it. I assume the deal will show up for other cities in the next days so they can get rid of their stock, I'll keep the Coupon Page updated accordingly. I'm wondering if this little accessory sale indicates new items to come soon - I certainly hope so! Also, it's good to see Indochino back on Groupon - let's one hope that a general discount voucher might appear again in the future. 

Check the Coupon Page for active Indochino Groupon deals!

Upcoming Indochino release - any guesses?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Indochino's product release teaser

According to Indochino's Twitter feed, we will see a new Indochino release next week. Usually, this should be either shirts or accessories (the Cotton Collection) is not so old yet. However, the above fabric shot rather looks like lining to me? Suitjamas was mentioned on Facebook, so were custom kimonos ;) Any other guesses?