Indochino to help Steve Nash Foundation with special suit

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Showdown in Chinatown Suit - 450$
Important Update: to read about the new Indochino Steve Nash Collection released on October 25, 2011, go here

Staying true to their weekly release cycle, Indochino today released a (kind of) new suit with a new lining (mystery solved - it is indeed lining). Limited to 50 pieces, the Showdown in Chinatown Suit is made specifically for the Steve Nash Foundation's Showdown in Chinatown - this special event gathers soccer and basketball athletes to raise money for underserved children around the world. Indochino is a co-sponsor and also donates all profits from the suit to support the Steve Nash Foundation. 

The suit itself is basically the Ultimate Grey Suit (100% wool) with a special lining and a red collar felt. The price is a bit higher than usual, but as mentioned above, the profits go to the foundation. 

More about the Steve Nash Foundation here.