Deal Alert: Happy Hour Earl Gray Suit $100 off

Friday, September 20, 2013

Indochino Earl Gray

Indochino had their Facebook users vote for today's Friday Happy Hour Deal and as it turns out, the Earl Gray Flannel Suit won. Originally priced at $499, this suit will now be available for $399 for a few days only. I had originally included this suit as one of my favourites from the Dandy Collection and it seems many people seem to enjoy it. Anyone going to get one?

Use the coupon code 100OFFEARLGRAYHH at checkout to get $100 off the Earl Gray Flannel Suit. Offer valid until Sunday 22nd.

Ready for the colder seasons? Indochino Outerwear - An Overview

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Looking out of the window, many of you will see the colder seasons approaching - maybe slowly, but surely. Time to look into some outerwear options. Indochino offers a number of interesting items and just recently updated their selection with a couple of overcoats. All of these outerwear pieces are not meant for real cold winters like in Canada, but will be good for the more chilly autumn days and lighter winters. Raincoats and Trench coats provide the least insulation, the Duffle Coats are actually made of pretty heavy fabrics. Let's take a closer look at the available items.


Indochino Gray Raincoat
Same style as the trench-coats, but with a different coating to not only make them water resistant, but waterproof. The raincoat comes with a detachable interlining to provide additional insulation for the colder months.

There is currently only one colour available and it's a light gray. Made from 100% cotton. Indochino priced the raincoat at $399.

The Earl Gray Raincoat:

Trench coat

Indochino Tan Trench Coat
Available in tan and charcoal gray, the trench coat is identical to the raincoat in terms of style. The only thing different here: the trench coats are only water resistant, not water proof. Made from 100% cotton.

Price stays the same at $399.

The Tan Trench Coat:


Indochino Peacoat
Made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, these jacket-length peacoats area classic piece of garment unlikely to go out of style.

These also come with the detachable interlining and should overall be quite a bit warmer than the trench coats and raincoats. Priced at $399

The Navy Peacoat:


Indochino Overcoat
Made from a rather heavy wool/cashmere blend (630gms), these overcoats come both in a single breasted and in a double breasted version. They are cut significantly longer than e.g. the pea coats. Just like the other outerwear items, they come with a detachable quilted cotton interlining. Priced at $399 as well.

The Overcoats:
Single Breasted
Double Breasted

Duffle Coat

Indochino Duffle Coat
These duffle coats are available in navy and black. The same wool/cashmere blend is used for the overcoats mentioned above (90% wool, 10% cashmere). The cut is a big shorter compared to the overcoats, but longer than the pea coats. Comes with the detachable interlining, priced at $399.

The Duffle Coats:

See anything you like? Which one would you go for?

Kickstarter Fashion & Accessories: Collar stays, shoes and wallets

Friday, September 13, 2013

I've been writing an article on interesting Kickstarter projects already a while ago and want to follow up now with a few more interesting ideas. Keep in mind that if you support a project on Kickstarter, you are not dealing with very experienced companies in most cases and delays often happen. 

Cleverfit - the adjustable collar stay

Sherif Zaki is an engineer from Houston with an interesting project. He has developed adjustable collar stays for dress shirts. If you have a ton of plastic collar stays around for all your different dress shirts, this is a good universal solution for all of them. Or if you only have Indochino shirts, go get the Indochino metal collar stays.

If you pledge +$30 you'll get a nice set of these, add $7 for international delivery. Projected delivery is in November 2013. 

In Search of A Sole - The Love Jules Leather Shoe Co.

A cool, small Canadian company doing custom shoes wants to introduce coloured rubber soles. These guys are pretty cool, they offer customised boat shoes, boots and loafers for men and women - you can e.g. select different leathers to be used and some of the designs look really nice. 

They want to produce their rubber soles in-house in different colours. They are already far past the 100% funding, but there are still 25 days left to support them. $200 CAD or more gets you a nice pair of made-to-order loafers around December 2013. 

Subrr - Beautifully natural minimal wallets

Interesting, because the idea is different. These guys use cork instead of leather for their wallets, which is not only a more ecological alternative to leather, but apparently cork is also water resistant and more durable than leather. Who knew? 

$12 already gets you a cork back for your iPhone, but there are many more categories worth checking out. The project still needs to reach another $6000 within 15 days to become reality. Estimated delivery is November 2013. 

Indochino End of Season Sale - The Last Item

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Ultimate Premium Orange & White Stripe Shirt
Now $119 instead of $159
100% Egyptian cotton imported from Italy’s renowned Cotonificio Albini mill
Who is going to get one?

Deal Alert: Get a free scarf on orders above $499

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's about time Indochino had another deal, even if just a rather small one. Not everyone knows, but Indochino has some really nice Mongolian Cashmere Scarfs for $109. I got one a year ago or so and was using it all winter. 

They are using these scarfs for a short promo now. If you purchase goods worth $499 and then add a cashmere scarf to your shopping bag (thus making the shopping bag display at least $608) you can use the coupon code FREESCARF to get $109 discounted. 

Reaching the $499 is not that hard - for example this new Earl Gray Prince of Wales Suit from the Modern Dandy Collection is priced at $499. The deal is only valid until EST 11:59pm, September 7 2013. 

Buy a suit for $499 and get a scarf worth $109 for free!

The Indochino Modern Dandy Collection - Selected Items

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indochino Modern Dandy
I saw what you did there with the socks, Indochino!

I want to take the chance and highlight a couple of items from the recently introduced Indochino Modern Dandy Collection. I've left the (closed) poll on the right side of the blog, as you can see it's a somewhat controversial collection. I'm a bit surprised about the result, I actually consider it a very good collection with a number of interesting items, new customisation options and some completely new additions rounding off the selection. You can read my initial review of the collection published a few weeks ago here.

One of the suits I really like is the Earl Gray Flannel Suit. With 275gms it is a rather heavy fabric, ideal for the more chilly fall days. It may be a quite conservative choice, there are definitely suits with a more daring pattern out there, but I like how subtle, elegant and versatile this suit looks like. The only thing I don't like? The collar gap on the model.

Indochino also introduced a number of entirely new items, 3 of them pictured below. Flat caps are not for everyone, but they have been very much back in the news for 1-2 years now. Stylish leather gloves are a must for the colder days and why not try suspenders for a change - just don't forget to select suspender loops from the customisation options when ordering pants.

Indochino Modern Dandy Accessories
From left to right:
Black and White Herringbone Dandy Flat Cap - $69
Black Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves - $89
Navy Suspenders - $69
Brown Tweed Wool Tie - $49