Ready for the colder seasons? Indochino Outerwear - An Overview

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Looking out of the window, many of you will see the colder seasons approaching - maybe slowly, but surely. Time to look into some outerwear options. Indochino offers a number of interesting items and just recently updated their selection with a couple of overcoats. All of these outerwear pieces are not meant for real cold winters like in Canada, but will be good for the more chilly autumn days and lighter winters. Raincoats and Trench coats provide the least insulation, the Duffle Coats are actually made of pretty heavy fabrics. Let's take a closer look at the available items.


Indochino Gray Raincoat
Same style as the trench-coats, but with a different coating to not only make them water resistant, but waterproof. The raincoat comes with a detachable interlining to provide additional insulation for the colder months.

There is currently only one colour available and it's a light gray. Made from 100% cotton. Indochino priced the raincoat at $399.

The Earl Gray Raincoat:

Trench coat

Indochino Tan Trench Coat
Available in tan and charcoal gray, the trench coat is identical to the raincoat in terms of style. The only thing different here: the trench coats are only water resistant, not water proof. Made from 100% cotton.

Price stays the same at $399.

The Tan Trench Coat:


Indochino Peacoat
Made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, these jacket-length peacoats area classic piece of garment unlikely to go out of style.

These also come with the detachable interlining and should overall be quite a bit warmer than the trench coats and raincoats. Priced at $399

The Navy Peacoat:


Indochino Overcoat
Made from a rather heavy wool/cashmere blend (630gms), these overcoats come both in a single breasted and in a double breasted version. They are cut significantly longer than e.g. the pea coats. Just like the other outerwear items, they come with a detachable quilted cotton interlining. Priced at $399 as well.

The Overcoats:
Single Breasted
Double Breasted

Duffle Coat

Indochino Duffle Coat
These duffle coats are available in navy and black. The same wool/cashmere blend is used for the overcoats mentioned above (90% wool, 10% cashmere). The cut is a big shorter compared to the overcoats, but longer than the pea coats. Comes with the detachable interlining, priced at $399.

The Duffle Coats:

See anything you like? Which one would you go for?