Kickstarter Fashion & Accessories: Collar stays, shoes and wallets

Friday, September 13, 2013

I've been writing an article on interesting Kickstarter projects already a while ago and want to follow up now with a few more interesting ideas. Keep in mind that if you support a project on Kickstarter, you are not dealing with very experienced companies in most cases and delays often happen. 

Cleverfit - the adjustable collar stay

Sherif Zaki is an engineer from Houston with an interesting project. He has developed adjustable collar stays for dress shirts. If you have a ton of plastic collar stays around for all your different dress shirts, this is a good universal solution for all of them. Or if you only have Indochino shirts, go get the Indochino metal collar stays.

If you pledge +$30 you'll get a nice set of these, add $7 for international delivery. Projected delivery is in November 2013. 

In Search of A Sole - The Love Jules Leather Shoe Co.

A cool, small Canadian company doing custom shoes wants to introduce coloured rubber soles. These guys are pretty cool, they offer customised boat shoes, boots and loafers for men and women - you can e.g. select different leathers to be used and some of the designs look really nice. 

They want to produce their rubber soles in-house in different colours. They are already far past the 100% funding, but there are still 25 days left to support them. $200 CAD or more gets you a nice pair of made-to-order loafers around December 2013. 

Subrr - Beautifully natural minimal wallets

Interesting, because the idea is different. These guys use cork instead of leather for their wallets, which is not only a more ecological alternative to leather, but apparently cork is also water resistant and more durable than leather. Who knew? 

$12 already gets you a cork back for your iPhone, but there are many more categories worth checking out. The project still needs to reach another $6000 within 15 days to become reality. Estimated delivery is November 2013.