Indochino Review: The Midnight Blue Tuxedo

Monday, November 26, 2012

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Review
Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo - available for $449
Sorry, it took me a while to get this review up. Not so much because of the text, but my photographer was out of the country for a while and just got back to me with the photos now. Anyway, just in time before the Black Friday Deal ends. 

The Tuxedo was something really new for me. Over here in Europe, we don't usually wear tuxedos much. You wear them for the grand Opera ball in Vienna (actually, you don't, as I found out in the comments) and other society events that I usually don't (or rather never) frequent. Still, I thought a tuxedo might be fun to have, you never know, and I thought it'd be interesting to many of you - seems it's much more widely used in the US and Canada.

I didn't want to go for a standard black one, so I thought the Midnight Blue Tuxedo might be a good alternative. I also went with the all the classic bells and whistles - shawl collar, slit pockets, no vents.  I also got the working sleeve buttons, with the last button matching the lining (burgundy). For the shirt, I decided for the studded Starched at Casino Royal Shirt ($99). It needs a couple of studs and as I had ordered the shirt with cuffs, I just went for the Tuxedo Cufflink Set ($59) to get all I needed. 

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Review

The bow tie was a bit of a challenge. Indochino only had the pre-tied one in black, and I thought I could do better. The only one that I thought was acceptable is the Charcoal Wool Bow Tie, but to be entirely honest, the colours do clash a bit. Getting the bow tie to look acceptable was another issue - I underestimated that. I also realised I need new shoes if I want to wear the Tux properly. I settled for a pair of plain oxford Mantorii ($309) as they now offer patent leather as well and currently run a Black Friday Sale for 20% off - will take 4 weeks before I have them, though.

Overall, I think some of the customization options were a good idea, others not so much. I feel uncomfortable without vents, even if it seems to be the standard. I think one vent (Bond) should just work better. Not sure if the contrast buttons on the sleeves are a bit over-the-top, but that's ok. I like the slit pockets, the shirt's excellent too. 

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Review
Would Archer approve? More importantly, would Lana? 
As for the suit and the fit: It's great overall, but it's not as perfect as I hoped it would be. The important parts are all good - shoulders and jacket length is perfect. The minor issues are nothing a local tailor can't easily fix, but I don't know why the fit is any different than on my suit before. I need to investigate a bit and see if and how my measurement profile changed. The jacket sleeves seem a bit too wide, I'll have them slimmed down. Pants from the knees down have a bit too much fabric for my taste as well. 

The colour is great, though. Needs good light to come out as blue, but it has a nice subtle sheen (95% wool, 5% cashmere) and it's not the standard black. So that's a choice I am very happy with. I hope the colour comes across well in the photos.

Info: Many people have asked about the possibility of having the lapels all satin. Below please find the official response from Indochino on that issue. Thanks to Dan for sharing it below in the comments.
"Since the release of Skyfall last October, we’ve had a LOT in interest in an all Black Satin Lapel to our Essential Midnight Blue Tux. But unfortunately it is not available with an all satin lapel at this time. The lapels are available with Satin-piping only. I’m sorry that we are unable to assist in this regard. (I’d like one with an all black Satin lapel too!). All Satin lapels are available on our Essential Dinner Jacket Tuxedo and Essential 3 Piece Tuxedo."
To get back to my suit, overall, I think there are not many things that can go wrong with an Indochino purchase for me. My measurements are pretty much done, I still change around minor things sometimes, and it seems Indochino does some changes or at least it's never 100% the same. But overall, it's just click and order for me now. I can also tell that they are constantly improving, it's not always the obvious things, but having proper Bemberg lining, nicely done shoulders, etc. is just really really a good sign, and I am sure there is more to come. 

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Review
It seems bluer here because of the strong light from the side.
You can get the Indochino Premium Midnight Blue Tuxedo for $649 right here:
Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo or if not available, check out the full Indochino Tuxedo lineup.

Indochino Midnight Blue Tuxedo Reviewed by Lorenz Loidl. Rated: 9/ 10 (Excellent) A Tuxedo should be part of every man's wardrobe. The midnight blue tuxedo is a great alternative to the black ones.