Guest Review: The Bootlegger Blue Tweed Suit by Sam Brown

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Indochino Review
Bootlegger Blue Tweed Suit
By Sam Brown (follow him on Twitter)

Excitement, confusion, frustration, impatience, anticipation, and complete satisfaction accurately describe my emotions during the process of ordering my first Indochino suit.

I had just purchased a coupon through for a suit, shirt, and tie of my choice when Indochino released the Deco Collection. The nod to the 1920’s was a look that appealed to me so I was eager to place an order; however I wanted to get a closer look at the material so I purchased one of Indochino’s Tailor’s kits.

Unfortunately, Indochino’s production staff was not working due to a weeklong Chinese holiday. This resulted in the kit not arriving before many suits from the Deco Collection sold out. By the time suits did come back in stock, I had still not received my Tailor’s Kit. Fearful of missing out on my preferred suit I placed an order for the Bootlegger Blue Tweed Suit. I was confused and frustrated by the circumstances, but still confident I’d made the right choice.

I made several customizations including the optional pen pocket, zigzag lining, functional sleeve buttons (a bit risky for my first order, but what’s the point in a custom suit if people can’t tell by the nuances, right?), and of course my own personal monogram.

The suit, shirt, and tie finally arrived a few weeks later. The shirt was a perfect fit and is easily the best shirt I own. It gives me just that little bit of room you want in the neck for comfort, and a fit around my torso and arms that provides that nice tapered look.

The trousers were not such a perfect fit. The length was fine but the waist was off by about an inch. I’ve simply had the trousers altered at a local tailor and now they are just fine.

The jacket, sleeves aside, was exactly what I was hoping for. Like the shirt it gave me that nice tapered look in the torso that lets everyone know this jacket was made to fit you alone. My only quarrel with the jacket was the sleeves, which I found to offer too much room around the wrists. I’m not sure why this was the case as I found the shirtsleeves to be just fine. Like the trousers I had this adjustment made at a local tailor.

The suit material itself is very nice and the tweed look just gives it something special. It’s a much lighter material than I was expecting, but not in a bad way. It doesn’t feel cheap by any means and actually feels quite sophisticated. This sophistication doesn’t mean it’s an overly formal looking suit though, and as such the suit can add versatility to any man’s collection. For example, the jacket itself can be simply worn with blue jeans, loafers, and a white tee underneath for a more casual look.

So aside from the few alterations I had to have made, which Indochino paid for anyway, I got a very good fitting suit from my first Indochino order.

I should note that I had myself measured three separate times, by three different people to ensure that the measurements were as correct as they could be. My opinion is that if you take the care to follow Indochino’s measurement guide correctly, your suit will fit just fine.

Frustrations regarding the order process, the delays, and the inaccuracy about the supply of suits available aside, I would ultimately order from Indochino again. I simply can’t imagine finding a suit of this quality, of this fit, and having this level of customization for a better price (especially when you get a coupon offer). The suit itself I would rate as a 9/10, with the single point being deducted for the alterations that were needed.